His Shadow

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Chapter 9: Sweet Dreams and Nightmares (Continued-1)

Ivania walked out the office as she had already been done with all the works. The first thing was she called her father and then Jordan saying about going to Milan tomorrow. While Jordan was ecstatic, her father was worried. It took a moment for her to convince him and most importantly remind she isn’t a child anymore. However, when she reached her building there stood a very familiar face by the door, along the watchman.

“Jacob.” She called the watchman who was now in his late thirties, still not taking her eyes off the other man.

“Miss. Garcia, this man says-”

“Ivania…My princess, how are you?” The man suddenly engulfed her in his arms.

“Caleb…what are you doing here?” She said trying her best to put distance but to no avail.

“Oh, look at you…you look so pretty but what have you done to your hairs? Babe I have said you so many times-” He said parting away from the hug for a brief moment to look at her, surely ready to go on a rant on about how she had decided to now present herself. Feeling Jacob’s cuious eyes, she cleared her throat and stepped back.

“Caleb…let us go upstairs.” She said to him after giving a small, awkward smile to Jacob.

“As you say honey.” He said following her. Ivania turned back again to have a look at him. Yes, he was indeed real. It was not her thoughts. Same dark hairs, brown eyes, stupid tattoos which absolutely meant nothing for him inked on his arms. She wondered what was happening again.

As the elevator door closed, Ivania finally spoke up.

“What are you doing here?” She asked with anger dripping her words.

“Come on, don’t tell me you are not happy seeing me here. You like surprises.” Caleb said still a smirk playing on his lips.

“I am not fucking happy seeing you here Caleb. Why the fuck are you here?” She asked raising her voice a little.

“Babe…come on. Okay, I just wanted to apologise-”

“There is nothing left to apologise.” She said as the elevator door opened again. She walked out as again he tailed behind her.

“Ivania…babe, listen to me.” He said as he grabbed her by her hand pulling her towards her. “I know…I know I fucked up real bad but babe, you can’t give up on us.”

“I have given up on us. Caleb, don’t you understand this simple thing? There was never us, there was always fucking you and now I want me. I like my life without you in it.” She turned back not wanting a drama in the corridors, she fumbled with the keys and unlocked the door, walking inside.

“Better fuck off Caleb.” She said as she settled her bag on the sofa.

“I am not going until you hear me out.” He said stepping in and finally looking at the vast apartment. Taking a deep breathe, she settled down on the chair.

“I am all ears.” She said rather dramatically, almost knowing every words that was going to slip off his mouth. Caleb sat on the corner of the sofa and started with a rather sad tone.

“Ivania, look I fucked up real bad last time but babe, I can’t live with you. Every moment reminds me of you, us staying together, planning our future…together. Babe, give me last chance.”

“You said the same the last time… Every time Caleb.” She said with almost no patience to listen to him anymore.

“Babe, please…you can’t give up on us because of my stupidity.” He grabbed Ivania’s hands as he got on his knees on the floor.

“I love you and I know even you do-”

“I don’t-”

“Nia…I am happy that you started this new life, this place, this job…tell me Ivania is it important than what we had? All the time we spent together? I am happy but-”

“No…stop it Caleb. Just fucking cut the crap. I know you, you only want people in your life till you need them. I fucking loved you Caleb, all the fucking time and you were not there for me when I needed you the most so for fuck’s sake-”

“Ivania?” Another familiar voice brought a stop to her rant. She looked up at the door to see Isaiah looking at her rather concerned and confused at the man.

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