A Diamond Mess

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The development of a new generation could lead to the destruction of the generation living now. A collection of diamonds with the blood extract of the three most powerful supernatural creatures to make the coming generation stronger and smarter. Teen kidnappings. A group of 4 girl agents, a group of 4 guys, finding love and a fight for the right path. What will be the result?

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Tension. That one word was enough to describe the atmosphere of the room. The white colour of the marbled tiled floor was now hidden under the dark red colour that covered the tiles. There was blood dripping from her hand, blood on the other two guys in the room. There was so much blood, that a vampire could live here for days. Nevertheless, looking around the room was nothing but a distraction. This was all a distraction she was creating in her head to not feel anxious about the metal on her forehead. A tiny droplet fell on her hand. Not tears but sweat, even though there was an air-conditioner cooling the room at 22 degree celsius, she was sweating profusely. Her hands shivering, heartbeat unsteady, every single part of her was lacking self-control yet her body was as steady as a mannequin while her eyes roamed around the room.

“Leave her!”, said a deep voice.

“Give me a satisfactory reason to do that”, the guy in front of her looked at the person who had just spoken and said, “And then I’ll leave her.”

The guy looked at her again. While the cold metal was pressed to her forehead and his finger on the trigger; showing that one wrong move and he would end her here, his green eyes were stripping her soul. She wanted to speak but she felt like her voice was taken away from her. The silence was killing her and being surrounded by dead bodies wasn’t helping either.

“Holding a gun to my forehead isn’t going to help you in any way”, she whispered, with the small amount of confidence she could gather.

He smirked and whispered back, “My dear Nesrin, it does help me you know.”

She raised her eyebrow.

He traced her jawline and said, “Having control of your life at this moment, stops my so-called smart best friend and weakens him.”

Nesrin looked at the other guy in the room. Weylin was right. His face showed his fear, the fear of losing her, the fear of not being able to protect her. His mind was being clouded by negative thoughts about her and it wasn’t helping him to think. He knew, he understood she was reading him and he let her do it.

“Alexander.”, she mumbled.

“Nesrin.”, his lips formed.

His grey eyes sent Nesrin a message that was loud and clear.

She is not alone and he will save her.

All of a sudden the whole room was filled with smoke.

Yes. This was her chance to escape from Weylin’s clutches she decided.

She pushed him and glided below him before he could get hold of her. Men wearing black uniforms came barging in and caught hold of Weylin while she ran towards Alexander.

“Are you hurt anywhere? Did he touch you inappropriately?”, he asked

“ I am okay. We need to get to safety, now.”, she said, cupping his face in her hands and giving him her best pretend smile.

Alexander knew it was fake yet he nodded and they headed out the smoke filled room. Weylin’s grunts could be heard as he was getting pulled towards the agency’s vehicle.

“Nes! You’re safe!”, exclaimed Zielle, by jumping and hugging her.

Nesrin smiled as widely as possible but the tiredness was slowly taking over her.

An agent walked towards them with disappointment written on his face and said, “Agents, Weylin has escaped. It’s his twin we caught.”

“That’s not possible.”, said Alexander

“How did we end up in this mess?”, mumbled Xylia but loud enough for Nesrin to hear.

She looked at the three boys standing with them. Confusion about the mess, broken because they had to go against their best friend, physical pain due to the fight that happened just now. They were going through a mix of emotions. Alexander went and sat on the bench that was there in the corner. She followed him.

“Alexander”, Nesrin said slowly

“Leave me alone Nes.”, he said looking straight ahead.

She kept her hand on his shoulder but he didn’t melt into the touch.

“Alexander, talk to me. It’s better than keeping it inside.”


That was her cue to leave him alone and she did. She didn’t have the energy to fight him. After the area was completely checked for any sign of Weylin, they were seated in a car. Alexander wasn’t looking at her. He knew she was looking at him yet he remained expressionless and this kind of disturbed her but she remained quiet. The car was filled with tension again. Everybody lost in their own train of thoughts. Nesrin looked at the building. It was intact from outside yet she knew how destroyed it was from inside. Bloodshed, dead bodies, windows broken, chandeliers flickering, devices smashed. This scenario was not something she had imagined would come to life, it was better in her imagination when she read those crime novels. Well, Nesrin thanked the authors for their books otherwise she wouldn’t have known tricks to use during these situations. The door of the car opened suddenly causing everyone to flinch.

“We are going to the agency now.”, the man said.

They all nodded.

The urge to ask if they had found Weylin was being buried deep in Nesrin since she knew it was better she didn’t ask right now. She guessed she was kind of obvious about it owing to the fact that Sorin asked the question running on her mind just a few seconds after.

“Not yet but soon.”, the man answered.

She looked at Sorin and smiled to show her gratitude but he just looked away from her. Her hazel eyes landed on Alexander again who was clearly avoiding her. She wouldn’t blame him, they both needed space right now, especially him. Somewhere the desire to be in his arms, feel his warmth radiating through my body, listen to the deep voice of his whisper soft sentences in my ears, was running through Nesrin’s whole body but she ignored it. Giving him his space was more important. That’s when I realised she was staring at him till now and she looked away immediately. Nesrin noticed the new moon outside and sighed softly. It was a new moon day when they were dragged into this mess.

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