His Shadow

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Chapter 2: Maybe Black Current (Continued)

Walking a few steps, her eyes did not fall on beautiful this room was, or how rich the carpet on which she was standing was. Nor did she see the aquarium or the beautiful view out of the window. She did not even admire how the walls were filled up with shelves containing files or there was literally a minibar on the other corner along with a small couch. Her eyes of course fell on the interviewer.

“You have got to be kidding me right now.” She said as she was barely able to contain her laugh. Looking at the steel grey eyes, again wanting to for a moment really think it was a dream, she shook her head a little.

“I said you I might be of a help. Have a seat Sugar.” Isaiah said with a smirk on his face.

“No need…I am leaving.” Ivania said and though the words, perhaps a little mean when matched with the smile on her face was sweet.

“It is an interview…” Isaiah picked up the paper in front of him, perhaps reading the name “Miss. Garcia. Father, Luke Garcia?” He said as his eyebrows knotted up.

“Woah! How come everyone knows that old man?” Ivania mumbled under her breath but however took her seat in front. Isaiah now with a smirk on his face, wore his glasses taking up the paper in his hand.

“Miss. Garcia, I see your qualifications are exceptional. Is there any specific reason you left your previous job?”

“I would rather not share the reason as I am not taking up any of the job here…especially as a personal assistant to yourself. But I’m glad we met and hopefully for the last time.” She said wanting to leave the place.

“Why?” He asked noticing again she had her lips painted crimson. Maybe it is her thing, he thought.

“I woke up in your bed literally naked today morning and getting this job would mean-” She came to an abrupt stop to choose her words again, “It is not ethically right.” She finished.

“Nothing is ever ethically right…I would like if we could continue the interview as professionals and keep our personal life aside.” He said very calmly. Ivania gave it a thought for a moment seeing how she was acting right on her impulse.

“I guess you are right…Mr. Earl.” Her words only made Isaiah to raise his brows at her but shake off his thoughts any way.

“Very well then Miss. Garcia, I asked you a question earlier we could start with that.”

The questions and answers flowed very conveniently between the two. It was true that though she had her degree in management, she had done various courses learning computer languages and also finances to some extent. Isaiah was surely impressed but also, he had found the previous applicant more compelling with adequate experience and someone who was vulnerable to his charms. Ivania, she was not. It seemed that she had her mind set to something and there was no way to distract her. Which made her perfect for the job. However, Ivania now had a question in her mind.

“Thank you, Mr. Earl but I have a question for you.” Ivania stated.

“Go on.”

“Correct me if I am wrong, you are Damon. My father used to work for you, if I am right?” She asked. Isaiah’s smirk grew as he nodded.

“Absolutely…I am pretty much sure you are aware what your father did for living back then.”

“I am aware of what you did for living very well. Thank you for your time, Mr. Earl.” Ivania smirked back at him as she left. He leaned back on the chair and took off his phone, dialling to his former assistant. Lily.

“Could you take over the interviews?” He asked her but it was more of a command.

In the car the first thing she did was to drive down to her favourite little place in the world. The Caffeinated Pup. As the name was the place was the same. Extremely cute and vintage. However, the café belonged to an old couple, the husband being an army veteran. It was a popular place among the youngsters. Ivania had spent most of her study sessions while in college here and was an everyday person of this place. However, it was now after a particular time she was entering.

Walking inside, the doorbell chimed indicating the entry of her. She walked inside seeing a new face on the counter. However, giving a small smile to her was a new face. Hazel eyes, blonde wavy hairs and probably a college student, she seemed very cheery. Giving her a small smile, she made her way to a table in a very corner and luckily empty. The blonde girl followed her to take her order.

“Here is the menu-”

“It’s okay…could you just get me some salad and an apple milkshake perhaps.” Ivania said with a smile.

“Uh- sure thing. Seems like you know around here.” The girl said writing down the order.

“Yes…used to come here a lot. By the way, I am Ivania.”

“Hayley… I started to work here a week ago so am not really aware of the folks here. I will be back with your order soon.” She said walking off. Ivania knew she liked this new girl and then took off her phone from her purse. Ringing up to Jordan, and talking was the only way to take everything off her mind right now.

“How you doin’?” Ivania laughed at the failed attempt of her saying iconic line.

“Tell me girl, how was the interview?” She asked.

“You freaking won’t believe what just happened.”

“Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me… your boss is super-hot and it is all 50 shades of Grey vibe? Or even better-”

“Jordan… are you high on caffeine or what?” Ivania asked a little concerned recalling her friend’s morning state.

“No just on my 5th cup today… come on, don’t change the topic.” She whined.

“He is hot but so are all rich men, right? Well, the interesting part is he is the same guy as yesterdays. Can you believe it?” There was some shuffling followed by a long silence on the other said.

“Wait… what the fuck?”

The next few moment till her lunch arrived she was filling in Jordan with what happened and everything. That is when Hayley arrived with an elderly woman following her. Looking at her, Ivania bid her farewell to Jordan saying her that they will meet later. The elderly woman, seemingly in her sixties was charismatic and beautiful. Her eyes sparkled green complimenting her now grey but short hairs.

“Don’t you look marvellous Dahlia.” Ivania said as the owner of the café sat in front of her. Hayley placed her order on her for which Ivania responded with a thank you.

“Nia, this is my grand-daughter. Hayley. And-”

“We already had our introductions grandma.” Hayley said with a smile as she left the two for talk.

“What is with your hair?” Dahlia asked with a smile and then continues, “It looks really good.”

“I decided to mix things up a little.” Ivania answered taking a bite of her food.

“And where were you past a month, even Caleb was nowhere to be seen.” She asked now a little concerned.

“We broke up and past a month, I had been a mess… a wreck.”

“Oh lord, I’m sorry dear. What happened?” She asked as her voice now a little lower.

“Cheated on me again… I always gave him a blind eye thinking love and bullshit but…” Ivania took a deep breath as again a knot started to form in the back of her throat.

“Seven years Dahlia, this was not how it was supposed to end.” Ivania let down her guard and the smile she is putting up to make sure no one was worried about her any more.

“I don’t understand why every moment I wanted him… He was the perfect guy always but now I look back, there was nothing I did that I wanted. Everything, everyone in my life was because of him. Caleb Thorne, the star kid and his girlfriend. I don’t know how I did not see it; I was just a shadow.” Ivania said with a voice broken, tears forming on her eyes.

“Oh, my little Nia, it is better late than never. You walked out when you felt you lost yourself. Look on to the future, learn from past, don’t dwell in there.” Dahlia said with a tender voice.

“I know… I have been trying to past a few days. To do something to make myself happy. I quit my job, spent time with dad and Jordan. It is been nice since a couple of days.” She said having another bite.

“That is something better, are you looking for a job dear?”

“I just returned from an interview and pretty sure not gonna make it… so yes but won’t be very difficult to get one. Even in college, I had number of companies lined up but I chose for that stupid place for that idiot.”

“That confidence deserves some ice-cream. Let me get your favourite. Choco-chip, right?” Dahlia asked standing up.

“But…maybe Black current?” She asked recalling she had not had it in a very long time now.

“Let’s have both then.” Dahlia smiled as she went on to get her favourite customer some ice-cream.

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