His Shadow

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Chapter 5: Gift a girl a Knife (Continued-1)

The first thing she did reaching home was to open up the bag he gave. Obviously, every woman is like a little girl when they get gifts. Opening the bag and taking out the large bundle of fabric she was flabbergasted. It took her a moment to take in the beautiful material of the dress and the beautiful design. That is when her memory struck her, Isaiah did have yesterday asked her what’s her favourite colour though the options he gave was very less.

Tell me Ivania, what colour you like, red or black?

Followed that statement was a terror which she had already buried in the back of her memory. But for now, the beautiful red dress surely one of her dream dresses. It was not actually red but wine red. The dress had full sleeves, plunging illusion neckline, a beautiful slit. It did not have much of dazzle but that was the best past, it was just gorgeous.

“I fucking can’t believe.” She said in shock. Being the one who always gifts than rather receives it was surely a great surprise for her. She knew she had to wear this but surely had many questions and points to prove.

It was nearly 8 when he finally wore his blazer. It was now funny to him how his closet was so boring, same old style every day. There was nothing to jazz it up. In that case women were always lucky for they had so many options to wear and men, since they lacked style, they had variety of personalities. The thought made him chuckle a little.

Giving himself a final look, a well-tailored midnight blue tuxedo well paired with black accessories. The colour did make the steel of his eyes stand out. However, a thought of just staying back wandered in his thoughts. It was just waste of time going to this fancy place. Langston Oakley, who had invited them for this so called “dinner”. Oakley already knew that Isaiah was not interested in investing for his new business venture but yet this was his desperate attempt to show his richness through this restaurant he inherited from his father.

For a moment he wondered why did he even invite Ivania to the dinner. It just slipped out of his tongue and words could never be take back. Even if they could come back, he would not have wanted them. It was nice to be around her. Not just in that club or in the bedroom or in the office. He might be so wrong on so many things about her but he knew that she was a person you do not let go from your life. At least her father was. Many a times Luke had saved his life and having Ivania closer to him was just paying back his debt.

Standing in front of her door, he thought for a moment to step back and ask Nathan to pick her up instead. Was he crossing his limits going to such extents? Buying her a beautiful dress? It was perhaps but there was still that want to charm her. The same want he had when he had laid his eyes first on her. He always had his way with women but this one, the kind who knows their worth were very rare to find. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he had stumbled across one of those.

The bell rung twice while again questions ran through his head again. It was a wonder how the world thought he was mean and cruel. Damon. His mind answered his own question. A form of himself he hates so much but can’t live without. A face without which not only him but the people he cared about would be nothing but ash. The thoughts in his mind started to darken, again race towards self-hatred when the door opened.

Perhaps music played in her room while she looked at him with a surprise. A beautiful string of pearls in her hand.

“Woah… I thought I would be meeting you at Aurora’s.” She said stepping a little back and then continuing, “Come inside.”

“Nor did you wear the dress I gave.” She smirked at that statement. She had instead opted a puffy sleeved black crop top with flared white pants. It was somewhere in between fun and formal but anyways she felt herself in what she chose to wear. He walked inside, taking a look at the place. It seemed that the place was still had a lot of transformations to go through to finally match her.

“So next time don’t tell me what to wear or what not to.” She said completely unaware of her surrounding trying to latch the bracelet on her wrist but failing considerably.

“So…let’s go then?” He asked. She huffed in frustration as she the bracelet just would slip off her hands. Perhaps she gave up and made her way back to her room.

“Want some help?” He asked generously. A look of question prevailed on her face, a thought of wonder in his mind. Maybe not finding her answer, she walked towards him handing him the strings.

“Why do you always have that look?” He asked again just wanting to mock her, tease her. She raised her hands but again, looked up glaring at him.

“What look?” She asked as he latched the bracelet.

“Like you just think I can never be genuine.” He said letting go of her hand and stepping a little back.

“Because I think so.” She said shaking up her hands a little and admiring the bracelet in her hand. A small smile forming on her lips. “Let me get my shoes.” She said walking inside. Now looking at her dressed so formal yet casually, maybe that dress was a little too much, he thought.

“By the way… how come you are here?” She asked slipping beside him in the passenger seat.

“I live here.” He answered turning on the engine.

“What?” She asked a lot surprised.

“So, you thought I came to pick you up huh? I am not yet smitten by you sugar.” He laughed a little reversing his car. Ivania rolled his eyes on him. “I own the penthouse in here.”

“Oh!” She exclaimed and then continued, “I thought you lived in your mansion along with you father.”

“You know that place?” He asked as now a little happy that the ride won’t be in silence. He dreaded silence.

“Oh yes, I have been there several times when I was little…Mr. Earl, your father. I have met him as well but it is like a faded memory now.” She said looking out the window. Isaiah recalled that she did like looking out the window when driving, like the night they both went back together. He rolled down the window warning a shy smile from her.

“No one really lives in that place…it is just for parties and most of the times a distraction.” He said looking up at the road in front of him.

“Distraction?” She asked.

“You think someone like me could even risk travelling with no protection…” A laugh escaped his lips. “Many are just waiting for a moment like this …” Ivania understood what he implied, her lips tugged up a little considering what was amusing to him.

“Then why travel around with none of your ’protection’?” She asked emphasising the last word.

“Suffocating.” Was the only word he said. She nodded her head and sat up a little straighter now realising that they were actually driving in a direction opposite to the infamous hotel.

“Isaiah…where we going exactly?” She asked as she looked out on the door wondering if she is just confused or not.

“To the mansion you miss so much.” He said taking a brisk turn.

“And why exactly?”

“You will know…” She said no word but instead dug through her small clutch taking out her phone and started scrolling through her social media. Isaiah drove in silence, some random tunes in his head entertaining himself in his own way.

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