His Shadow

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Chapter 8: There is No Second Chance (Continued-2)

How it was funny for a moment that people can give life for mere security of others. It was indeed a wonder for everyone. Loyalty. Very hard to find in people these days but if found, these people, they just slip off the hand like sand in the fist. The sun was settling down fast as the sky was painted in crimsons and reds, tints of purple along. An old beaten-up car sped down the rather empty road and took the turn into the darkened alley. Wonder it was how a place so sound could even be so silent. The turn was however to no avail as now the only way was the way back. A man stood there, a cigarette on his lips, smoke around him. The lady, lean in body but rather tall with the heels so high stepped down.

“Myra.” She said as she closed the door of her car. The man nodded at her taking her place in the car and driving back. As he drove away, the old iron door opened welcoming the loud sound of music and what not. She walked in and was welcomed with the sudden smell of liquor. She looked around to see men and women dancing around. Some even making out, naked or half way there. Smiling a little on the familiar sight, she walked right in front knowing her destination.

“Micaela…come over baby.” A sound came from over the crowd, she looked around to see a man standing on top of the bar counter with other two girls dancing along him looking at her. Showing her middle finger and shouting a fuck off, she walked up the stairs.

It took a moment to walk through the grinding bodies to the small room in a corner with a lot less crowd but rather men standing broad and tall, loaded guns in their hand.

“I want to see the boss.” She said to one of the men looking rather more intimidating then those men. The man stepped forward to check her for weapons. When the man stepped back making way for her to go, she looked at him, straight in the eye. For a moment, the man was confused. She rolled her eyes as her hand went to her back where she had tucked a knife in her pants. Handing it to him with a challenging look, she walked inside.

It was a room with just a man, very many empty bottles of liquor lying in front of him. He looked rather untidy with his brown hairs grown and so his beard. His once charming green eyes were now tired and weary. He looked at her, taking another swig of his drink let out a hearty laugh.

“Micaela…my love, how are you baby?” He asked slurring the words.

“Boss…Kale is down.” She said awaiting his wrath or sobs for any moment.

“Did that pussy say anything?” The boss asked. Micaela was surprised by the tone of his sure but did not let go her stoic form.

“No…not a word.”

“That motherfucker did at least something good with his life. Tell me Micaela, wasn’t Damon angry knowing he got nothing?”

“Furious.” She answered with a smirk recalling his face.

“That would have been worth the sight…” He again took a swig of his bottle emptying it and placing it along with others.

“His men are now hunting down ours; it doesn’t seem very safe to stay here for you, boss.”

“That bitch could do nothing to me…Damon is a fucking pussy. The day I kill him and his brother, everything will be mine Micaela. Every Fucking Thing.” He said as he popped open another bottle.

“Is there anything else for me to do boss?” She asked.

“Enjoy baby girl…Enjoy. Take this and go have fun.” He said as he threw that open bottle at her which she caught but spilled the drink as well a little. She smiled and took a swig walking out. The man came to her handing her back her knife. She took the knife from his hand, stared at it for a moment as if analysing but with a smirk on her lips.

“There is no second chance…don’t you know that?” She asked looking at him. The man’s eyes narrowed but he stepped back anyways. However, the very next moment Micaela had slit the throat of the man. The other guards around her did not even dare to step forward and see whether his alive or not. But the other around cheered, clinked their drinks. She walked to the railing, drink in her hands and yelled out loud.


The night fell earlier than expected while Ivania still was recalling the events of earlier today. Standing at her balcony and staring out into the city, it was really a beauty. The sky today was clear and so the stars twinkled, the moon was full. It was really rare to see stars in this city and she wondered how many of the people were now staring at them, recalling the events of past or planning their future but forgetting the present. She smiled at the thought. Today indeed was spent nice after very long. She did enjoy her time with Theo, he was a really sweet guy and did seem to care about everyone around him but that was not the reason for the smile on her face. No matter how much she tried to shake off her thoughts, the memories prevailed in her mind when Isaiah said that he did care about her. It must have been terrifying for her that his enemies might now even target her but instead, instead she felt more safe, more secure.

Not just she was lost in the thoughts of the ones close to heart but even her father. However, rather than finding his answers in the stars, he had his in the flowers that grew so fondly in front of him. Luke had a smile on his face, also some pain but seemed very calm. Very collected.

“Kaira.” He said more to himself trying to recall the name of the woman he loves so dearly. It was nearly 14 years since now. Since that dreadful day that still wakes him up from the darkest of his slumber. He looked at those flowers, flowers which she had planted.

“Look babe…I am so sorry, but he needed me-” I was literally running behind her as she walked to the back of the house.

“Someday you will lose your life saving others.” She yelled walking forth, opening the door to the garden.

“Baby…This was the last time, I promise.” I literally begged her. Her anger on me was the only thing I despised more than anything else. She took a deep breath and walked to me. She looked angelic, her freckles, her hairs tied up in a messy bun and surely was tired from her work she returned from but no matter what she was beautiful, she made me smile.

“I know honey, it’s just now it is not just me and you…I am scared that someday, something might just affect our baby-”

“I would always protect you and our baby…nothing will come near us.” I said pulling her closer, kissing her forehead and absentmindedly placing my hand on her belly.

“Go plant your flowers.” I said as she looked at me with a beaming smile. She nodded and walked across to the small shed bringing out a shovel and seed packets. Helping her along was always a pleasure to me. She is a funny girl indeed, blabbers away her thoughts, talks about everything she loves and not. This was another thing she had started past a year now, whenever she would get angry, she would plant on of these saplings saying, “One day my anger will blossom in something beautiful.” I couldn’t help but her more each moment, every moment.

“Why you looking at me like that?” She asked as she caught me staring.

“I love you.” She giggled when I said so. It was a melody to me.

A melody. A melody that still chimes in his ears making him happy. Talks constantly reminding him of every moment spent in happiness. Love never ends. It did not. No matter how much he tries, she is still the one who has his heart.

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