His Shadow

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Chapter 7: Kill them all (Continued)

Silence. Silence. That was what followed him everywhere but there was one more thing, fear. Fear of him. A wonderful word perhaps, he thought sitting in the plush car as the drove to a location known to him. Anyone would do anything for their life to resume as normally as possible and him, he would gladly let go of his life. But if he could only.

“Damon…we are here.” The voice made him snap out of his thoughts. He looked out the tinted glass of his car to be again accustomed by the crowd. A beautiful city it was indeed but he wonders sometimes maybe he would come here to enjoy and not just for his works. One of the guards opened the door for him while other two stood in front to escort him. A man dressed in black slacks came forward.

“How long do I have to stay?” He asked in a voice so low.

“We are not getting any inputs from Kale. He has mummed himself about the whereabout but is blabbering about every other thing.” He said as they stepped in the hotel where he would be spending his night along with all of his people. A man their awaited for him dressed richly with all the accessories possible, a lady too young for the man beside her clinging to his arm .

“Damon…” He almost screamed in appreciation walking forward with his arms wide and a want to envelope Damon in a hug.

Encantada de verte. I wondered when you would visit us.” He said parting away. Damon greeted him with a firm nod.

“You have my guest Fernando.” Damon said as he stood a little broader in that plush hallways where people going around were giving second looks. Fernando looked around as a smile never left his face.

Descansa un poco, Damon-”

“I am not here on a vacation to rest. Where is Kale?” He asked now surely losing patience. At the very moment everyone was very well aware not to push his buttons and no one except Fernando dared to look him in the eye. Fernando’s smile however lost it’s vice and he nodded.

Micaela, lleva a los hombres al bar.” He said as he turned towards the women who was now gawking at every man in the room. She looked at her boss and nodded.

“This way.” She said turning, flipping her hair and adding an extra sway to her hips. Damon held back a laugh as he recalled if Ivania was here then she would have pointed it out to him. Ivania always took her pleasure in pointing out desperate attempts of women or even the clients. The women in front of him turned back to have a look of his face which perhaps trying to stifle his laugh had a smirk instead. Wrong message. Not wanting anymore interaction with anyone he turned to the man who had greeted him earlier.

“I want Kale in my suite in 10 minutes.” He said as now he walked to the elevator with another man following him. He unlocked his phone as his fingers hovered over a contact wondering would it be weird if he called Ivania at the very moment. Maybe yes. She was not working after all. Rolling his eyes on wondering why he wanted to call her on the first place. He looked at his watch waiting for the elevator to open so he could finally go and have some drinks.

10 minutes later, his doors were barged open while he was in mid of sipping his wine.

Nollam nollam.” Said the Asian man with a smirk on his face, who now laid on the ground, his lip bleeding with sure purple marks around his eyes. Damon looked at his men who now stood around motioning them to leave.

“Kale…tell me what would you want? Some wine?” Damon asked plastering a smile.

“Tequila?” He asked now sitting on the ground a little straighter rubbing off the blood on the side of his lip. Damon nodded and got off the chair pouring him some tequila in the small bar in his suite. Handing it to the man on the ground, he resumed his seat on the chair.

“How long has it been since we met? Two years? Three?” Kale asked, his Asian accent all gone though Damon was very much aware that he was born and brought-up in Korea.

“23 months.” Damon said in a soft voice, a smirk forming on his lips. Taking the shot at once, Kale looked at him laughing humourlessly.

“23 months. 23 fucking months since you destroyed us.” Kale continued his laugh making Damon smirk as well.

“You are not telling me where he is right?” He asked.

“No. never.” Kale said with a smirk now.

“Then tell me why should you be alive?”

“You kill me, he will come to you.” Kale said looking straight into his eyes. Damon smirked as his eyes narrowed.

“I am like a brother to him, he cares-”

“A brother?” Damon let out a laugh now scaring Kale but very well masked with his smirk.

“He could never be a fucking brother. Just an asshole who is scared as fuck. You tell me if you die he would come and revenge your death?” Again, a dangerous chuckle escaped his lips. “He would not even shed a tear. Kale, I gave you ever chance.” Damon now stood up placing his glass down on the table, crouching at the man on the ground.

“Every fucking chance to leave him and live like you used to but you mocked my humanity. I am not a very patient man Kale and your time is ticking.” Damon said in a rather very low voice knowing the effect he was having on the man in front of him. Kale now surely looking a lot scared.

“He never cared about you, me or anyone.” Damon said as he now stood up straight smoothening his jacket and walking off to his room whipping out his phone to say his men to take him out.

The rest of the day he wandered around meeting people he barely knew names of. Even in the night, he was in some party where Nathan had joined along him. A few matters that had to be solved got their end that night but yet he could not help but wonder about everything. It was like his mind was in some different track, up in the skies, finding chances for his own profit but his heart, his heart was lost somewhere in the dusty streets. Looking out of the window of his car, he rather preferred the four walls of his office rather than these beautiful roads he travelled in.

“And when we grow up and have a lot of money…we will buy a house on a hill. Very big house where no one will ever and beat us up. You will come with me, right?” She asked as I braided her unruly brunette hairs.

“I will come wherever you go.” I answered her finally tying her hairs up with a hair tie which now was very old and barely even elastic.

“Thank you, Isaiah.” She looked at me with her eyes so dark but pure. She enveloped me in a hug after admiring her hairs that I had braided.

“We will go away one day.” I whispered in her ears but it was more of a prayer.

The fragments of memories of his past which he had buried deep away somewhere would still haunt him. His promises, dreams everything had gone very long back then. It was now years and yet every image was clear in his mind, no matter how much he tried to forget he recalled it even more. It was a bad dream he always tried to console himself but it was not, it could not be. She was gone and did his dreams, aspirations.

“What are you going to do with Kale?” Nathan asked as now they got down the car and walked to the hotel. It was early the morning and surely the lack of sleep and though his visit, Kale had not opened his mouth was pissing him off.

“Depends on what he has to say.” Isaiah said as he took off his jacket handing it to the man who followed him. They walked down to the bar where Kale was being held. His men along with Fernando’s men guarding the cellar.

“Did he say anything?” Nathan asked then man who stood by the door.

“Nothing sir. Just mumbling and laughing all the night.” The man said.

“Gun.” Isaiah said to the man raising his hand. Fumbling a little, the man handed him the gun and the door was opened for him.

“Is this what you want Kale? Then fine… this is what you get.” Damon smirked with his gun pointing to Kale.

“Any last words?” He asked.

“He will come to you, and everyone you care about, even that girl…” Kale laughed again. Damon seemed to have paused his movements wanting to hear what he and to say.

“Luke Garcia pissed off the wrong man Damon. Protect as much as you can.” Kale gave a pause but the continued, “But you can’t.”

Those were his last words. You can’t. the words kept repeating in his mind. He can’t? He can d anything in the world. Anything that he wanted. He was not scared of anyone but himself.

“I want every of his men tracked down within an hour. If they say where he is well and good, if not…kill them all.” He said to each of the men in that room. A shiver passed through the spine of every of them.

“Nathan, I want to leave. Now.” He said waking out as Nathan now fumbling with his phone started to dial someone frantically.

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