His Shadow

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Chapter 4: A paradise of no dreams

A few days passed as if nothing was new but just the excitement. It was funny for her for a moment, like a dream it seemed. All of sudden everything seemed to be alright. Though there was a small part of her wanting to be back in that same life but she was now very able to keep it aside. It was perhaps because everyone around her made sure nothing reminded her of Caleb. Luke however was a little apprehensive about letting her live alone on her own accords but then realised that it would be the first time for her… the freedom.

She was the happiest when Nathan took her to the new place, she was going to be living it. It was not exactly the kind she would like but who was she to complain. The place seemed very luxurious and expensive, with all the furniture and everything already pre-decorated. Howsoever, she had decided to do have a little shopping for décor along with Jordan and Laura, who gladly came along.

That day, when she was shown the apartment, she also came to know a little about Nathan and Mr. Earl. Nathan was the closest person Damon had it seemed. Nathan as well seemed very fond of Damon. However, it seemed that Nathan was rather a very easy going and fun-loving person than Damon. Ivania was able to convince him to have a coffee with her at Dahlia’s place where they talked for a little lot while. Ivania knew for a matter of fact that she already had her favourite person in the Griffin Enterprises. It however came of a little surprise to her knowing that Nathan managed the security of the business as he did seem to her like someone who would not indulge themselves in the business matters.

“I still don’t believe that you will be living here… this is like my dream apartment. Spacious, so much of light…” Laura said as she plopped on the couch. The plush grey couch was perhaps the comfiest thing in the entire world, except for the bed.

“I know right…this is too big for me and there are two rooms.” Ivania said setting up her dear plants by the window. She walked a few steps back as if to analyse the position. Cringing her nose, a little she again moved the plants barely by an inch. Lola and Kaya were her two other best friends. Just a little facts about them, they never talk or do anything. Lola and Kaya were her little cactuses.

“You could have that library you always talked about? Or…an office to have all your work?” Laura said looking at her direction. Now satisfied by the placement of her little cactuses, she walked over towards Laura.

“Even I was thinking that…I would-”Jordan came out from what Ivania had decided as her room would be.

“When the hell did you take my jacket?” She came holding a black leather jacket.

“Th-that isn’t yours.” Ivania said a little tensed now.

“Uh really? You never wear leather and this is-” She unfolded it checking it out properly, “Not my size…” Her eyebrows squinted as if recalling whose it was but then the realisation seemed to hit her.

“It’s that mother fucking whore’s, right?” She said as now she had refused to say Caleb’s name.

“Look Jordan, I just had forgot about it…trust me.” Ivania said truthfully. She had forgot about the jacket still along with her clothes. Surely it was along with the books, she tried recalling. Jordan squinted her eyes at her as if trying to start again a quarrel.

“Baby…it’s okay. We are here to help remember?” Laura asked not wanting a perfect day turning up again into a therapy. Jordan let out a breath dropping the jacket and walked back again. Ivania mouthed a thank you to Laura as she really did not want the talk today. It seemed that Jordan sometimes was a little too careful about Ivania and no like she complained but every moment of it was too much. Ivania picked up the jacket and walked inside to what was supposed to be her room from tomorrow.

“Ivania… tell us something about this man you work for.” Laura asked excited. Ivania’s eyes furrowed a little at such a vivid question.

“Why do you ask?” She asked her as she let herself drop on to her bed.

“No one actually knows him…I tried to search him up online and just the pictures of company show up. It is like, he is almost a myth.” Laura said. Ivania looked at her in disbelief. She was aware that Damon must be very secretive about his own self but owning a company and yet no pictures online, that seemed too much. She shook her head a little clearing off the thoughts.

“What do you wanna know?” She asked turning to her. Jordan was still inside her closet but now poked her head outside.

“How does he look?”

“Tall, steel grey eyes, dark hairs…not very intense but not very chatty.” She said completely bored.

“She would now a lot…spent a night with him Afterall.” These words of Jordan just made Ivania to race behind her as her cheeks started to flush.

It did not take her long to organise her walk in closet as she did not have much to fill it. Rest of the day, they went out to get some groceries and a lot of just in case items. She did have decided to stay at her father’s all these days. It was surely the happiest time for her as she never really lived on her own. Never her life was on her own terms but now the time was changing and so was she, changing or better, morphing to herself.

It took her moments to however actually understand that though the major part of her job would be professional but then, Damon’s real profession was not really business. She did sign an agreement saying that she would not be discussing anything about her professional life in the outside world. Nor has she said Jordan or anyone else about her working for Damon. Though quite popular names, both Mr. Earl and Damon, it was funny how everyone thought it was two different person. She wondered now again, whether really was something off. Staying closer to him, made the ones around him safer? But what about him? Was he not a threat in himself?

Early the morning, today was her first day and surely, she was excited, a bit nervous. It did not take much of a time as the previous night she had already decided and thus brought the clothes and other essentials to her father’s place. Everything else had already been moved to the new place where she shall be living. She is going to miss this room of hers. Though obviously she would be visiting but every time, even when with Caleb she would come to visit here, it was always difficult to go back. The red wall on the side of her bed where she hung all the photos from her childhood to now. Everything was very special. However, the wall now seemed a lot empty as she had taken out those in which Caleb was there. A few she too along to her new place. Looking at a photo frame by her bedside, of her, her father and mother, she smiled placing it in her bag again. Though not very luxurious this place is, it still will always be hers.

Dressing up in white shirt, cream pants and blazers to match, she was in her office by 8. Not knowing exactly what to be done, she just entered her office. Her office.

It took her a moment to finally settle in. The basic room painted white with very minimal furniture including a small couch and table, shelves on to the wall, and obviously a table and few chairs. For some apparent reason, there was also a coffee machine in her office. Sitting there, she first let the moment take over her and then turned on the computer in front of her just to check the emails and find nothing. However, that is when a knock on her door brought her attention to the steel grey eyes which she had not seen since the last time they had met.

“Settled in, Sugar?” He asked a small smirk playing on his lips knowing that she did really not wanted to be called that at this moment.

“Yes…Could I be of any help?” She asked standing up.

“Follow.” He said standing up. She took her iPad and followed him out to his office. On her way, she unlocked the device which the company had provided her.

“Past a few days, Lily was handling all my appointments…” He said taking his seat. Ivania stood at a little distance making sure she paid attention to his words. He then continued, “I have emailed you regarding the scheduled meetings and appointments, henceforth it is your work.”

“Got it.”

“A cup of black coffee first thing in the morning. No milk. No sugar.” He said, Ivania looked up at him for a moment deciding whether or not he was again referring to her nickname. After being sure he was being genuine, she nodded.

“You will then accompany me to every meeting…I prefer to have some extra insights as well apart from the ones doing the job.” He said for which she replied with ‘sure sir’.

“That seems like everything for now…” He said dismissing her.

“Be back with your coffee then.” She said as she exited. Very soon, she got the coffee for Mr. Earl who had already busied himself with work. Even she got her works to do. Attending calls, scheduling, informing, and attending a few meetings, she really did have a busy day. However, it was nearly 7 when she was done with all her works just made her wonder what would the other days be like.

“Is there anything you need Mr. Earl?” She asked him.

“Update me on tomorrow’s schedule.” He asked still looking out of the window. Ivania started to read out every single of the hour planned for tomorrow.

“Then dinner with the Oakley in Aurora’s.” She ended her list. A moment of silence prevailed between the two.

“The meeting at 10…cancel it. Inform Lestrade that his team’s work is not satisfactory, I give them another 15 days.” He said still looking out. Ivania wrote it down so she would not forget.

“Have that interview schedule at that time instead…” He said as he turned around to face her. She nodded knowing that she has to place the call today itself.

“And join me tomorrow at Aurora’s.” Join me tomorrow at Aurora’s-wait what? Ivania looked up at him in disbelief.

“What? Why?” She asked knowing that it was beyond her work time.

“I want you there. At 9 be ready. You can leave now.” He said looking straight at her. Slightly shrugging off the thought, she nodded plastering a real smile.

“Good night Isaiah.” The name unknowing slipped off her lips making her then realize. A smirk perked up on his face seeing that she was completely incapable of hiding the expressions of her face. She shuffled her way out, and the first thing she did was to smack her head and call out herself dumb in her mind.

“Not Isaiah, not Damon, just Mr. Earl.” She said repeating again between her gritted teeth dialing a number to inform about the change in time to the college students who were supposed to take the interview. Informing them the sudden change of time, she packed her things and decided that tomorrow, she would get Lola, her cactus here. The office did seem a lot empty.

She was about to go out when the doors of her cabin opened and tumbled a man. He was still in his office clothes but it seemed that he was running, scared to his dear life. His now balding head had a scar, blood oozed off it. He did look in his late forties, but looking at her, he stood up, made his way to her.

“Pl-please, please save me.” He begged.

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