His Shadow

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Chapter 2: Maybe Black Current

People they are of four kinds. The ones who like mornings, the ones who like nights, the ones who can sleep of day and night and the ones who can’t sleep at all. However, sometimes there is no like or dislike just different mood for different day and that was what Ivania was going through. She was however a kind who could sleep all day but being a light sleeper, her beauty naps were never complete. However, today it had been a few minutes she had been awake. All wrapped up in the arms of a stranger, their naked bodies pressing on to each other. She just wanted a few more moment before waking up and leaving, feeling a little terrible for missing her ex at this moment. Taking a deep breathe, she shuffled a little, turning to the man.

He looked in peace, the lines on his forehead now in ease, strands of his hair falling on his face. She smiled recalling yesterday’s events. It was indeed a nice night in a very long time, and she never thought she would enjoy a one-night stand. But now, it was time to leave. She untangled herself from his grasps and let the blanket on her fall off as she sat on the corner. Stretching up a little, she finally looked at the room around. It seemed was a very big room but had a very minimal décor. It seemed professionally done rather personally.

She chuckled a little on herself on a random thought as she gathered her hair but then let them loose again. Picking up her phone from the corner, she realised that it was ten already and there were a few texts from her dad and Jordan but a reminder about the interview. That is when her eyes went wide. She had almost forgot about it. The interview at the Griffin Enterprises. Her father had set her the interview and she did not want to miss only for two reasons, it was best in almost every field, I.T., Tech, Medics everything and secondly, she had promised her father. Gathering her things and calling Jordan to pick her up (sending the location as well), she gave a look at the stranger still asleep. She walked to the door, what seemed as the bathroom.

Cleaning herself a little and making herself a little less crazy looking, she stepped out to see the man awake, sitting up, now scrolling through his phone.

“It was a great night. Thanks.” She said as she walked towards him.

“Crimson is the colour for your lips.” He said realising her now faded lips. “But you do look good anyways.” He said making her smile.

“Flattery shall take you nowhere.” She spoke. When in arm distance, he pulled her close back on the bed.

“In a hurry?” He asked as he again buried his face on the crook of her neck kissing it gently.

“Actually yes, I have got an interview and seems like I am going to be late.” She said with a little chuckle.

“Tell me where…perhaps I could be of a help sugar.” He said continuing his kisses and hands going back to the sting on the back of her dress.

“Nah-nah!” She said grabbing a hold of his hands.

“In the Griffin Enterprises…and no, I don’t need any help from someone whose name I am not aware of.” She said getting off the bed and placing a kiss on the corner of the lips.

“You have not introduced yourself as well.” He said as he placed a kiss on the corner of her lips.

“And yet you seem to have named me.” She chuckled.

“Bye Sugar.” He mumbled. Sugar, that is going to be stuck on her mind for a little time.

“Bye.” She said looking at his now in a shade lighter. A smile etching on her face. She walked to the door giving him a last look but before she closed the door, she heard him call her out again.

“Isaiah.” He shouted making her turn back. She laughed a little shaking her head a little and walked out flipping her a little.

Jordan, though the bad hangover was there to pick her up still on her pyjamas. However, it seemed she had picked up Laura’s shorts in hurry so the day was already better for Ivania as never would the day again occur with Jordan with hello kitty shorts. Whatsoever the state of her best friend was at the moment, she still was excited to know about everything and everything to the smallest of the detail that happened. Ivania could not help but turn a shade of red every of the moment.

However, her masterplan of sneaking in came to an utter failure when she saw her father waiting for her by the couch. She was not scared or anything just wanted to keep the explanations for later as now she was totally late.

“And Ivania, where were you the night?” He asked with a frown in his face.

“Come on Pa, I am grown now.” She whined.

“I know and I don’t mind you having a night with some stranger as long as you used proc-”

“DAD!!!” She groaned as she ran upstairs holding her dress.

“What? I don’t want you to be pregnant when you are clearly not willing for it.” She heard the words of her dad as she closed the door. Taking a moment for herself and again replaying the events of yesterday she finally took of the dress and makeup, deciding not to wash hairs as she had no time at all, she just got ready not really minding what efforts she did put in it. Her hairs were perfect from yesterday just a little efforts and if hairs are perfect then so is the day. Dressing up in a plain white shirt and formal khaki pants, doing her make-up like usual she was good to go. Grabbing everything that was needed, she walked more like ran out of the house. It was when in car she realised that she had ate nothing since the other night and was very hungry but for now that did not matter.

Realisation of it being already 12 hit her but lucky enough she was already parking by and rushing inside. The place was sure worth every admiration but right now, she had time for none.

“Hello, I am Ivania Garcia, here for an interview.” She asked the receptionist who seemed rather very busy with all the other people working along.

“Oh yes, your interview was scheduled at 12 along other at…lemme check again…” She typed a few buttons and again turned back up, “Ahh… floor 38th.” She said with a smile.

“Have a nice day and thank you.” Ivania said as she rushed towards the elevators which she spotted when the receptionist was finding in the floor.

“All the best.” She heard her voice but was a few minutes late already to the interview. Lucky enough, she did not have to wait for the elevator and took off the designated floor soon.

“Hello, excuse me… I am in for an interview here.” She asked the first person who he met at the particular floor.

“Oh, I am sorry…can’t be of any help but you can ask Lily there she manages stuff here.” The man with the glasses said. Mumbling a quick thank you, she rushed to the mid-aged woman dressed very…neat.

“Hello, I am here-”

“For an interview? You are late by-” She paused to check her watch, “9 minutes.”

“Sorry, just was caught up-”

“Save it… you are in luck, the interviewer assigned has bailed out, so Mr. Earl will be interviewing everyone. Informed shortly, he is running late as well… have your seat in here.” She said ushering her to what seemed a big meeting room with just 6 candidates excluding herself. Having a look around, she took her seat beside a fairly young man. Rest all seemed to have at least 5 years of experience.

“Hello. I am Marcus.” The young man started the conversation.

“Ivania.” She replied back with a smile.

“Are you nervous? This is my first interview if you exclude the campus ones.” Marcus said as he constantly fidgeted with his fingers.

“A little bit…but it would be great right? To work here.” She said wanting to put Marcus on ease.

“That is true- oh look it seems the interviewer is here.” He said noticing the woman earlier rushing towards the other side.

“Seems like.” She said looking out. She saw around her room everyone waiting in a proper posture, seemingly practicing in their mind but she now started to feel her nerves.

“Marcus Jones…” Lily called out draining off the colour of his face.

“Do well.” She wished him for which he just nodded and walked off, the door closing behind him. She looked at others, having a deep conversations and for some reason with Marcus gone she did not really feel among them anymore. The very same moment, her phone lighted up.

Jordan: How was the interview?

Ivania: Still waiting…

Jordan: oh-okay…better ace it girl. You can finally have your apartment then

Jordan: Though your dad is cool af

Ivania: I know… let’s hope for the best

Ivania: I am bored af… you got something for me?

Jordan: Taylor Swift’s new album…you have to listen to it

Ivania: I think I have a lot of wait here, lemme do that…

Ivania: ttyl babe and say hie to Laura and where was Jaden?

Jordan: He got nailed

Ivania: =^D

After a few moments, Lily walked in, gave a look at the people around. After catching Ivania’s eyes, she came to her and took a seat beside.

“You look tired.” Ivania said as Lily slouched a little.

“Having two kids and a husband to behaves like one is tiring girl.” She said with dejection.

“Yet you look so put together… if it was me, I would have come in like a mess.” Ivania said or perhaps stated the facts.

“Mess like you are now?” She said but Ivania did not miss the light tugging of her lips.

“I am Ivania by the way. Ivania Garcia.” She introduced herself.

“Luke Garcia’s daughter?” She asked surprised, the dejection in her face all gone.

“I did not know dad was that famous.” She joked a little but under stern gaze of Lily she straightened up and answered, “Yes, that’s my dad.”

“You father and me had met a few times, he talks about you a lot whenever he is out.” She said as her lips tugged up a little.

“He boasts a lot about me though I have done nothing. I had to leave my previous job due to some reasons and he got me this interview to cheer me up and get me working again.” Ivania said with a smile.

“Sounds like something Luke would do for his daughter- Wait a min” She said as her phone lighted up with a text.

“Elizabeth Oralia.” She called out and walked along with a woman who seemed in her late twenties. Returning back, she again sat with Ivania and talked a little easing her nerves but not giving any tips on how to impress the interviewer.

“You are up next…just be yourself okay?” Lily said assuring Ivania for which she only nodded. Walking down the corridor along her, she felt the effects of not eating anything earlier.

“All the best.” Lily said before opening the door. Ivania closed her eyes and took a deep breathe before stepping inside.

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