His Shadow

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Chapter 10: Souvenir

The sun was now rising in the sky. It had rained the night and now seeing the clear sky, aligning along with the clouds so well, the sun on one side and a very faint silhouette of moon on the other. It was indeed a gorgeous moment in the nature of how always considered as opposites, the sun and the moon, every day have their own brief moment. Opposites? But even philosophically, were moon and sun opposite?

Looking out from the window and staring at the horizon with the clouds all painted in every hue of warmth, but yet she was having her blanket around her. A smile on her face for some reason as she really felt she forgot everything standing on this window of her hotel room. Yesterday almost the entire day passed flying over here and now, now Ivania barely wanted to move an inch after the nice sleep that she just had.

Her phone now ringing from on the bed where she had now left it brought her back to attention. Her eyebrows knit in wonder as she plopped on the bed snuggling into the blanket, smiling seeing that Theo’s name flashing on the screen. Making sure she was comfortable under the warm blanket he picked up the call.

“Good morning.” She chirped merrily.

“Good night.” Theo replied in the very same tone of hers making her laugh along and also realise the large time difference.

“When did you reach?” He asked a little concerned wondering if he disturbed her sleep.

“Nearly 2 hours ago…had a little nice nap.” She said tugging on her blanket and closing her eyes again.

“I slept like all the way in the flight… it was so comfortable.” She purred followed by a yawn making Theo chuckle.

“Indeed, seems like you had a nice time…So, what are the plans huh?”

“Meeting and shopping…do you want anything?” She asked now actually considering to buy some souvenirs. Thinking about this she again sat upright putting the blanket around her shoulders.

“Nothing that I think of.” He said not wanting to a bother.

“Gee who was talking about you? I am asking does Leia want anything?” She said making them both laugh.

“Leia has chewed another toy that I got her yesterday. Now she is watching TV, I don’t understand what fun she sees watching tom and jerry chase each other.”

“It is quite fun though.” A little moment of silence followed as she now again walked to the window to stare at the horizon with a small smile on her face.

“How is it? The view?” Theo asked softly.

“How do you know I am seeing something?” Ivania asked with a little laugh on her face.

“Just an intuition. Now, tell me.”

“It is…beautiful. The skyline is looks so perfect and the clouds…” She closed her eyes taking the woody scent the morning had to offer, “Peaceful.”

“Morning you were all chaotic and hours later you sound so good.” Theo commented.

“I had awful lot time to think.” She laughed, her laugh so true now that it seemed like a music to her own ears.

“Tell me, how was your day?” She asked now wanting the conversation to not stop. They talked then for what seemed another hour. It was funny how she really did not care about what was around her. The conversation which started asking about the arrival to the new nation ended even she couldn’t say where. They talked and talked about absolutely nothing yet everything. A while passed and the smile still on her face as the call finally came to an end. The sun was now up while she laid on the soft mattress of the hotel staring at the ceiling.

Always how running away solved the problems or how not thinking about it always does wonders. For some reason, though how much Ivania might claim she had now not been thinking about Caleb, she did. She indeed did. It was for some reason very difficult to her to forget maybe because he was once everything she dreamed about. Now, like those clouds again forming a barrier between the warm sun ray and her, the memories of past were like a barrier for her and her moment of happiness. How could she hate him? How could she? But looking back now there was every reason, to hate him, dislike him. Some things were just humorous for her, how even when he claimed he was in love and yet never had time for her, while she tried her best to make work everything.

Finally, the day I have waiting for. 5 years with Caleb and I can’t still believe that I am still with him. I hope he likes my dress. I looked up at the mirror, a blsck dress reaching my knees, and full sleeves , I have straightened my hairs just the way he likes. Indeed, I was looking really nice but yet again my mind wandered to the red dress in my closet. Would he be furious if I wore that? It was just a little bold, perhaps a little too much. Shaking my thoughts away, I again put up a smile on my face putting up my earring. He was looking after me.

The door opened while I rushed to the door along with the small gift I had in my hands. It was a muffler; I had been practising for months now just to get it perfect and finally it is. He walked inside and looked up at me with a puzzle.

”Are we going somewhere?” He asked as he removed his shoes.

“Umm…yea. I had reservations for dinner today.” I said dejected as it did seem like he had completely forgotten about today.

“I can’t…James has a party and I have to go there. Why don’t you take Lucy along?” He said again leaning back on the couch scrolling through his phone.

“I don’t like Lucy…You know that.” I said finally angry a little but a lot more dejected, “I am going with Jordan.” I said now storming to the door then realising the gift in my hand.

“And by the way…happy anniversary.” I said throwing the package on his face and walking away.

Ivania chuckled a little recalling the memory of hers. So petty she was, always wanting his attention, doing everything as he wanted. Not now, not anymore, she could finally be the way she likes to be. The way that would make her happy, the way she actually is. There is no need to anymore impress any one in her life. It was more like a resolution in her mind but she knew very well that it was a journey with the destination very far.

Be with yourself, not others.

Isaiah’s words chimed in her mind. Could she be? She barely even knew herself, what she liked, disliked was completely another question. It felt like she had…was trying to leave back a life, a life that was never hers. It was a pity how she let someone else rule it for so long.

Maybe, Caleb coming back was a sign for her to not even visit her old memories and forget them completely. But is that even possible? Forgetting? Unknowing her hand had started to caress her stomach. I don’t think so. Shaking off her thoughts, she was happy today and nothing was going to change again. She opened her laptop again just to have a quick check on whether or not everything she needed was there or not. However, after a certain while, her phone lit up again to show a new message from her new friend.

Anusuya: Shopping after the meeting?

Anusuya: We can go out to eat somewhere then…I’ll take you to my fav place

Anusuya: You are gonna love it

Ivania smiled looking at the texts as realising how different bot the sisters were. While Anusuya was all fun and games, talks and gossips, Anjana was rather cold. She kept herself guarded and rarely even spoke. If it were not to their face, Ivania would have not even believed the were siblings.

Ivania: Yes to all of it…

She typed away on her phone and now decided to finally have a shower and dress up for her meeting.

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