His Shadow

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Chapter 3: That is some Epic Cliché (Continued)

The morning, she was awake early. It seemed that she had only slept for like four or five hours which is very less compared to her regular nine-hour sleep. After a very long while, she was seeing the sun rise from her window. Sitting with her legs out, on the window sill, she looked at the clouds align and welcome the sun. Early morning, the sunsets and the nights, always were a wonder to see. However, it was ironically beautiful how even the nature is in its splendid for when the light is considerably less. Just like life…it seems alright from afar, in a blur but when you shine lighter to it, more problems you see, more issues arise.

Checking up on her friends who were still sound asleep and her father who was snoring lightly on the couch, she decided to go out for a walk.

Ivania was never the have a run, take a walk kind of person. She was far too lazy for that. But even she could not say no to some songs, early mornings breeze and no one on the streets. She walked, almost waltzed into the beats of the tunes blaring in her ears. However, after a little while reaching the park, she stopped the songs and just sat there on a park bench with her eyes closed, completely relaxed.

After a certain while, she heard a bark of the dog. Her initial reaction was to try to run but when she saw a beautiful gold furred dog running towards her wagging her tail, she stayed still. The dog approached her, at a little distance slowed its pace. Ivania, raised her hands offering it to sniff so that even the dog could trust her. After a few seconds of sniffing, the dog came closer so she could pat her.

“Aww beautiful…who are you?” She said in a very childish voice.

“She is Leia.” Ivania’s attention now went to a man wearing running gears. He had pale brown eyes and dark hairs but a few highlights complimenting his face very well. He was of an average height and a smile up his face.

“She is yours?” Ivania asked as now Leia ran to her owner.

“Yea…pretty much likes everyone she is around.” He crouched down so as to play with Leia a little. From his pockets, he threw a tennis ball on to the other side.

“I am Theo…Theodore James.” He said extending his arms for a handshake.

“Ivania Garcia… you come here often?” She asked taking his hands.

“Every day since I move here…Leia loves early morning walks.” He said sitting beside Ivania keeping a proper distance, watching his dog now run back to him.

“Never seen you around though?” He asked her.

“Oh… just woke up early so decided to have a walk…so you are new here?” She asked curiously.

“Just moved like fifteen days ago from Colorado…it is been like a blur these days you know.” He said as his dog rushed to his arms. Ivania smiled as Leia ran to his arms and started to lick his face.

“She seems like a sweet heart.” Ivania said with a smile as even she petted Leia, now gaining attention.

“Oh, she totally is.” He said and that is when a small alarm on his watch went off.

“Early call at work…time to go Leia.” He said standing up and putting a leash on Leia’s collar.

“Hope to meet you again.” He said with a smile. Ivania nodded him a bye and crouched down to say Leia a goodbye.

“Bye.” She said as they jogged away. With a smile, a few more rounds of the park and after a call from Jordan, she walked back home.

With again a small pep talk, Jordan and Laura said their goodbyes. Luke half asleep, went upstairs mumbling something. Ivania however made herself some nice breakfast and ate in peace. She was happy that at least today she won’t be going to Griffin enterprises with an empty stomach. With the dishes all done, she went to have a peaceful shower. It was just 8 ’o clock and she still had 2 hours.

After her long shower, she dried her hairs and decided not to style them today. Drying her hairs however, takes forever. Doing a light makeup and her crimson lips, she picked to wear some white trousers and black shirt. Satisfied with her look and still having nearly half hour remaining, she decided it was time to head out.

Today however, her heart seemed to beat in a little slower pace as compared to as that of her earlier entry here. She walked to the reception; towards again the same receptionist she had approached the other day.

“Oh, I remember you… you had come in for an interview the other day.” She said with a same smile.

“Yes…I actually got the job.” Ivania smiled.

“Oh, that is wonderful…today is your first day then, congratulations.”

“Thank you… I don’t know where to-”

“Where to go? Tell me your name, I could be of some help.”

“Ivania Garcia.”

“Just a minute.” She dialled a number mumbling. After a second of waiting, perhaps waiting someone to pick her phone.

“Hello… I have Ivania Garcia waiting here-”

“Oh-okay…yea sure. Have a good day.” She said ending the call.

“Same room where you had your interview, floor 38.” She responded with a smile.

“Thank you so much… I did not get your name.” Ivania asked genuinely wanting to know this lady who had just a pleasant aura.

“It is Olivia. Nice to meet you.”

“Hope to see you soon Olivia… have a nice day.” Ivania said bidding her a farewell.

Making her way to the elevators which now was very much crowded, she along with very few stepped out on the same floor. Making her way first to the meeting room where they awaited the day before and being sure that she was not meeting Lily again, she made way to Isaiah’s office. However before knocking on the door, she made a point in her mind, it is not Isaiah, not Damon, just Mr. Earl.

After hearing a slight ’come in’ from the other side, she pushed open the door just to meet her eyes back with the steel grey ones, seemingly waiting for her arrival.

“I see Sugar… you took the call.” He said with the smirk. Great, sticking with the nickname huh? Her mind countered.

“Very yes Mr. Earl. It would be foolish to let go of such opportunity.” She said standing up straight, head held higher. New life, new me. It was like a mantra her mind kept mumbling.

“Well said. However, today is not your first day Sugar…come have your seat.” He said sitting up a little straighter and broader perhaps trying to intimidate her. Ivania took her seat, on the chair front of him.

“Would you like anything? Tea? Coffee?” He asked with a polite tone, dialling already.

“Perhaps a coffee…black.” He nodded at her answer.

“Get a cup of black coffee. Fast.” He commanded on his phone, his voice a little more commanding.

“If it isn’t the first day, why call me in here?” She asked him.

“Formalities…and don’t you want to see your new apartment?” He asked. He could see Ivania’s eyes go wide as it was nowhere in her job description that the company will be offering her a place to stay in.

“Wait what seriously?” She asked in a complete disbelief.

“Very much… Nathan, would be here soon to show you the place. It would be great if you join in by next week. Till then, enjoy your…” He opened his drawer and a set of papers along with some keys, “New house.”

“These are set of company agreements…” He said standing up. Keeping aside the keys, her eyebrows narrowed on the agreements.

“If you follow me Sugar, I’ll show you your office. Maybe you can read these papers there.” He said walking up. A smirk formed on his lips when he heard her mumble.

“That is some epic cliché.”

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