His Shadow

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Chapter 8: There is No Second Chance

After a little moment of fun and then the realization of being late, Ivania rushed to the park where she had met Theo for the first time. She did look forward to meet him and was extremely excited about the date as well. She looked down at her watch, it was already 5 minutes past 11 when she parked her car and rushed to the park. It was after a little sweep of sight she spotted the familiar face and rushed to him.

“Sorry, I was a little late. Just got caught up-”

“Hey it is okay. I don’t mind waiting for a pretty girl.” He said making her chuckle a little. He smiled along with her.

“I arranged a little picnic for us, this way come on.” He said as now they walked towards the spot.

“That is really sweet of you.”

It seemed that everything was just going absolutely fine. The conversations between the two passed with not much efforts. Ivania came to know that Theo worked as an assistant editor in the publishing house nearby. Ivania was very much interested in his work which let him blabber about it a little. Ivania was a little hesitant but then shared a little bits of her professional life as well. After knowing she worked for Griffin Enterprises, Theo was a little stunned. He was very much of a fan of the company after recalling that the he was selected in campus interviews for the same but let go of the opportunity as he wanted to be a writer. His mum apparently was very furious, he said laughing. The time they spent was fun and at no moment it felt like they were strangers. Being a weekend, the park had rather more people than always which as the time spent became chaotic rather than enjoyable. It was Ivania’s idea to go on a spontaneous movie which even Theo rejoiced. They were packing up the things when her phone rang.

“Hello.” Her usual friendly gesture was very formal and she knew the very fact.

“There is no fucking time for a hello…Ivania you have to come here right now or I am going to die.” Ivania rolled her eyes as there was nothing new with Nathan being over dramatic.

“Nathan, breath out and say, what happened?”

“DAMON.” He whisper-shouted. “He is fucking angry and is messing up entire room searching some dumb file, I swear if he breaks the aquarium this time-” This statement of his followed a sound of something crashing.

“And there goes the vase worth three hundred thousand.” Nathan huffed. “You need to come here ASA fucking P.”

“I can’t-” The call cancelled the very time. She stared at the phone wondering what was even wrong with her boss as he was always so calm and collected. Even someone’s death by his own eyes doesn’t very much affect him, in fact has no effect on him at all.

“Is everything alright?” Theo asked as he folded the blanket.

“My boss- he is just in one of his moods. I need to go to the office it seems.” She said a little dejected.

“Hey it is okay; we can have the movie some other time…at least that would ensure you would meet me again.” Theo said with a bright smile. She looked up at him with a chuckle escaping her lips.

“You can join me, if would like to? If you aren’t busy.” She asked cheekily after recalling how interested he was.

“Are you serious? HQ of Griffin? Even if I were busy, I would come.” He said excitedly making her laugh. A tint of red covered his cheeks as he realised that he just was over-joyed.

Placing the baskets and the blanket in the back of Theo’s car, they both headed to the office as now Ivania was very more comfortable with him talking about her work and everything. Theo talked about his home in the way back and how he literally fought with everyone to get Leia along him. Turns out he had rescued Leia from back of his school and took him home along. Ivania talked and complained how her dad would never let her any pets and the last time she had got a stray cat along her, she had to give it to the neighbour as her father was allergic to cats. Laughing all the way, they parked the car in her usual place. Greeting the guards outside, she walked to the elevator which rarely was so less crowded. Theo could not help but gawk around.

“Even the elevator is so spacious.” He said making Ivania chuckle a little.

“And still, it’s a havoc in the morning.” She said as her phoned tinged again. She opened the series of text Nathan was sending.

Nathan: Who the fuck is Lestrade?

Nathan: Is it the lady from Harry Potter? Why would a file be named after a character?

Nathan: Where the fuck are you?


Ivania rolled her eyes as she was sure that Nathan was just over-reacting a lot. It was one of the things he usually did and she did fell for it a few times. Like for once, he just had got a paper cut which according to him was his last breath.

Ivania: I am here almost and that lady from Harry Potter is Lestrange not Lestrade.

The elevator door pinged open as she hit the send button. Walking a few steps, they heard another crash coming from Isaiah’s office, now realisation hitting her that Nathan might not have been over reacting today.

“Theo, you can be in my office or if you go a floor up you can find a leisure spot.” She said pointing at her office but looking at another direction.

“So sorry Theo, just let me deal with this.” She said to him.

“Hey it is okay…work always comes first. Go on.” He said as she now with a troubled smile walked to her boss’s office. Not wanting to look as if he was prying on the office matter and really wanting to know what “leisure spot” was, he again stepped into the elevator going a floor up.

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