His Shadow

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Chapter 9: Sweet Dreams and Nightmares (Continued-2)

v“Who the fuck is he?” Caleb stood up, now looking furious. “Is he the man you fucking with? Ah…I see now why the fuck you don’t want to see me.” Caleb walked to Isaiah, though Isaiah was still towering him. Ivania, who already was in the brink of tears from all the previous rants found no word to defend herself and no reason to do so.

“How is she at bed huh? Fucking whore. Bet, you are one of those motherfuckers-”

“Caleb- Stop it.” Ivania finally spoke up, tears streaming down her face.


“Better leave sir before I call the officials…trust me you would not like it.” Isaiah said in a rather very cold tone. Caleb looked at him and then Ivania.

“I am not fucking done.” He said as he stormed out. As soon as he left Ivania, not being able to take her tears, collapsed. Isaiah, not sure of what to do walked inside, locking the door behind him and sat on the ground beside her.

“I am sorry. He was-” Her words through tears was cut off by his.

“You don’t have to apologise for others always.”

She chuckled as she rubbed off her tears bringing her knees closer to her chest and hugging it instead.

“Was he your ex?” Isaiah asked very promptly. Ivania chuckled a little knowing that she had never mentioned Caleb to Isaiah but was very aware he had an idea of Caleb.

“I am not very good at talks but meeting him briefly, I know you deserve a lot better.” Ivania smiled at his words a looked up at him, with still her cheek resting on her knees.

“I know.” She said with a sad smile but the continued, “I was an idiot…maybe I still am.”

“We all are…but mistakes makes us kind of better sometimes.”

“Tell me Isaiah…if you could, would you be Isaiah forever? Not Damon?” She asked as he looked at her deep brown eyes. Loosening his tie and letting out a breath he answered.

“Even if I want to…I cannot.”

“Is it not funny how we have the wisest of words for other but when it comes to us, there is always no option.” She asked him with genuine wonder. A smile formed on his face.

“I have none but you do…forgetting someone you thought you would spend your forever with is never really possible but you could be better of yourself.” He then paused for a moment as if wondering whether or not to ask but the continued anyways, “Do you know why I sent you that drink, that day?” He asked. Her head propped up a little looking wanting to know the answer.


“That day in the club you were so happy, so free. It was kind of contagious, you laughed, smiled, danced. Every man, woman laid their eyes on you might have been jealous of how contempt you were with yourself. I was…I have never seen you again like that. You always have your walls up high but that day, you were a wild flower.”

Ivania said nothing in the moment. It was after a very long time she had felt good about herself. She didn’t much remember the night but indeed it was every fun she had in a long time. The day where it all began.

“Be with yourself, not others.” He said now standing up and then continued, “Want a drink?”

“I don’t-”

“I remember.” He said as he went and opened the refrigerator. A little surprised to see beer bottles in there which Jordan had got for herself last time she was here. Taking that and pouring a glass of orange juice from the carton, he walked back again to her and settled down on the floor handing her the glass of juice.

“You are a nice person.”

“I know.” Isaiah smiled as he popped open the bottle using the ring on his thumb as a bottle opener.

“Tell me, if not a mafia boss the what would you have been?” She asked as he took a swig off his beer.

“This shit is not gonna make me drunk enough to have personal talks.” His statement made Ivania chuckle a little. For a moment, silence enveloped them, a comforting silence with Ivania staring straight at the door and Isaiah looking at her from the side of his eye.

“What happened to the dog guy?” Isaiah asked finally clearing his throat a little refering to Theo.

“He is there…We are talking still, I just am not sure yet.” She said as he nodded his head along. She then continued, “Why were you here though?”

“Just was making sure you were fine with going Milan tomorrow but now I understand-”

“Isaiah, my life won’t come between my work…I will get the land cleared, don’t worry.” She ensured him.

“Then perhaps I have outstayed my invite…Call me if you need anything.” He said standing up and then continued, “I’m gonna take this along.” He said raising the bottle in his hand a little. Having a sip of her glass, she nodded.

“Isaiah, who is that person you can’t forget?” She asked. Isaiah stopped in his track for a moment but a small smile formed on his lips however.

“A friend.” He said and walked out her apartment, leaving her feeling slightly better about herself.

Going to his apartment with the bottle in hand pretty much empty, he opened his cabinet of alcohol. He taking out one from the top shelf, Isaiah took out a glass and poured himself a drink.

“Isa…I’m here.” I heard her voice again, like soft wind chimes. My eyes, she had blindfolded as I tried to catch her.

“I am here Isa.” I laughed as again she slipped through my arms and ran away.

“That is not fair, I caught you.” I said, still trying to get a hold on her.

“No…You did not-”

“I caught you now.” I said as finally I caught her and took off my blindfold. Her dark eyes looking at me, crinkled as she laughed about nothing almost. Her hairs, today a mess as she had still not brushed it.

“Isa…what would you be when you become older?” She asked now as we started to walk to the further corner of this small garden. A bench in the corner, which was always deserted.

“A would be the richest man…” I stood up on the bench and then continued, “I will have a very big house, like a castle and many cars and then, I will take you for shopping and we can buy you the most beautiful dress. Nathan can have his room full of toys, and even Kevin and Kayla, they could come with me.”

“What if I don’t come with you to buy the big house?” She asked as her tiny hands went to her waist as if wanting to scold me. I looked at her a little dejected. A 10-year-old after knowing that his best friend did not want to come along with him, it was rather a sad fact for me.

“You will not?” I asked her concerned. She smacked her forehead in a dramatic way and came sat beside her.

“I will obviously. You are the best person I know and my best friend, I am coming with you.” This made me smile bright. For a moment we both let the silence take over us as we both stared at the building in front of us. A run-down building, many kids running around playing, all knew the truth yet very silent.

“Isa, will we ever get out this place?” She asked me with her voice almost dejected. I looked at her staring the building and then the kids around.

“We will Cherie, together.” I said looking at us which made her look at me with that smile.

Eighteen years have passed and yet that smile is clear in his mind like it was just yesterday. A friend. She was always more than a friend to him and only a wonder stays with him. Walking to the balcony of his room, looking at the starry night, he realised. He has everything now. Money, car, even a palace but not her. A sip he took of his expensive drink. Now, everything he would give back just to stay back again in that moment along her, smiling away, talking about everything, planning future. Now, it’s the future with no hope but sweet dreams and nightmares.

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