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To Hell and Back - A Psychic's story (WIP)

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Psychics are born into the world as a result of an unending battle for the survival of Earth. Some fight for good, other for evil, but they all share a common goal: The save Earth. One psychic stands out among them, and it is his story which we follow through the story.

Action / Fantasy
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The word psychic has always been a topic for discussion. No one was ever sure how psychics would be able to control their power, let alone how they would use their power should they obtain it. However, as luck would have it, humanity finally got their answer in the year 2015 when a certain few humans around the world had obtained the powers of a psychic. The event had shocked the world. Around the globe there were sightings of feats of incredible strength being performed by what were ordinary humans mere days ago.

As much of a gift as these powers are, humanity is bound by greed, as such the majority of these humans who unlocked the power of a psychic had decided to use their power for their own personal sake. Around the world were many recorded events of psychics who had used their new found powers to commit crimes like armed robbery, abduction, and even murder.

Psychic humans quickly became hated by the world because of the actions of the majority. Some of these psychics had devoted their powers to good, helping people however they could with the new found power they have obtained, unfortunately the stereotype had quickly been accepted by the world and even the good ones have since then been cast out.

From the shadows of the world came an organization called Kosmos. They presented themselves as the only ones in the world with the technology and resources available to track, monitor, capture, or even exterminate these humans who have become a threat to the human race. The governments of the world had no choice but to bestow on them untold access to virtually every system in the world, uncontested privilege to military resources, and unmonitored travel to every corner of the world.

Kosmos then set out on their conquest to find and capture these humans, who everyone started referring to as the Paranormals. Within a single month of the appearance of Kosmos the sightings of Paranormals have drastically decreased. No one knew what actually happened to the Paranormals, but no one ever dared to ask either. People were content with the fact that the Paranormals are being dealt with. Within 6 months the sightings and reports of Paranormals had decreased by 99%, as they had either gone into hiding or had already been dealt with.

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