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Chapter 11: Perfetto (Continued-2)

“Dante, tell me-”

“Isaiah, what is happening here-”

Whatever next Isaiah said was muffled as there was a loud sound. Ivania though missed a major portion of what happened realized what indeed was happening around. It was not very difficult to add up. The loud sound and then followed by the scream and the splatter of blood on her window with Anjana crouching on the door of her car, a pained expression now on her rather stoic face.

“Don’t step out.” Anusuya commanded as Ivania’s hand flew up to open the doors of the fancy car to help Anjana. However, the guy who was now settled on the driver’s seat pulled Anjana inside the while still sitting on the driver’s seat. After making sure she was settled, the guy hit the gas speeding down the road.

“Is Damon still on line?” The guy asked looking up straight at the road checking the mirrors continuously.

“I- Dam- Fuck.” Ivania who stumbled on her words soon did realize that she, along with everyone else was in between an attack. A nightmare was again seemed on a repeat for her. As she again placed her phone back on her ear, Isaiah started yelling commands that absolutely made no sense at what horrid speed he was talking in.

“Isaiah…” She whispered, almost a little scared for herself but more concerned for Anjana. This made his rant come to a subtle end.

“Put it on speaker.” The man driving said as Ivania yet again heard some gunshots. Doing as he said, Ivania handed him the phone as Isaiah let them know that his men would be there soon along with them but now they have to just escape.

Escape, it did not seem very plausible as the gunshots now became very often. The traffic and the terrified people on streets was another one of the reason. Ivania constantly was ducking down but assured as the car was bulletproof. Anusuya seemed to let go of her stoic and even fun persona as she was now very much concerned of her sister. Anjana constantly groaned in pain and surely it seemed like she was in the desperate need of medical attention.

The next very minute passed in a haze. It was like a memory walkdown for Ivania as her mind again replayed the scene.

Instead of the moderate traffic on Milan, it was rather quite road somewhere near Texas. Luke and her going to her mother’s native. They were to celebrate her 12th birthday tomorrow but today because of the traffic, it was already dark. Ivania did not seem to have minded anything at all as her and her father played all her favourite songs and talked about every of her friends and actors on the way down here. It seemed like every other day when her dad suddenly said her to put on her seat belts and duck down.

A loud sound was all it took for Ivania to shut her ears and recall all the songs her mum used to sing for her once. A habit her father had instilled that helped her in every situation.

“hush, little baby, don’t say a word. Papa’s gonna buy you a mocking bird.”-

The memory of her singing the songs her mum sang for her once came back to her at the very moment. ’And if the mocking bird won’t sing, Papa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring.’ The rhythm of her mother’s song continued in her mind. She now dared to look back to see two motor cycles and an SUV following.

“Ivania- Nia- Can you hear me?” It was her dad’s voice. It was Luke now talking in the phone.


“Ok listen to me…You remember your songs, right?” Ivania grabbed the phones off Dante’s hands and placed them back to her ear.

“You remember them right?” He asked again.

“Yes I do.”

“You know you are my brave girl, your mother’s brave angel. You know better than anyone else. Do you hear me Ivania?” Luke said. It for a moment felt like he was consoling his daughter but it took a few seconds for Ivania to realise what Luke actually meant.

Ivania looked at her dad desperately trying to speed up but already being in the top speed.

“Close your eyes Peanut…Don’t open them.” He would shout statements like that which she followed blandly.

Suddenly there was a jerk in the car which made her eyes open. This only made her realise that now the car was in entire 180 degree turn and was being driven backwards. Her dad had his arms outstretched, a gun in his hand while he aimed. A crooked grin on his face. A smile that she had never seen her father adore.

“Sing the songs Ivania…everything is alright.”

“Sing the songs Ivania… everything is alright.” Luke’s voice again brought her back. She for a moment looked around her, as if analysing every situation. Dante was horridly speeding up between the cars, expertly handling the steering, hurting no one. Anjana groaned in pain while Anusuya barely found any words to console her sister. Her gun loosely held in her hands. She looked behind, two motorbikes chasing them yet along with the SUV. Her eyes closed for a split second when an old man was barely dragged out of the way of the car.

“Fuck ya’all…” She said as she cancelled the call. Grabbed the gun off Anusuya’s hand which she was had no resistance against but rather surprise.

“What are you doing?” Anusuya asked now in wonder and perhaps a little anger.

“Making things alright…How long is it gonna take for Damon’s help to arrive?”

“They are positioned right across Midturn alley.” Dante said.

“What the fuck are they doing waiting there? Waiting for us to die?” Ivania raised her voice. As she opened the car door.

“What the fu-” Anusuya’s words were cut in half as Ivania pulled her closer, strangled her with her legs going straight around her waist and leaned back.

“This is the stupidest thing in the world.” Anjana said from the front seat clutching the side of her abdomen.

“It worked the last time.” Ivania said as she leaned back now outside the car. Her hands outstretched while Anusuya grabbed her with every strength she had.

“What would happen if I let go of you?” Anusuya asked as now Ivania hanging out the mid air, a gun in her hand trying to find her perfect aim but suddenly jerked back inside as another gunshot resonated in the surrounding.

“I don’t think you want to see me die.” Ivania said as they were just inches away from each other.

“Tell me why again this is kinda turning me on?” Anusuya said making Ivania laugh as she again stretched back and found her perfect aim. Ivania triggered the shot and a sound of cheers erupted from the front of the seat.

“Damn…That was a fucking good shot. How the fuck did you aim his tyres?”

“I can’t aim the other guy… He is on the other side.” Ivania said now completely ignoring Dante’s astonishment, still sitting on Anusuya’s lap, her hands around Ivania’s waist.

“Wait…” Dante whipped out another phone and dialled some number.

Eros, abbiamo una possibilità adesso? ” He barked on to the call. After hearing what was said from the other side, a sly smile formed on Dante’s lips.

Perfetto.” He said cancelling the call.

“Ladies, let’s get the party started.” Dante said as suddenly he hit the breaks making Ivania to grab on to Anusuya tightly while the other struggled for balance. Soon the car coming to a halt. Ivania couldn’t help but notice the car that was following them had also now came to a halt maintaining a certain distance.

“Dante-” Anjana’s weak words were again now were stopped. Dante whipped out his gun pointing at them causing the women to be stunned.

“Get down ladies.”

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