Vikings tale

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Follow Bjorne as he fights the saxons along with the sons of Ragnar lothbrok with his brothers Erik and Arne

Action / Adventure
Wyatt trail
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Chapter one

We had been in England a month we first came to England to after our father bent his knee like a coward to ensure peace. My brothers and I we made a pact all we wanted was Valhalla to die in battle and be taken to Valhalla by the Valkyrie we would father no children our only desire is to be together in Valhalla. We had built our settlement from a few small huts to wooden buildings we had a blacksmith a horse smith and a growing farm settled in the heart of Mercia. I was out hunting quail for a small dinner I already had got 5 plump and meaty birds, when Arne came running to me yelling,” Bjorne Bjorne Ivarr lothbrok has sent a messenger he request our help with one of the elder men of Mercia. I said to him,” let’s go baby brother.” We went back to the village I gave my quail to the cook then grabbed my things and we were off to the ragnarson camp. We rode for a few hours through the beautiful Mercian forest we just came out of a tree line and into a meadow there was the ragnarson camp. We were welcomed into the camp and taken to Ivarr
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