His Shadow

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Chapter 6: Secret Families all over the Globe (Continued-2)

A day it was surely like every other. Standing here in the balcony of his room and looking into abyss, he just wondered what would have a simple life been like. He would also like to do some of these things people do, plan about. Hang out with friends, go on a movie then followed with a dinner, there to meet some random girl maybe even a waitress and then take her out on a date. Like a proper date that happens in movies or books. Buy her flowers and chocolates, and sometimes the most random gifts while would still make her smile. Weren’t these small moments what people called life? Friends, family, hobbies and even some moments of loneliness. If that was life than he had none of it. How could he? To call a family he only has a brother and a father and that too he considered himself for them to be even alive. Friends? None but a lot of enemies. Hobbies? All lost in the dark of his childhood and moments of loneliness? That is what he had in abundance. Self-hatred, followed him everywhere and in that would he had someone to spend his life with? That sounded hilarious to him in his mind. Someone to claim as a person he loves, start a family? That could never happen. He could not let that happen. He could not lose the ones he doesn’t even have yet. Powerful man in the world and such a pitiful life. Damon laughed with no humour looking at the sun setting now.

But why? Why are these thoughts bothering him now? Ever since Ivania said that she had a date this Sunday, he had been wondering of his personal life. A personal life that he had no claim on. But yet, being around Ivania and listening to her sometimes blabber about her friends and everyone she cared about did make him happy. That is why he never stopped her from bringing his lunch or confining the amount of coffee he had. At least those were the moments when someone treated him like a human, and not like some emotionless machine. Past a month, she did have a very profound effect on him unknowingly but he did know. Everything tha had changed. Once when he barely used to laugh now, they both share a laugh every day. It was a moment of joy even for him when she would talk about all the rumours going around in the office. She was a different kind; he knew but did not expect her to make a difference in his life. Like today, he had never seen the sun set from his own house but today, she made him leave the office right along her and asked to have a day-off. Only if there was a day-off in his life.

His phone rang bringing him out of his thoughts which now seem completely absurd to him.

“Damon. We couldn’t find him but Kale is in Mexico City…we have tracked him down.” The man said with no greeting.

“I want him before I reach there.” He said cancelling the call in a voice so cold that it would have given chills to the other man. There it was. His life. Chasing and running. Saving and killing.

He dialled to Ivania to make her to arrange his flight as for since a past a week she had been handling his professional and not-very-professional arrangements. However, he made sure not to indulge her a lot too much.


“Isaiah-AHHHH-” The screech from the other end made him worried.

“Ivania, Ivania… do you hear me?” His voice a lot concerned and scared. But there was no response from the other end instead more screams followed. Disconnecting the call, he rushed down the hall, gun ready in his hand. A lot worried and after a very lot while just praying. He debated on whether or not to knock on the door but right now the fear of losing her was causing a very high adrenaline rush, hat was when he had already broke open the door.

Two screeches followed, of Ivania and Haley both as they saw an unknown man now pointing a gun at them with a door which was now forcefully opened. As for defence, she had picked up the vase which was there on the side table but Haley had already thrown a cushion on the man. That is when she recognised who it was.

“Oh lord Isaiah?” She asked as she settled down the vase. She went and turned on the lights as Haley turned down the volume of the television. Isaiah looked around making sure and then placed his gun back in his pocket.

“Are you fucking kidding me now? A horror movie?” He asked throwing up his hands.

“I should ask you that. What are you doing here and that too with a gun?” She asked him equally annoyed.

“I called you for god damn sake and all I could here was screaming. Obviously, I thought someone-”

“Oh my god…so sorry we were just watching this movie and I said her I hate horror movies-” Ivania started but was soon stopped by Haley.

“You better not start putting the blame on me-”

“It was your idea-”

“Stop now.” Isaiah yelled making both the girls now stop. His mind still forming various scenarios just wondering making him a little more paranoid.

“Isaiah…this is Haley and Haley, my boss.” Ivania introduced as both shared a nod but Isaiah still seemed very much disturbed.

“I-I will just be inside.” She said as she rushed inside before anyone else could respond.

“Isaiah… are you alright?” She asked a little concerned as he nodded but his hands now going through his hairs clearly showing he was a little stressed. Ivania knew these moments now, he had these when something just had not been as he wished for or rarely when he was scared a lot.

“I am sorry…I should-” Her statement was cut in half as she was enveloped by his warmth. She had her hands still raised in the mid air but then after a moment of realising that he was actually hugging her, she put her arms around him as well.

“I was scared.” He admitted. Ivania unknowingly smiled, the heartless man indeed had a heart. But her smile then turned into a full-blown laughter. Isaiah pulled apart, his hands still around her looking at her laughing.

“You have to admit it was funny though.” She laughed, after a moment, she joined her as well with a gentle chuckle.

“And you broke my door.” She said as she walked towards the door seeing that there was no way she could fix it herself.

“You can stay at mine along with your friend. I’ll get it fixed then?” He said looking at her, a smile still stuck on her face, he nodded at her.

“And I need to go to Mexico, first thing in the morning.” He said to her.

“I swear I think you have secret families all over the globe and they don’t know about each other.” She said as she walked up to grab her phone and dialled some number.

“You would never know.” He smiled.

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