His Shadow

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Chapter 1: Mid of the night (Continued)

It was after two three rounds of drinks, Jordan, Laura being tipsy and Jaden already finding someone to dance with, all three decided to hit the dance floor. Ivania however was still sober as she had not touched a single beverage with alcohol. Drinking was not something she favored for herself though a lot many made fun of her for that. It was just, she considered to have fun it was not necessary to be drunk or high. But mostly because she wanted to remember these moments of joy.

It was after so long she had danced her heart out. Perhaps with a few strangers as well but today she had let her guard down. In where they sat earlier, Jordan and Laura were busy sucking each other’s face, Jaden was nowhere to be seen. She looked around at the group she was dancing with. They seemed like college students, two girls and three guys, surely out of their minds but laughing along with her. Maybe some other time it would have been an awkward moment but today it seemed completely fine. After a few moments of dancing and laughing, smiling, forgetting what the last month was all about, she walked in and took her seat along Jordan and Laura now completely immersed in each other’s talks.

“Nia… you tell me? Vodka or Tequila?” Laura asked as Ivania sat down crossing her legs.

“I don’t drink.” Ivania said as she closed her eyes a little, resting a little bit but a laugh escaped her lips.

“You look happy.” She felt hand on her knee, opening her eyes with a smile etched on her face, she responded to Jordan.

“I am. The last week and even before that…with Caleb, I always felt I was restrained or if someone had a constant watch on me. Today, it feels like I am free, I can talk to whomever I want, dance with anyone and no person in the world could say otherwise. I just have a fuzzy feeling in my stomach…good fuzzy feeling.” She said finally slouching a little but the sitting up straight again.

“It is so good to see you like this-” Jordan’s words were cut by a beautiful waitress who approached us.

“A drink for you, mam. From a gentleman sitting there.” She said as she handed Ivania a drink and a note pointing at a man on the other end near the bar. She gladly accepted the drink with a smile, looking at the man with dark hairs, wearing what seemed a very expensive suit and looking straight at her. It was not a surprise seeing there was already a woman beside him but he had his complete attention over to Ivania.

“What does the note say?” Laura asked excitedly. Setting the drink aside, she opened the note.


She read it out loud for her friends to her making a smile form on her face.

“Dude…this shit looks expensive as fuck and you don’t even drink.” Jordan exclaimed.

“I don’t, he does.” Ivania took the drink and walked on to the guy’s direction. He seemed to whisper something in the ears of the other girl who seemed to be annoyed but left his side anyways. Walking near, she realised how empty this corner was and how he was the only one sitting on the counter except for some dressed richly but little far.

“Just one word?” She asked as a smile etched on her face.

“You are here, it did its charm.” He said as he took a sip of his drink, eyeing the one in her hand.

“This, I don’t drink.”

“That is a terrible shame. Perhaps I could offer something with no alcohol?” He asked making her smile as everyone else she had met would call her a slob or bummer but his answer made her feel good.

“Not really but how about a dance?” She asked as he placed her drink on the bar top.

“Can’t really say no for that. Just a minute.” He said and finished his drink in one sip. He took off his jacket as one of the men from other corner came forward to take it off his hand.

“Let’s go.” He took Ivania’s hands as she led them to the centre of the place.

A girl in his arms who he did not even know of. Not perhaps a new thing, actually an everyday thing. Getting attention of any girl was not a difficult task for him. Either his name, fame, money or face, or sometimes all fetched him the best of the women in the room. Genes they say, that is bullshit. When you have money and a little idea how to not dress like a skank, you are attractive. Let be a guy or a girl and I his world being attractive was the not very important but being intimidating was. With that height and body, steel cold eyes, intimidation was natural. Isaiah Damon Earl or as the prefers to know him, Damon was a simple man according to the people around him. You do as he desires or you die. That was not very difficult to follow. However, what he and his people did was right? Some would agree and some would not but nobody could ever touch him for he was someone hated and loved in every household. He might have killed many but saved a whole lot. Damon, a simple man, with a little money and power.

However, this night he came down to meet one of the man who no matter what he wants on his side. Matthew Icaria. Owner of many clubs all around the world and most importantly, a person who knows everything that happens everywhere, good or bad. He was like an internet for the people like Damon but the web was too intense for anyone. Having a small get together with this great of a man, he came upstairs just so that his men could have a little time to themselves that is when his eyes fell on this gorgeous women dancing on the dance floor. Howsoever, he decided to ignore as a conventionally beautiful women was already clinging to his arm but his mind, it travelled back again to the one is the emerald dress. She was something different it felt. She danced her heart out, but with almost everybody, laughed along. It seemed that she was not accompanied with anyone nor she had a look on her face what many have. At one moment when she tripped down on her dress making then man she was dancing with fall as well. Instead of being embarrassed she laughed and the others pick her up. Not able to take his mind off and to listen that laugh in real, he sent her a drink and scored a dance.

One song passed, another two passed and now, now Ivania had her hands wrapped around the stranger’s neck while his were around her waist pulling her closer leaving so gap between. Their lips moving in the same pace as the beat of the music.

“I did not quite catch your name.” She said as their lips parted away for a moment. He twirled her so that now her back was against him.

“I never really got a moment to introduce myself.” He said as he buried his face in her neck.

“I don’t even know you?”

“Trust me sugar, you don’t want to.” He said as he twirled her again at the beat of the song. His hands roamed on her body while again their lips met, she tugged on his hairs after a moment to force him to part the lips and look at her.

“The songs ain’t fun anymore.” She said making him laugh a little.

“Let us go have fun then.” He looked at her, now she realising that his eyes were steel grey.

“Just let me go get my things.” She said looking at him with a small smile, rubbing off the lipstick on the side of her lips, he nodded.

After a moment of teasing and a motherly lecture from her dear friend Jordan ad a promise to share her live location, she again bee lined to the bar where she greeted him on the first place. Taking his hands, they made their way out followed by another set of men making her a little horrid as they walked down in the drive way. Damon realising the girl’s grip tightening on his arm called up his brother Nathan, who still had his jacket.

“Thank you and you can leave now.” He said dismissing every single one of them which only made the girl on his arms look up at him and then give a smile more or less to herself. Opening the passenger door and helping her inside he just wondered since when was he such gentleman but for some reason, he felt a need to impress the girl whose name he was not even aware of.

“So, tell…who are you?” She asked as she settled herself in the front seat of the expensive car.

“I thought we were maintaining an anonymity.” He said, a smirk on his face. This made Ivania only laugh. He placed his hand on her exposed knee making a shiver run down her spine but making her blush as well. Perhaps all the while when they were making out, she was thanking the dark for not showing much of her disheveled state. She was happy and terrified at the same time. She never had a one-night stand before and more so over, the only man she ever had spent her night with was her ex-boyfriend. After a moment of silence and her admiring the smooth drive, at one point letting her hair down on the window and closing her eyes, she enjoyed today. Any regrets that will come tomorrow.

The car came to a sudden halt, and they stepped out. This was the moment when she saw the time, mid of the night. Today.

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