His Shadow

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Chapter 8: There is No Second Chance (Continued-1)

Ivania, not minding to knock on the door, opened it. She did assume there was going to be a disaster but not this much. Files and papers were on the ground along with pieces of vases and other small statues in the cabin. Isaiah was pacing around not minding anything on his way while Nathan along with few others were by the small cabinet where the files she had sorted since past two months.

“Ivania…where the fuck is Lestrade’s file? And Johnathan’s? Why the fuck am I not getting anything?” Isaiah yelled as soon as he noticed her arrival.

“Isai-” She stopped in the mid-statement realising that not everyone knew his first name in this room.

“Damon…” She said looking at three other men who looked at her a little horrid as surely they were not understanding what they were searching for. “Calm down and take your seat…I will get you all the files you need okay?” She asked him very calmly.

“Get me those fucking files.” He yelled at her but did go and take a seat. For some reason, she felt a pang on her heart as he had never spoken to her in a higher tone. Shaking off her thoughts, she walked to Nathan. In a minute, she found both the files while the men looked at her as she was foreign.

“Go get him his coffee.” She instructed on of them but taking this as their cue, all of them left except for Nathan who still stood by her.

“Here’s the two files…any other?” She asked now with no emotions. Isaiah took the file off her hand and started to look through it. It seemed however, he was not even reading any of it, just turning pages in anger.

“Notes on the Parag Project?” He asked.

“Emailed to you Friday night.”

“Call to Mrs. Wang?”

“She has gladly accepted the offer.”

“Papers regarding that?”

“Rough paper work, to the right second drawer of the table. Official will be here tomorrow morning.” She looked at him with a very straight face waiting for another question but came none. “Anything else, sir?” She asked curtly.

“My lunch?” He asked after looking at the time.

“I will get that…” Nathan spoke finally as he rushed out.

“What went wrong then?” She asked standing in front of the table.

“None of your business.”

“I left my date for you Isaiah…” She said with a defeated tone.

“Doesn’t sound that bad.”

“Obviously it wouldn’t for you. Why would you care about me?” This question of Ivania triggered something in Isaiah. In a fraction of a second, Isaiah had rose from his chair and walked to her around the table standing in front of her. Ivania did not move and instead crossed her arms and looked straight in his steel grey eyes.

“I am not scared of you.”

“You think I do not care about you? I fucking do not care? You want to know what happened right?” Damon said as his voice raised.

“That fucking prick said everyone I care about would die… Every fucking person. Dad, Nathan…you.” By the end it seemed like a sigh of defeat rather than rage of anger. Ivania looked at him, he was not Isaiah surely but Damon, Damon with emotions in his eyes. Her hands around herself loosened as she looked at him fighting his own demons. She stepped closer and put her arms around his neck. He did not move but his slumped posture had already had his chin on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered. After a second she felt his arms around her waist pulling her closer as if his life depended on it. For a moment, they stood there in that place where there was barely a place to step on. Isaiah loosened her arms around her first and then Ivania after being sure he was fine and stepped back.

“Go home and rest… I will take care of this place, okay?” She asked with a small smile now.

“I am sorry for everything today…I shouldn’t have talked to you like that and also for your date.” He said rubbing his temples.

“Everything is fine…if you need anything just give me a call okay?” She said the same thing she would have said to any friend. He nodded but then went back again to his seat.

“I will stay here for a little while…Thank you Ivania.” He said taking his seat, looking at her. She gave him a final look of suspicion but then walked out saying a goodbye. It made her wonder now, what actually happened in Mexico. She never indulged herself with the talks of his outside the office nor did he ever share anything with her but today, today he seemed a lot distraught. Like the words affected him a lot, a lot more that bullets had ever did. Shrugging off her thoughts again and putting everything in the back of her mind, she walked to her office. The very time, her phone rang flashing the caller-id as Nathan.


“Is he still mad?” He asked a little concerned as now she walked out of her office as Theo wasn’t here. Probably upstairs. She thought.

“Doesn’t seem like…have lunch with him.” She said pressing the elevator button.

“Yea…Thank you Ivania.” He said now in a defeated tone.

“By the way, what made him so mad? I have never seen him this angry.” She asked with the obvious curiosity walking inside the elevator.

“Just the things in Mexico did not work out as we had thought…it rarely happens and trust me these occasions are freaky. He hates when things are not to his accords.” Nathan said and then continued after a pause, “You don’t worry much…he would be fine tomorrow and sorry for your date Ivania.” He said genuinely.

“That’s alright…I got him along with me here so let’s see.” She said as now she waited for the elevator door to open.

“I am sure Haley would be interested to know what happens.” He said making her laugh.

“Won’t you be?”



Stepping out, she walked around to see Theo sitting in the corner of the room on a bean bag, a book in his hand as he was engrossed very much in reading whatever that was in his hand. She walked to him with a smile as he did look very cute so deeply engrossed in reading.

“Having fun eh?” She asked sitting in front of him. He was a little startled but then realising that it is her, he put up a smile closing the book.

“This place is so awesome…” He said as he kept aside his book. “Is your boss alright?” He asked.

“Yea…Just a few things he caught up with. Tell me, wanna get out of here and catch that movie or have a tour around?” She asked him with a little smile.

“Whatever you want milady.” He said making her laugh.

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