His Shadow

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Chapter 9: Sweet Dreams and Nightmares

Days passed with not much confusion. Theo and her had gotten closer, at least close enough to not to term themselves as strangers anymore. He was however a very merry guy. Always somehow was cheerful and happy, laughed along almost with everyone. A kind of a personality he had which made one smile no matter what. However, when she was along him, she always had thoughts. Just some random thoughts. It was just Theo knew so much about himself, understood himself and then there was she, she barely knew anything about herself. Sometimes, a realisation of her pretending to be whatever she was but for no apparent reason.

With her mind so filled with herself and everyone around her she barely noticed how Isaiah had started to be distant towards everyone. Maybe because he did not push her away completely. She still talked about anything but work during lunch hours, made sure his caffeine intake was in order. She did everything she used to priorly, nothing had changed but his responses. It seemed he was a lot more worried, lot more distant, lot more aware of his surroundings. He was always in his thoughts, and Ivania never noticed. Perhaps because he yet did wish her a morning when she gave his coffee in the morning with a smile but he was different, lot more guarded.

It was one such afternoon when there was a knock on her office door. Not taking her eyes off the screen, she yelled a ’come in’.

“Ivania.” The familiar voice made her look up.

“Isaiah? You need anything?” She asked a little surprised as he rarely visits her office.

“Nothing…I am going out for lunch today, so don’t bother with getting me some.” He said as her eyebrows knotted in confusion. However, not wanting to offend by asking why or with she nodded anyways with a smile on her face.

“Have a nice time.” He then left giving her a small smile.

It turned out that the lunch was a meeting with one of the overseas worker of their company. Even Nathan had been out with Isaiah. So today she sat there alone in the corner with her lunch. After a while she just drifted in her thoughts staring at the salad in front of her. It was for a moment she felt so alone. She always had someone along her no matter what but these are the moments, when simplest of the things make her think. Back then, when she was in a relationship it was easy to spend time alone. All she would daydream about her future along with Caleb, or about him and their relation but now, now there is nothing, no one. It felt like she always needed somebody and that was the last kind she wanted to be.

After a moment of thoughts, surely, she was not feeling very well when she drove back to the office. She did not even feel like to talk to anyone at the very moment but anyways got back to her work. Lucky for her there was not much work for today and she could walk out on time if there would not be an emergency. However, the call from Isaiah’s office changed her entire plan.

Walking inside she saw two identical women sitting in the chairs front of Isaiah’s. They were surely twins, their skin a beautiful natural brown. They had pin straight hair and eyes dark in colour. They had all turned to her when she entered.

“Ivania, come have a seat.” Isaiah said pointing to the two empty chairs beside the girls. They were still giving her a very scrutinising look as if checking her from head to toe.

“Ladies, meet my assistant, Ivania and Ivania, meet Anjana and Anusuya.” He said nodding at them. Ivania gave them a smile which one of them, Anusuya, returned very gladly. Anjana just nodded.

“Daughters of Mrs. Mithila Keshav-”

“She handles our business in Asia, I know.” Ivania said finally recognizing the faces. She did have heard about the two ladies and their mother. Isaiah gave a very firm nod and sat up a little straighter.

“There seems to have stirred a situation in Milan about our new wine setup. Something related to the plot we have bought.” Ivania eyes knotted up again as she thoroughly remembered that everything was perfectly fine few days ago. She herself had made sure of it.

“And tomorrow, I have a meeting that cannot be cancelled and Nathan is flying off to Japan. So I want you to go to Milan and rectify the situation as you are the only one with almost every information regarding the subject.” He said, this was a mix of emotions for her and all of sudden.

“Me? To Milan?” She asked a little in disbelief.

“The girls have accepted to accompany you. It would be a great help if you could.” He said as now looking at her expression he was also quite unsure. However, a sudden bright on her face made his doubt fly away.

“I would.” She said as her earlier thought of her being not enough with herself resurfaced again. Perhaps, this is what she wants? A little change maybe? Though just for a day.

“Very well then…Ivania you can get back to work till I chat with these ladies.” Isaiah said as now Ivania stood up to stand and leave.

“Nice meeting you.” She said a little unsure to the girls as they had not spoken aa word since the moment, she had come in.

“See you tomorrow.” Anusuya said with a smile while Anjana paid no heed to her.

For a moment after Ivania left a silence followed.

“That girl, is she not Luke’s daughter?” Anjana asked.

“Yes…and I want you to make sure nothing happens to her.” Damon stood up and went to the window of his looking at the city line.

“She seems sweet and almost naïve.” Anusuya said with a smile on her face.

“I have you here to protect her, not seduce her.” Damon said giving Anusuya a very sharp glare which only made her chuckle.

“Can’t promise.” She chortled which made her sister roll her eyes.

“Damon, why you think she needs us? You think there is someone behind her?” Asked Anjana.

“I think? I know.” He said with a laughter with no humour. Taking his jacket now which was on his chair, he walked out with just one word to the girls, ’follow’. The women looked at each other but followed their boss anyways.

The silence enveloped them as they travelled upstairs. The only sound that prevailed was the tapping of Anusuya’s phone, followed with a few restrained chuckles. Damon however seemed to have lost in his mind. The wonders prevailed in his mind and so the horrors. Indeed, it was no big of a talk to send Ivania to Milan nor was she naïve as Anusuya had claimed earlier. He was well aware that Ivania could look after herself but yet there was a constant dread that had settled in his heart.

Another part of him wondered why he cared about her so much. Was it just because he owes to Luke and in return, wants to protect his daughter? Yes, that was all but yet again her face resurfaced in his thoughts. The first time he had laid his eyes on her. That green dress she was wearing but most importantly, the smile, her face which held pure joy. He had never seen that face again and always wondered would he ever. Before he could slip again to his train of thoughts, the elevator doors pinged open.

The ladies walked out first, followed with Damon. In the open air, with the sun settling now a woman with beautiful blonde hairs but now sticking to her face sat there on the ground. Two of the men wearing suites pointing gun at her, guarding her.

“Damon…I always wanted to spend some time with you.” The woman said as she stretched a little, twirling her hairs at the man. Damon chuckled, walked forward and crouched in front of her. Indeed, a beautiful woman she was, he thought.

“Too bad…your time is ticking already Micaela.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“I am all about making every moment count.” The woman said as closing to Damon. Damon looked straight at her blue eyes which was probably coloured contacts. A smirk appeared on his lips.

“Where is he?” He asked in a cold daunting voice. Micaela, for a moment seemed to have lost in his steel blue eyes and would have said where her boss was.

“You know how it works Damon…it’s death or nothing.” She said with a smile again.

He stood up and walked towards straight up towards the elevator signaling the men to follow him.

“All yours, ladies.” He said as he walked away. Before the doors of the elevator closed, he saw Anjana’s nails dig into the girl’s throat and choke her while her sister watched with a smile on her face.

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