His Shadow

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Chapter 4: A paradise of no dreams (Continued)

“Pl-please, please save me.” He begged.

“Sa-save? Mister please stand-”

“He is going to kill me. Save me. Please.” He begged that is when the doors opened again.

“Away from her. Now.” It was a command, voice so cold that even Ivania who is never really intimidated got chills. The man again made an attempt to run to the door just for Damon to get a hold on his neck, choking the dear life out of him.

“I am just making sure you never betray me again.” His voice was low and threatening. He glanced at her direction just to see; she was scared of him. Finally.

The steel grey eyes had no mercy in it. Ivania stumbled back on to her chair as her legs now felt jelly. With a very force, Damon pushed back the man making him stumble and thus fall on his back. An audible intake of breath by her followed by Damon’s voice made her jolt on her seat a little.

“Tell me Ivania, what color you like, red or black?” He asked, his voice rather gentle as if nothing was happening around. She looked up at him and then the man on the floor, scurrying back now looking at his death stare at him. It seemed like there were two different people at the very same time. One talking to her and the other threatening the man to his dear life.

“Tell me Sugar.” He asked again.

“R-red.” She stuttered. Her answer perhaps was like a signal for him to kill the man. As soon as the word slipped off her tongue, the scream of the man echoed in the office. Ivania, in fear closed her eyes as a very memory replayed in her mind. Blood, blood everywhere. She just did not want to see it. Gripping the sides of her chair, her eyes were closed shut tightly. Just a dream. Just a dream. Her mind chanted but she knew it was not. It was very real and the reality now had started to scare every existence of her.

“Look at me.” Isaiah spoke with the voice so kind, so peaceful. He knew what the girl had just seen. The part of him which he despised, he had not thought she would know the severity so soon but yet, the very first day of her work. She however, shook her head a little trying to clear the image off her head.

“Look at me.” She felt him awfully close to her now, his fingers down her chin. Unwillingly, she opened her eyes to meet his gaze. His gaze now was soft, and tender. Like the way when she had first noticed his steel grey eyes.

“Don’t be scared.” His words were so kind. It would have seemed for a person who was unknown to what just had happened as the most beautiful thing but knowing that it was Damon, she took a very deep breath.

“I know…I know.” She breathed more like talking to herself. A few breathes and then she stood up as if there was nothing around her and everything was alright. Just like the man a few inches away from her. If she wanted to keep this job, she had to learn how to ignore many things and among many things, the taking of the lives as well. Damon stepped back, giving her the space.

“Is there anything you want me to do before I leave, Mr. Earl?” She asked him in a tone so professional. Damon smirked, simply knowing that the girl was really been through worse.

“Ring Kevin…his contact must be in your office phone. And Sugar, it sounds sweet when you call me by my name.” He leaning on to her table. She looked at him in disbelief, constantly ignoring her peripheral vision, seeing the man dead with the blood all over the floor. Scrolling through her contacts in the phone the office had provided, she did find a ’Kevin’.

“What should I say, him?” She asked him pressing the call option. Damon raised his hands asking her the to hand over the phone. She did as such.

“Damon…38th floor of my building, now.” He said and ended the call. Handing back her phone, he then continued, “You know whom to dial now.”

Ignoring what he said and just wanting to leave this place as soon as possible, she straightened herself again.

“Anything else…Isaiah?” She asked, a smile so false plastered on her face.

“My jacket and phone… on my table.” He answered leaning back on her table. She let go of the bag which she was still holding and went out giving him a nod.

It seemed difficult to even walk now. What she had seen was not a new thing but yet she could never be familiar enough with the scene. Getting is jacket and phone from off the table, she handed him quickly just so she could leave the place faster.

“Thank you Sugar.” He said as he wore his jacket and pocketed his phone.

“Come on, let me walk to your car.” He said walked out. Ivania gave him the dead man a last look wondering and praying that he is bid farewell on right ways. She followed Isaiah to the elevator which only he used and walked in. He stood their leaning on the wall, hands folded and eyes trained on to the floor.

“Isaiah…” She called him; his head perched a little letting her know that he was all ears.

“Why did you kill him?” She asked.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” He said glancing at her for a moment. She nodded unsure. Pretty awesome first day she had. In her mind however, she was trying to remove all the thoughts of past half hour. They walked in silence with Ivania trying to take her mind off and Isaiah truly not concerned.

Going home, she was tired surely but was hungry. After having a bath and changing into one of her t-shirts which could be easily mistaken for a dress, she thought of going out for dinner. But then, today was already too much for her and dealing with more people, that was not even an option. Thankful of yesterday for buying some frozen pizza, she plopped on the couch in front of the television binge watching the series she had already seen. She barely realised when she fell asleep.

It was a familiar room, very familiar. She could see her favourite wall which she had painted red along with her parents. The photographs of her still barely 8 hung there in the arms of her parents, winning a competition and various others. She walked to again admire the photos. It was her. Hairs barely reaching the shoulders but so voluminous, curly.

“Mommy another story.” She turned back to see the younger version of herself, lying on the bed cuddled with her mother. Her mother. With hairs up in a messy bun, freckles on her cheeks. She indeed was very beautiful. Her face had an undisguisable glow and a bump on her stomach.

“Just one last.” She said opening the book.

Suddenly there was a loud sound, a sound that still terrifies her. She rushed outside her room to see a man holding a gun rushing at her. In fear again, she ran back to her room to see the younger version of herself standing there, colour drained off the face. The man entered the room, gun pointing at her younger self. Suddenly there was a loud sound of screaming.

“IVANIA.” The man turned back towards the door. She could see the man pull the trigger twice.

“Mom…” Ivania woke up with a jerk. It took her a moment to realize that she was still on the couch, the television still on. She sat up straight and took a few deep breathes.

The nightmare, it always seemed to have been with her. The moment she wanted to erase from her memory played like a broken record. Unable to calm down her racing heart, she stood up and went to the lavish kitchen. A glass of water was all she needed. Turning off the television and taking a bottle of water along with her, she decided to work a little as right now, she was scared to even fall asleep. The photograph of her parents still on the bedside, making her wonder again whether or not taking up the job worth it. Somewhere in mid of analyzing the meeting held the day before and writing down her thoughts, she had a small anxiety attack making her feel miserable again. Though she did not really complete what she was doing, she did have a little time off the thoughts off her mind. It put her in a little ease and perhaps it was almost 3 when she finally decided to fall back to sleep.

A paradise of no dreams.

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