His Shadow

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Chapter 5: Gift a girl a Knife (Continued-2)

It was just took a few moments of silence to reach their destination. Well, one of their destination for tonight. The scene could never get old. Like some old historic vintage place, the kind where she or any girl would at least once wear a long flowy dress and run down a corridor. It was sad that the place had no one to live in except the guards. An old rundown manor house now renovated keeping its originality was indeed beautiful. The faint memories of going around the garden played in the back of her mind as she couldn’t help herself but gawk at the beauty.

“Welcome to Myra.” Isaiah said as the doors opened.

“Myra?” She asked still not able to take her eyes off the beautiful place.

“Named after our Aunt Myra, she died young.” Isaiah said as the car came to a stop now. She got down in front of the fountain, admiring her surroundings. It had been years since she had last come here.

“I take it…you like your view.” She heard another familiar voice. Turned around, she was greeted by Nathan. Wearing a well-tailored black suit, he did look charming than always.

“You look good.” She complimented with a smile on her face.

“So, do you. Come on milady, lemme do the honours.” He said offering his hand in a very dramatic way. Ivania laughed but took his hands anyways. She looked around to see Isaiah had already settled down in the back of the other fancy car which awaited them. Nathan guided her to the door opening the back seat for her, and bowing in the process.

“Someone seems in a good mood today.” Ivania stated as she got seated in the plush seats.

“Can’t be grumpy like others, right brother?” He said closing the door earning a chuckle from Ivania and a stare form Isaiah. He took his seat in the front while a driver had door opened for him. Soon they were back on the road and Ivania wondered when will be again she would get to go around this place.

Aurora. A beautiful place indeed but not like it once used to be. The best in the city but now there are many new clubs and restaurant which are worthy enough to say that they were the best. Yet, this place did have its own charm with soft music played by a band and large places. People did pay a lot to have a visit here. Ivania had never been here, she could have never afforded it herself but yet here she is.

“Mr. Earl…So glad you could make it.” A man seemingly in his early forties came forward to receive them. His head balding and a very big smile plastered on his face. Ivania wondered whether he was really happy or just wanted to show off his golden tooth. Isaiah stepped forward, his face stoic, not even a smile to greet the person. They both

“Nice meeting you as well, Mr. Oakley.” He said promptly. Nathan walked beside Ivania for which she was glad as it felt like she was just following them around like a sheep. In a very far corner, rather very rich looking booth they all took their seats. Mr. Oakley was joined by two beautiful looking woman dressed so beautifully that for a moment Ivania did feel like she was out of the place.

“Mr. Earl… my wife Rebecca.” He said introducing the lady who wore a white dress, accessorized in diamonds. Isaiah gave her a stern nod and then, Mr. Oakley continued, “My assistant, Miss. Tara William.” He said introducing the other lady who was surely almost the same age of Ivania. She was really pretty though and Ivania couldn’t help but admire the beautiful necklace of rubies on her neck.

“My brother Nathan…” Isaiah introduced them as well, his voice softening a little and the continued, “My assistant, Ivania Garcia.” Ivania gave a small smile.

She really wanted to say her time spent was smooth and fun but no. It was not. It was awkward. Even a child could sense the tension between Rebecca and Tara. Langston Oakley was desperately trying to please Isaiah while completely ignoring her and Nathan. Isaiah however, seemed either completely oblivious to Langston’s tries or just was not interested in his business venture at all. Langston business idea was surely good. He wanted to start his own line for female hygiene products but Ivania could see how that could not be a success at all. He was a person of show-off and such people don’t last very long. At least that was what she believed.

“Wanna get out of here?” Nathan, who had seated himself beside her and was her only source of enjoyment as they cracked jokes among themselves whispered.

“Yes please.” She whispered back taking another sip of her juice. Nathan stood up straightening his jacket.

“Gentlemen, ladies… If I and Ivania could be excused, we would like to have a walk around.” He said raising his hand for her to accept. She smiled and looked up at Isaiah whose face held no emotions, more like asking him if it was okay to leave. After all she did come as an assistant to her boss. His small nod was enough for her smile to widen and get off the dreadful place. They both walked away silently for a few steps until the door connecting the back of the place.

“That was awful.” Ivania commented letting go of his hands as they walked ahead now.

“I agree…His wife and assistant, something is going on there as well.” He commented.

“Oh, very much… the stares they were giving each other. I don’t know how they are still alive.” Ivania commented. However, after having a “small talk” Nathan found a pretty waitress to flirt with and after making sure that Ivania would be alright alone, he left off with her.

She sat in the corner of the open bar which was now rather empty. The bartender had given her few looks and so she ordered a drink for herself while enjoying the subtle silence. It was like the college parties but not the night, the morning. When the place was abandoned and one can only wonder how was it possible for that noise to fade away.

“Enjoying your time?” She heard a familiar voice. She looked behind her to see Isaiah now walking towards her, his jacket in his arms while the black shirt clung to body like a second skin.

“Now I am.” She answered as he took his seat on the bar stool beside hers.

“As in, now that I am here?” He questioned with a smirk on his face making her laugh.

“You this too highly of yourself Earl…Now, as in walking out of that dinner.” She answered. Isaiah smiled calling up the bartender, ordering himself a drink.

“Tell me…the venture he is proposing is profitable then why not invest in it?” She asked him taking another sip of her drink.

“Someone who can’t respect women can’t sell products for women…simple as that.” He said shrugging a little.

“Fair answer.” She said with a smile as she finished her drink, placing the glass back up on the bar.

“So, if you already did not want to invest in his proposal, why have this dinner?”

“Second chance you could say.” She laughed on his answer. Second chance. That was funny to her.

“What?” He asked with an unsure smile on his face.

“You and second chances?” She asked which now did sound funny to him as well. He chuckled but then they both settled in silence for a moment.

“Shall we leave now?” Ivania said finally getting up to pay for her drink. However, she was not very fast enough as Isaiah had already whipped out his card. Ivania rolled her eyes on him but said nothing.

“There is one more thing.” He said standing up finally as his hands went to his pockets. He produced a simple black box, thin and as big as the palm of his hand.

“What is it?” She asked as he handed it to her.

“Open.” She opened it just to be surprised. It was a pocket knife. A simple pocket knife.

“A knife? Clever move, gift a girl a knife.” She said laughing a little.

“I could get diamonds encrusted on it.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“Why would give me a knife?” She asked now curious looking at him and keeping it back in the box. However, before she could place it back Isaiah closed the box.

“Keep it with you, Always.”

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