His Shadow

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Chapter 11: Perfetto

Ever looked at the moon and wondered that maybe, maybe there would be someone staring at the moon at the very moment and wondering the same as you. But then what happen in our mind is very unknown to us let alone the universe. A thousand thoughts sometimes absurd, sometimes just a worry and sometimes nothing but care about the people or things we love and care about. It is an absurd mind but also perhaps an absurd world.

But the words, love and care, they always bothered Damon. How were they always together? Why do we have to love the person we care for? If we don’t love the person we care about, are we lying to ourselves? How a person or a thing become so dear, so dear that just the thought of them being hurt causes a deep pain. A feeling so explainable at where the heartbeats. And when we are going through the turmoil of emotions, it is just not possible to explain it. For a moment it even feels like not a soul on land would understand the fear, the unease, the care but Damon very well knew that he was not even in comparison at what Luke was going through.

But yet, Luke was still very calm when Damon said what was happening. Matthew Icaria on the other hand who had too greeted himself in the house to console his dear friend was on his phone shouting orders since the moment Luke had sat on his back porch. Damon, he wondered, what were now the thoughts in his mind. A moment he took to analyse him, a slouched figure, his back to him. Rather than staring at the sky however, Luke had his eyes trailed on the flower garden. He did not seem to be panic but yet scared. Damon contemplating whether or not to talk through or even apologise for him letting the guard down for once fidgeted with the phone in his hand. Finally, not able to take the weight on his chest, stood up and walked to Luke.

Hearing to the footsteps, Luke turned just to meet his eyes with Damon’s steel blue ones. Soft today and for the very first time he could see some fear in it.

“Don’t worry much about her…she has gone through worse.” Luke said in a very attempt to cheer him up a little.

“None cause of me.” Damon said sitting beside him. Luke let out a small chuckle. A moment of silence prevailed between the both as Damon stared at the moon and Luke at the flowers.

“She used to talk to me about you…” Luke said gaining Damon’s attention. “How you are nothing like I used to say and how good you are at what you do. She is very fond of you and Nathan.”

“They both are inseparable when together.” Damon said wanting to join in the conversation he never thought he would have.

“I just- Always…Always…” Luke’s voice started to now break as perhaps only the words were between him and his tears forming the wall. Now that the words are spilled, the walls are broken.

“Always gets hurt by the people she loves. Me then that Caleb and now this. Always something breaks her when she tries to stand up again.”

“She is going to be alright… Twins are with her and very soon many more will.”

Hearing Damon’s words, Luke let out a small chuckle. A chuckle not of appreciation but perhaps despair.

“I know…I trust you, that was the first reason why I let my daughter around you. I know she is going to be alright soon. But-” Luke came to an abrupt stop, suddenly realising that there was no way he could explain what his heart felt the very moment. Damon did not either wanted to make him feel pressurised.

“Do you want a drink?” Damon asked realising that there were no more words Luke wanted to share with him.

“Thank you.” Luke said again staring back at the flowers, lost in his daze again.

Damon, he was walked back to the house, in the kitchen. Opened the cabinet that held the alcohol. Besides the cabinet, his eyes caught attention of a small framed picture on the wall. He, in wonder placed down the bottle and took the frame in his hands. It was perhaps a picture very old because Luke looked very young and surely the lady beside Luke was his late wife. The kid in their hand, it was Ivania. She looked adorable, very much with her hairs in the pigtails. Sitting on her mother’s lap, she smiled at the camera. Perhaps she was only 4 or 5 by the time but yet, he felt like he saw a glimpse of the same girl he had seen in the club, wearing the very same green dress.

Shaking his head a little as a smile settle on his face, he placed the frame back. Dialing a number and putting it on speaker again, he continued making his drink.

The sun beautifully shadowed the city of Milan. The chimes of the people midst the start of the business, streets packed with people walking, apologising but yet so in a hurry. It was a wonder how no matter what part of the world it was, the cities, they never sleep. The days are busy and so are the nights, a wonder of work always. However, in this chaos a very well-dressed man stepped out of the very tall glass building.

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