To Hell and Back - A Psychic's story (WIP)

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A communication system can be seen lighting up in the front of a truck, followed by:

“This is Alpha one reporting to home base, come in home base”

“Home base here, we read you loud and clear. Follow procedure and clear the checklist as always.”

“Alpha one, starting Omega Procedure.”

A man in the back of the truck then says: “Hey Boss, are we sure this one is the Omega? I mean our team has gone all around the world in search of this so-called Omega, how do we even know he is real? We have seen our share of Paranormals and not once has it been the Omega. What info have you been given to prove this is the one? A lot of resources are being poured into this operation for the small chance that this is the Omega, but we have no actual evidence that this is the one, so what gives?”

From the front of truck Alpha One responds: “Alpha Four, tell me this. What if this IS the Omega as we have been told of? Would you rather risk your life because statistically speaking this is another dud?”

“When have we not risked our lives for these operations? Whether we are risking our lives or not is not the issue, but we are the elites in Kosmos, we are only sent if the target is a level 4 or above. We have never even seen a level 6 or a 7, but the fact of the matter is we only get sent when the target is high risk. Are we dealing with another level 4?”

“Alright, listen up guys, I have only now been given the briefing, so here is the situation: We are dealing with a level 8. They had to create a whole new level for this Paranormal which is why we are getting our information so late. We are being sent because no one has ever dealt with something like this. Out of all the teams in the organization, no one has either the expertise, equipment, or the experience to deal with something like this. We might very well be dealing with the actual Omega. I want everyone to gear up for Priority 1. We are not taking any chances. Everyone but me, shoot to kill. I will load up with tranquilizer shots, but if I get taken out then I expect you all to take care of this Paranormal like we always do.”

The entire truck had gone silent, even the restless Alpha Four had gone silent with the new information given.

Another team member from the back then gets up and asks: “But Sir, you are our marksman, I cannot in good faith allow you to be the sacrifice. If anyone can kill a Paranormal from afar then it is you. I would rather nominate myself to be the sacrifice, we cannot risk you getting taken out in this situation.”

“Sit down Alpha Seven. The only reason I am choosing myself to be the sacrifice is because I am the best shot. I have the best chance at subduing the target. I trust all of you to be able to take him out if I fail. We cannot risk the operation because we want to be cautious. As every other operation before we have to take risks. I cannot call myself a good Captain if I don’t take the charge in the front. I know I can put my faith in all of you to exterminate this target if things go south, hell I might even make it out alive if you all just do what you usually do. Alpha Two, I will leave the decision up to you on whether to take the shot or not. Considering the terrain we are dealing with, we will go with attack plan “Field Goal”. I need to charge through the first field and into the second to get a clear shot of the target. I want everyone else to position themselves outside the observation field and train your sights on the target. If you get the command from Alpha Two then you shoot. Is that understood?”

A silence had fallen over the truck, as they now know the reason they have been sent out, they all know the risk they all face, and they all know that by the end of this day they might lose their Captain. No one had the guts to object to their Captain.

Alpha One then shouts from the front: “TEEEEEEEEEEN-HUT!!!!!!”

Each one of the soldiers who had been sitting in silence had now stood up and taken their formal position. From the pose and rigor of each of these men it was easy to see that each one of these men are seasoned veterans. Each one of these men are able to take on armies if the need would arise, but each one of them had a look on their face that conveyed worry. None of these men wanted to lose their Captain, none of them were ready to bid farewell to the man who had kept them alive for all these years, but none of them had the audacity to argue against the decision of their Captain.

“I know all of you are worried about me, I can see it in your eyes, but fear not. I have faith in each and every one of your abilities and I know that I will make it out of this alive. We have faced many obstacles in the past, this is merely another obstacle which we need to pass, and we will face this one head on with pride on our sleeves and honour on our shoulders. Now are you all going to force me to say it or do you all know what I want from you?”

Simultaneously, the entire team chants: “I shall not falter, I shall not hesitate, I am the hammer of Kosmos, and I smite the unjust. Through my actions I bring peace to all, and through my righteous fury I defend the innocent. I am Alpha Squad, and my brothers are with me!!!!”

Alpha One loudly replies: “And you with me my comrades, now let us bring down the righteous judgement on the enemies of man and walk out of this as the knights that we are!!!!”

With that one war-cry, each one of these soldiers had ditched their fear and replaced it with courage. Each one of them had now become the perfect killing machines. They all disembark from the truck through the rear and all start to enclose down on the target area.

Back at home base, a control room with several workstations can be seen, and massive main monitors up front. A satellite overview map of the target area can be seen on the middle screen with the position of each of the soldiers’ locations showing clearly. On the left are traffic monitors and police scanner frequencies. From the far left a couple of engineers get up from their seats and say: “Sir, all frequencies are now being covered and all traffic has been diverted away from the target area. We have a good 500 meter radius of clear skies and empty houses. We are clear to engage.”

From the back, 3 men can be seen overseeing the entire operation. The man in the middle, known as Commander Rourke, then steps forward and says: “Alright men, we all know the danger of this situation, I want this to go flawlessly. I don’t want any mistakes. This is the highest level target so far. The possibility that this is the Omega is strong, so we want to subdue him if possible. I don’t want any media to interrupt this operation. I don’t want any human casualties. I want this to go as clean as possible. Let’s ensure all points have been taken into consideration. Professor Wilmington, do you have anything to add?”

To the right of Commander Rourke stands a man in a white lab coat. He looks over all the monitors and then replies to the Commander: “I cannot see anything wrong no, by all accounts we should be able to proceed, but something is bugging me. Do we have time for me to check on something?”Commander Rourke replies: “Unfortunately we do not have time for scepticism. We proceed as planned.”

Professor Wilmington starts to walk to the back of the room while saying: “I will be back here if you need me then, there is something I need to confirm, it has been bugging me ever since this operation started.”

He walks to a standalone terminal in the back with a single engineer sitting in front of it with headphones on and orders him: “The operation is beginning so keep a sharp ear out, but please bring up the footage from the EFMD, I need to confirm something.”

He then proceeds to sit in on the opposite side of the workstation and starts to look at the footage. He started the video from the current feed till it started recording when they were 10 kilometers out. He closely monitors the screen looking for what has been bugging him.

From the front of the room the voices of the team on the ground can be heard pronouncing their locations and updating their situations as all military personnel do. Commander Rourke points to the screen and one of the engineers in front of him then walks to him with a microphone. He then says: “Alright boys, I will leave it up to you on how you deal with this one, but I want you all to come back, no mistakes are allowed. We go radio silent in t-minus 30 seconds. We are dealing with a 50 meter observation field radius, so we cannot risk external communication giving away your location. I wish you all the best of luck and may God be with you all.”

After 30 seconds have passed, the commander gives the signal to kill the communications. One of the engineers flips the kill switch and all communications with the team goes dark. The only way for them now to know what is happening is with the satellite coverage map in front of them.

From the back, Professor Wilmington is still looking at the footage intensely. Suddenly the footage frizzled which set off several alarms in the Professor’s head. He frantically started typing on the terminal in front of him, changing settings left and right, and after 20 seconds of configuring he then pressed play on the video footage and sat back in his chair. The look on his face had gone from worried to frightened to horrified, but it only worsened when he started to fast forward the footage. All of a sudden he is seen flying up from his chair and rushing towards the commander. He grabs the commander by the shoulders and with sweat dripping all over his face he exclaims: “We have to get those soldiers out of there right now, if we don’t they will surely die!”

The Commander looks at him and pushes him aside, then says: “Professor Wilmington, you better have a very good reason for what you just said.”

Professor Wilmington takes out a Tablet from his pocket, swipes it to the screen, points towards the screen and says: “Our soldiers are not outside the observation field, they are already within the control field, of we send them any further then we will be sending them inside the target’s Manipulation field and that spells death for each and every one of our men.”

Commander Rourke looks at the screen in front of him and then asks: “What in the hell are you talking about, that field has a radius of 50 meters, there is no way that this is the Manipulation Field and you know it.”

Professor Wilmington then presses a few buttons on the tablet which changes the view on the screen to the point in which he started to make adjustments, presses the play button and says: “The fucking observation field has a 2 kilometer radius commander, I checked the footage and it looks like the target has the ability to mask his fields which is something we have never encountered. I only noticed it because I designed the EFMD and know when something is not right. I noticed the monitor fizzed a while back and it has been bothering me. Once I enhanced the settings to look for lower frequencies I found that the target had been weakening the signal sent out by the fields and that hid the fields from plain view. Commander, I now know for certain that this target is indeed The Omega. If we do not pull back our troops then they all will……”

Before he could finish his sentence, alarms started going off all around the home base. Everyone started panicking as no one knew what was going on. Commander Rourke ordered one of the engineers to bring up the Satellite view again and when it came up the screen was blank. All the life signs which could be seen before from Alpha team had disappeared. Commander Rourke then shouted: “What the hell is going on out there? What happened to our men? Someone shut that bloody alarm off!” Then from behind a voice can be heard:

“There is no need to find out what happened, I can tell you.”

Everyone in the room turned around to see who had said that and to their surprise a man was standing there. The first to show a sign of fear was Commander Rourke. He had reached for his gun on his side, but it was not there. The man now in front of them then said: “No no no Commander, I cannot allow you to use this gun, but do not worry, I am not here to hurt anyone.”

Professor Wilmington steps forward and asks: “Are you the Omega?”

“I don’t know what an Omega is, but my name is Alexander Harvey. I know you are here to capture me, but what I would like to know is why. Please do not lie to me, I will know if you are.”

Professor Wilmington then says: “We are trying to find all the Paranormals around the world and trying to recruit them for the war which is coming. This world is in danger and if you allow me I will answer every question you have, but for that I need you to come with me back to Olympus.”

Alexander then says: “All right, been looking for a reason to get out of my house for a change. So am I flying myself or are we taking your ride?”

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