His Shadow

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Chapter 6: Secret Families all over the Globe

The time passes when there is something fun happening all around. In Ivania’s case she was not sure if everything was fun. There were moments surely, the constant nagging of her boss, a few friends she had made over the time, the old friends who are now more than a family and of course, family. It was now because of Isaiah she had a habit of carrying that pocket knife everywhere along her until and unless she wasn’t in home. He would always ask her if she had it or not. Days rolled in faster than she had expected. It was when Nathan reminded her, she realised that it was already a month.

“It is surprise seriously; except Lily no one really even lasted a month with that ass.” He said laughing as he took a sip of his coffee.

“Really? He isn’t that bad.” She said taking another bite of her salad. Past a month, now it seemed like a ritual for Nathan and Ivania to come down to Dahlia’s place for their lunch break.

“Naa…trust me. Heidi, his assistant before Lily, she had it worst. Pretty arrogant actually but used to sugar coat a lot but Damon was very unresponsive to her. That made the schedules go very badly planned…he fired her in a week.” Ivania’s eyebrows scrunched a little as a question popped in his head.

“He is very specific with his schedule, the timing and everything. Then, how come this girl Heidi had so much of issues?” She asked curiously.

“Well, isn’t it still not clear to you? He likes you…” He said making her raise her brows in question. This made Nathan realise how wrong his statement was.

“Not is a romantic way…but like a person.” He said and then continued, “You stand up against him whenever he is wrong or out of line. You are transparent with your talks, no extra glaze on top. Also, it is not very difficult to talk to you and most importantly, you don’t want to have sex with him or are digging for his gold.”

“That is not actually right considering that I work for him and indirectly for his money-”

“That’s how business works.” He answered.

“-and I have even slept with him.”

“And that is before you knew him, right?” He asked. She nodded.

“That is what… you seriously don’t know a few of these women, they are ready to do anything just for money or his name. I sometimes am so done that I make sure no women hover near him.” He said in a very mean tone.

“Why I feel there is a history there?” She asked with a very wicked smile.

“Fuck yes…My girlfriend-”

“You have a girlfriend?” Another soft voice boomed in between their conversation. Ivania looked up to see Haley, her hazel eyes a little wide in surprise and blonde hairs tied in a bun which seemed like it would fall off any moment. Since the day they have started to come here, Haley and Ivania had been nice of the friends. Haley was a simple girl, usually lost in her own world and would join them for a little talk at the time of her break. Coming every day, even Nathan had been great friends with her.

“My girlfriend two years ago.” Nathan said as she took seat beside Ivania.

“Today seemed busy huh?” Ivania asked.

“Very much…with college and this work and studies all I need is a fucking break.” She exclaimed.

“Uh-uh kid…mind your language.” Nathan said trying to ease her up a little. She flipped him off gaining a laugh from him and a chuckle from Ivania.

“Why don’t you take a day off tomorrow? Call it a girls’ day maybe? Or maybe a night out?” Ivania asked as she was really worried seeing the dark circles now deepened beneath Haley’s eyes.

“That would be great…I could finally rest a little.” Haley said with a small smile now.

“That is not fair…you never invite me to hang out?” Nathan pouted a little making Ivania and Haley laugh a little easing the atmosphere.

“Maybe if you weren’t so boring, she would have invited you.” Haley mocked him. He rolled his eyes on her and suddenly took her hands in his.

“If only you knew how interesting I can be.” He said keeping his voice low and tenderly placing a kiss on the back of her hand maintaining eye contact.

“Stop messing with her Nathan.” Ivania scolded as she stood up finally. Haley came out of her haze as a tint of red covered her face.

“Haley…Isaiah lunch would you get me?” Ivania asked packing her things up. Nathan let go off Haley’s hand, a smirk playing still on his lips.

“O-okay.” She said as she scattered away. Nathan, still looked at the direction of her walking away to the kitchen.

“Aren’t you very good at making women uncomfortable?” Ivania asked as she folded her hands across her chest.

“And yet, you are immune to my charms.” He laughed standing up as well, walking towards the entrance to get their coats.

“Yea cause your charms aren’t that strong.” She said with a laugh. With her walking in the front, she was the one who grabbed both their jackets, handing Nathan his as well.

“Tell me then what is your way of charming people? Bringing them food?” He asked putting on his jacket.

“What do you mean?” She said as her eyebrows scrunched.

“I am very sure Isaiah never asked to get him his lunch…what is it? New way to seduce him?” He asked with a very annoying, teasing look on his face.

“Eww…no. Have you seen his schedule? His schedule is like fucked…his lunch sometimes would be by the time of dinner and that excessive amount of coffee he drinks-”

“On which again you have put up a limit.”

“Obviously I have…that much caffeine isn’t good for anyone.” Ivania said shrugging a little. A ittle speechless, Nathan smiled a little at finally someone is making his stubborn brother listen.

“I don’t even understand how he listens to you with no arguments.” He stated making her laugh.

“He is like my father…stubborn as anything but I very well know how to make them bend.” She laughed. Haley entered the very same time with the food well packed in her hand. Ivania handed her, her card for the payment.

“Call me okay…I can pick you up on the way back home or you can come over, I’ll send you the address.” Ivania said to Haley as they left giving her hugs and byes. However it was when she was about to open the door to go outside as another conversation sparked between her and Nathan, she stumbled into something, someone.

“I am sorr- Ivania?” The familiar voice made her look up at known shade of brown eyes.

“Theo, hello.” She said very enthusiastically, a little happy to remember his name.

“You never really came back after that morning.” He said with a laugh. A certain clearing of throat brought her back to reality. She turned around to see Nathan eagerly waiting for an explanation or an introduction, she wasn’t quite sure of.

“Nathan…this is Theo, I met him in the morning few weeks back in the park.” She said and continued, “And Theo, this is Nathan. A very good friend of mine.” They both shared a handshake with their greetings.

“I will wait for you by the car… give me that.” Nathan said as he too her purse and the packed food out of her hand. She smiled and handed it to him as he walked out.

“Seriously though, I thought maybe you would come back in the park.” Theo smiled at her.

“I just got this new job and place to live-in; the park would be rather far won’t it?” She asked with a chuckle and then continued, “How is Leia?”

“Oh, she is the best she could ever be.” He looked down at his watch and the to her again.

“I am in a hurry actually but I was wondering would you like to go out with me sometime?” He asked a little hopeful. Ivania looked at him as her smile faded away for a moment in a little thought, go out again? Move on? A thought wavered in her mind.

“It’s okay if you don’t want-”

“Yes…yes, why not?” She said as the smile returned back on her face. The worry on Theo’s face disappeared as a smile crept its way back in.

“This Sunday then?” He asked her for which she nodded. After exchanging each other’s number, they parted ways with a small hug. Ivania was happy finally but there was a constant nag on the back of her mind for some reason. As she walked out, she saw Nathan sitting on the driver’s seat scrolling through his phone. A smirk etched on his face as she sat on the passenger seat.

“He was cute.” He said as she buckled her seatbelt.

“And I have a date with him…I can cancel if you want to go with him.” She said with an innocent smil.

“Very smart.” This made Ivania to laugh.

“You never completed the story of your girlfriend.” Ivania said and now on their way back, they had a lot of laughs as well some arguments. The story of his girlfriend however was about this girl whom according to Nathan was seriously very hot got close to him just so to get to his brother. When Ivania questioned whether he had sour feelings for Isaiah, he laughed and said no. According to Nathan, Isaiah is capable of doing anything but hurting the people he cares about which put a small smile on Ivania’s face.

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