His Shadow

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Chapter 7: Kill them all

The mornings are wonder indeed. How for a moment you forget everything in existence for a couple a seconds and then the world comes flooding back at you? Funny indeed. Haley was still fast asleep beside her, snoring a little as her leg stuck out of the bed. She had just woken up and realised what had happened all over again. She laughed a little at looking how dishevelled every situation yesterday was. It was her mistake though surely but now, now because of the little incident, the door of her house is broken which is probably fixed by now taking into consideration it is Isaiah and she and her friend are sleeping now in the guest room of her boss. Just great.

She got off the bed, taking her phone along as the time now was nearly 7. Jordan will surely like this story, she thought and texted her and Nathan saying a hie. Her stomach grumbled as she wondered would it be weird if she made breakfast but then recalling that Isaiah has a flight by 8:30, it would be fine she thought.

Isaiah lived here just to have a low profile but surely the place was not very well helping it. It seemed like he had barely put any attempt in decorating the place but it was vast and could have be extremely beautiful if redecorated. But it did not mean it is not beautiful now. It was indeed very much a beauty still. Many a times she had visited this place. Maybe giving something for Isaiah if she cooked something special or even sometimes, he would call her to ask the whereabouts of files in his own house. White walls, grey décor to match having a very minimalist look. She walked down the stairs to the kitchen humming some random music, skipping a few steps. She indeed was in a good mood this morning.

“Ivania?” A voice called as she now was on the last step, tying up her hairs back in a pony tail.

“Jenna…you come here so damn early?” Ivania asked the little kind lady who was literally in charge of the place. From cooking to cleaning and everything in between. Jenna was indeed a beautiful woman, her red hairs now having some strands of white and beautiful brown eyes. She barely looked like she was in her early thirties but it came as a shock to her when she came to know, Jenna was actually 53.

“What are you doing here little one?” She asked so lovingly that Ivania couldn’t help but smile. She then started to say her everything that had happened yesterday as along helping her a little which though the resistance of Jenna, she did unknowingly, laughing all along.

“Jenna…do you mind if I make some breakfast for everyone?” She asked eagerly. Cooking was always her happy place, the blend of spices and everything made her the happiest.

“I do mind…it is my work.” Jenna said as tried to look a little strict.

“Jenna please…you can have a little break come on.” Ivania gave her cheekiest of the smile grabbing her hands and walking towards the kitchen. Jenna could not help but smile at the girl whom she had met now for just two weeks. Letting go of her hand, she walked towards the double-doored refrigerator to finally cook something. However, to her surprise the refrigerator had almost next to nothing, a few essentials and fruits. That was all.

“I said you…Sir never really here for breakfast, he has it in the mansion along Sir Nathan.” Jenna exclaimed. However, Ivania gazed again through the refrigerator finding a carton of eggs. A smile formed on her lips already.

“Do we have bread?” Ivania asked Jenna. Jenna looked at her baffled for a moment but then nodded.

“Yea… I had got some yesterday.”

“Great…French toast it is then.” Ivania clapped smiling along with Jenna.

Jenna after again a little of resistance gave up. Ivania and she talked about almost everything in between. Ivania had talked today with Jenna for this long of the time. When they had first met, it was just a brief hello as Ivania was already running late for her work and had come to drop off a file Isaiah had asked. Ivania, today came to know that Jenna had been caretaker of Isaiah and Nathan since Isaiah was 12 and Nathan was 8. They both have been close to her than her own kids and she cared about them a lot. Jenna had two sons, one in his early 30’s as she had him in her teenage years. He was apparently a doctor and worked for Isaiah as well, with all the treatments and everything. Her younger son died at the age of 28 two years ago in a car accident. After saying so, Jenna teared up a little. Ivania gave her a brief hug, consoling her making her toast burn almost. Ivania said her about everything in the office but there was nothing Jenna was not aware of. Turns out, Lily, Isaiah’s previous assistant, and her were very good of friends. However, it was when they were sharing a story about how once in office Nathan had stumbled down the stairs with Ice-cream cones in his hand, they heard clearing of voice. Ivania and Jenna turned to look at Isaiah looking at them keenly.

“Good morning?” He said a little unsure. He was all dressed up, dressed in his “casuals” which consisted of a black suit.

“Have breakfast with us come on.” Ivania smiled at him as she turned around to plate him and everyone else. She indeed was in a good mood today.

“I- Umm sure.” He said a little unsure as he looked at his watch to make sure there was enough time. Ivania started the coffee machine for her boss’s favourite coffee.

Haley had woken up quite the moment when Ivania had made some coffee for Isaiah. She looked like a cat ready to pounce in her woken-up state. With Isaiah being lost in his thoughts, Hayley having a very awkward conversation with Jenna, it felt for a moment to Ivania like she was stuck in a situation. A kind of situation where her reaction was an awkward smile whatsoever the question directed to her was. She was however a lot inquisitive about Isaiah at the very moment. He sat and ate in silence, lost in his own thoughts barely listening to anything anyone had to say. He must have been either a lot worried or a lot angry as Ivania could not help but notice how his fists would curl-up and rest back again and again. Howsoever, after breakfast he did bid everyone a polite farewell and left without a turn.

“Is he always this silent?” Haley whispered at her as Jenna stood up taking plates to the sink.

“No…not really.” Ivania said as she watched him go to the door.

The day passed off in a haze. She took a moment with Jenna and then left the place along with Haley. Haley after spending the afternoon along with her chatting about absolutely nothing and everything. By evening Jordan and Laura came to visit her and then decided to stay over like always. It was surely the most fun time she had spend after a very long time and after a very long time it was a peaceful night she spent with no horrors in the dreams but some flawless colours.

Sunday morning rolled in faster than expected and so did her date with Theo. They had been texting all the time and she felt really happy along with him. Yet she was not very sure whether or not she wanted to be with someone at the very moment. Sitting now in the corner of the bed re-evaluating her own decision, she was having second thoughts about the date while her friends were busy hunting an outfit for her.

“I am not really sure…” She whined again.

“I swear if the reason is again that jerk face I’m gonna kick your butt.” Jordan came yelling out of Ivania’s walk-in closet.

“It has been what? 3 months? I just- just miss him sometimes.” She finally confessed but was very well aware of the hysteric fit that was going to come from Jordan. However, none of the words came to Ivania’s surprise as it seemed that Laura and Jordan were having an internal conflict at the time.

“Nia…” Laura came and sat beside her putting her arm around her. Ivania rested her head on her shoulder, for some reason feeling a little relived.

“It was a long time you were with Caleb-” As she said that name Jordan winced making Laura roll her eyes but continue anyways, “It was a time then and now it is a different time. No one can say you to move on or get over until and unless you are not ready. Trying is not bad and this guy Theo sounds great-”

“I hardly know him.” Ivania said.

“Then get to know him… It is okay if things don’t work out fine, go and have fun. You can stay here or think about everything that happened in the past or start something new.”

Ivania did not reply anything for a moment. Start new? Every time when with the same thought she would start, something would always go downhill. Now everything she did, there was always a question in her mind…is it even worth? Starting new? Or again is it going to be tears and sobs, pains and nightmares? Acknowledging her friend again going to the trance of thoughts, Jordan knew that it was necessary to bring her back again.

“Or is there someone else in your mind?” She asked as she laid out a rather dark outfit on the bed beside what Laura had picked. This statement of her made Ivania’s head perk up from her from Laura’s shoulder.

“Who?” She asked a little dumbfound.

“Maybe some rich billionaire, handsome whom you might have had hooked up with but then now you are working for.” Jordan said in a rather dramatic tone. This made Ivania smile for real but roll her eyes.

“You are clearly not suggesting Isaiah.” She said as she finally crawled towards the outfit on her bed inspecting them.

“I am clearly suggesting him. I mean you know literally everything about him, what he eats to what he sleep and even how he is in bed-”

“JORDAN-he is my boss.” Ivania said as she knew exactly where the conversation was heading too. Picking up the floral top, Laura had picked and the leather pants from Jordan’s selection she thought of putting those two together.

“And I am his assistant… It is my job to know about his whereabouts.”

“Girl you can rant about him the entire day.”

“And I can also list the names of women he is been since last 2 months. He is not my kind Jordan.” She same as she let down the clothes in her hand looking a little defeated.

“What is your kind then?” Jordan asked mockingly folding her hands across her chest.

“I don’t know okay but not him…he is just-” She stopped not knowing what word she was looking for or even was there any word to offend him.

“I bet you know what he is doing now.” Laura said as she got down the bed.

“Yea murdering someone…” Ivania rolled her eyes as she picked up the clothes on her bed and rushed to the bathroom to get ready for her date.

“By no means you are wearing the flowery top with my pants.” Jordan yelled as she closed the door making Ivania laugh.

“That is the plan exactly.”

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