His Shadow

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Chapter 5: Gift a girl a Knife

Early sun and what are really birds so excited of? New day? Bullshit. New day depends on how good the night was, and her night was horrible. Taking enough time for a nice shower and then rushing for every other thing in her schedule, she was just a minute away from being late. On time.

Morning started very soon. A thought while entering the building prevailed in her mind about would anybody know what happened here yesterday? By the looks, it did seem that man worked in this very place. Would his absence be noticed? Knowing very sure it is Damon, everything would be already under the cover. Yet, it was funny how one man had so much of powers.

Her office, as she had expected looked brand new. The blood on the white walls was gone and so on the floor. As if, nothing had happened, everything was just a dream. Just a nightmare or a passing breeze.

Morning when she greeted Isaiah with his coffee, he well enough acted like nothing had happened. Greeting her with that name Sugar which surely was enjoyable when they were not working together made her angry every moment. Perhaps that is why he did that, she thought, to get in her nerves. Besides that, he seemed very respectable, but then it was just the second day of work.

“Miss. Garcia?” A familiar voice sounded. Ivania looked up her computer to see Nathan peeking his head through the doors. He gave a smile and walked inside.

“Oh, Nathan. Haven’t seen you in a while.” Ivania smiled at him.

“Been out the last week…thought might say you a hie.” He said as he sat down on one of the chairs. “Is my brother being an ass?” He continued which made her chuckle.

“Not very much…but then it is just my second day here.” She smiled.

“Look…Ivania, Damon told me what happened yesterday.” He sat up a little straighter. “I know he can be a jerk sometimes-”

“Sometimes?” She questioned making him chuckle a little.

“Most of the times…” He corrected himself and then continued, “I just- you know yesterday was a lot to take and on your first day. Are you feeling fine?” He asked concerned. Ivania smiled a little and nodded.

“I am totally fine Nathan, it isn’t like the first time but, just after a very long time I again saw all of this. Not gonna lie but was a little over-whelming.” She said finally summing up her work and wrapping up the file again. She then finally relaxing a little, stretching her arms continued, “Now I am fine…just like a bad dream.”

“That sounds better than I had expected. Plans for lunch?” He asked finally standing up.

“Going to Dahlia’s… would you like to tag along?” She asked smiling brightly.

“Yes please.” He smiled. Talking a little bit about the dinner in the evening, he parted their ways. It was a nice moment spent. She did like him and spending time with him. He was fun and easy going and most importantly did not have more than one face. He is just Nathan not like his brother, different faces for different times.

She went downstairs then, nearly 5 minutes to 10 to greet two of the college students who had come to have an interview with Isaiah. Both the girls, very young and professionally dressed, or well at least tried to. It seemed they were a little too excited for the meet and dressed a little too much but who was she to judge. Anyone would be excited to meet this man.

“Isaiah…the girls are here for the interview.” She said opening the door and poking her head inside. He was sitting in the couch in the corner, sitting with his legs crossed and very much engrossed in reading something. Even yesterday as well, when she greeted at the same time, she greeted him reading the same. It indeed seems like a daily schedule.

“Oh sure…send them in and also get me another coffee, would you?” He asked placing the bookmark and taking off his glasses.

“Did you not sleep last night?” She asked little jokingly.

“Something like that.” He smiled back at her. A smirk perhaps. She just shook her head a little and walked back to get the girls and the interview. That did sound a lot nasty in her head. Shaking away her thoughts, she walked off to greet the girls.

“Mr. Earl will see you now.” She smiled at both. They gave a polite nod and followed her to his office.

The day passed quick enough. It was comparably a little nice day as comparably very less of the work as well. Isaiah came around to her office around 6 to say her to leave and get ready for the dinner. Her useless attempt of reasoning with him was yet a worth a try. She really did not want to go and stay back in home maybe watch some high school musical or something like that.

However, it was when she was about to leave, the doors of her office opened again. It was her boss standing there with a huge bag in his hand.

“Do you need anything?” She asked as she packed her bag.

“Not really…just came to see you Sugar.” He said leaning on the wall.

“Creepy. Isaiah.” She said giving him a very stern look. A smirk formed on his face masking the laugh. He did know that it was very unprofessional to call his employee so and never actually did even call his employees by their first name. Might not even have talked to most of them as much as he had to her past a day. But it was fun calling her so or flirting with her occasionally, she would shrug off and pay no heed to his talks or just tell him to back off. It was the only thing that did make her mad.

“I got you something for today…” He said walking across and placing the bag on her table. She looked at him like he was crazy but then opened the bag while he settled in one of the chairs propping his legs on the table.

“Feet off my table.” She said nudging away his legs making them fall off the table. Isaiah did not reply to it but a constant smirk on his face which was still better for Ivania then the smile Damon has.

“I-I can’t take it.” She stumbled on her words as she again zipped up the bag.

“You did not even have a look at it.” His eyes furrowed. No girl had ever said no to his gifts.

“I know and I even know it is expensive-”

“Not very much. I want you to wear it tonight.” He said frowning a little as but well hid beneath his stoic form. He stood up, straightening his jacket again looking at her dead in the eyes.

“At 8, be ready.” He said walking off briskly. She looked at the empty doorways, a little dumbfound at just what happened. Wasn’t he all jolly a moment ago? A question prevailed in her mind.

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