His Shadow

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Chapter 6: Secret Families all over the Globe (Continued-1)

The day rolled in and then did the night. It was now that she felt a little comfortable in this place. She did move the furniture around making the place more spacious for her to move around while working or even passing her time. It took a proper moment for her to organise her closet, though she did not have a lot everything was very well organised. Now, now however she was trying to sleep which was just an endless attempt of switching sides and turning around. Giving up totally, yet a lot tired she grabbed her phone calling the person she wanted to talk to. Her dad. After three or four rings, Luke picked up the call, his voice a little drowsy.

“Hey Peanut.”

“I woke you, up didn’t I?” She said as she up slouching folding her legs.

“It is 2 in the morning…obviously you did not. Couldn’t sleep again dear?” He asked, she gave a tired smile and then answered a yes.

“What is bothering you again then? Is Damon treating you well?” He asked and she answered, well before the string of questions increased its pace. Why does he ask the same question about Isaiah every time?

“Dad he is alright…and nothing is bothering me right now? It is just the nightmares again.” She said in a tone so tired and embarrassed to even admit.

“Do you want me to come over? We could have some ice-cream and movie night again?”

“Dad…it’s 2 in the morning.” She exclaimed knowing that her father might even show up.

“Who cares?” He said as she heard some shuffling sounds.

“Dad I have work tomorrow and you have that meeting to attend as well.” She yelled hoping it would make him sit down.

“I can cancel-”

“I swear if you ain’t sitting your ass down now, I am not coming over next week for dinner.” She said which surely worked as Luke settled down back again as she continued. “Dad…I just want to talk for a little bit.” She said letting out the breath she did not even realises that she was holding. It was then for next hour they chatted up about almost everything. She even told him about Theo and how unsure she was about the everything. Luke just consoled her saying that she could not be stuck in past and should move on. It was an irony however to listen a man who had never forgot about the love of his life even after years. It was a thing maybe they had developed among each other. After the death of Ivania’s mother, Ivania always had these sleepless nights and Luke would stay awake with her. It was a way perhaps they both reconnected after what had followed the death of Ivania’s mother. Keeping aside the weary memories, she finally drifted off to her slumber.

The next day passed quite in a haze. She did her work, had lunch with Nathan like always and then back again to her work. On her way back, like promised she went to Dahlia’s place to pick up Haley. They went to nearby grocery shop so that she could cook something good for them but then, also took a lot of junk food along. It did seem like a very long night but a fun one.

It was now they were in Ivania’s room talking about absolutely everything and nothing. Ivania laid on her bed with her legs resting on the headboard of the bed, her laptop on her abdomen as she scrolled down some random shopping websites. Haley had taken her liberty to shuffle through Ivania’s closet but after a promise that she would not make a mess.

“Nia? This dress is gorgeous.” She walked out of the closet, in her hands the very same dress that she had worn to club few nights back. Ivania looked up at her, a small smile forming on her face recalling the events that had happened that night but cringing as well.

“Yea…I liked it the instant I saw it.” She said looking at Haley who was holding the dress up to see how it would look on her on Ivania’s body-length mirror.

“Why don’t you try it on?” Ivania asked her as she did look very curious.

“Seriously? I can?” She asked with her eyes going wide. Ivania nodded at her with a smile while Haley let out an excited squeal and rushed inside the closet to change. Ivania laughed along putting several items in her basket to then filter out some later.

“Look. At. Me.” Haley came out twirling all her way, admiring herself in the mirror.

“You look damn good…better than me actually.” Ivania said as she sat up finally closing her laptop.

“Your modesty on top…Damn sure you looked smoking hot. Tell me where did you wear it?” She asked as she again twirled adjusting the dress as surely it was a little loose on her.

“To Black Jack, I went there with my friends a little back.”

“OH MY GOD? You went to Black Jack. How the fuck? That place is always packed up.” Jenna said as a shock very evident in her eyes.

“My dad has a little influence over there…got us VIP passes.” Ivania shrugged as if it was no big thing but if she had said about her godfather then surely Haley would have been more surprised than what she is now.

“Damn lady…remind me to be good around your dad.” This made Ivania laugh as Haley walked back again to the closet. After a few minutes however, she did not walk out with a dress this time but a small bo instead. An envelope in her hands as she had already opened the box.

“Ivania…what are these?” Ivania looked up from her phone to realise what she was holding. A very few memories flooding back to her but a realisation that maybe it was time to revisit a little back on her past.

“You are getting married?” She asked as she realised the various invitation that was there in the box, different colours, patterns.

“I was. I broke off the engagement.” She said as Haley looked up her a little worried now.

“I can keep this back-”

“Get me those would you?” Ivania said peacefully, a broken smile on her face. Haley unsure a little and perhaps a little angry on herself walked towards her. She settled herself in the corner of the bed as Ivania started to dig through the box.

“We were supposed to get married four months from now…funny so many things changed since I designed these.” She took one of the invitations in her hand.

“Why did you break up?” Haley asked a little nervously.

“He cheated on me…not like he had not before but this time I was not able to forgive him.” She said as she still admired the same invitation. It was a beautiful card, their names printed on in an italicized font along with the date and designation. The borders had designs of small flowers while the entire background was in a very pale teal.

“I this one you know… out of all the designs I made this was my favourite. Caleb did not like it and so everything again we had to change. It is funny though, how though me being such a control freak he was the controlling one in us.” She laughed a humourless laugh. Haley looked at her eyes which still had pain, she had recalled when she had seen her for the first time. Tears, had filled up her eyes as she again started to dig through the box. The card that she had in her box now crumbled with how tight grip she had on it. Haley, took a deep breath and pulled that box off her which only made Ivania look up in wonder and surprise, her eyes glossy a little.

“What do you say for a horror movie marathon?” Haley asked plastering a smile on her face and showcasing extra enthusiasm. Ivania smiled as again there was another person faking happiness just to make her feel better.

“I am not a horror movie person.” Ivania said as she rubbed off her tears.

“Too scared?” Haley teased as she again made her way to the closed taking extra care that she hid the box well.

“Actually yes.” Ivania said shrugging a little but then continued, “But you know what? Let’s do it. I get the popcorn you get the movies.” Ivania said as she rushed back to the kitchen.

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