To Hell and Back - A Psychic's story (WIP)

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The Journey

“Commander, do we really have to put him in the cell? After everything that happened I doubt this is necessary, if he wanted to harm us then he would have done so long ago.”

“it is BECAUSE of what happened that I am putting him in the cell. We cannot risk him causing any more problems, so I want him to be in a controlled environment.”

“I know we are all afraid, but I am not asking to put our minds at ease, but rather do you really think this cell will hold him?”

“I know this cell probably cannot hold him, but it is the only thing ensuring the crew don’t all abandon ship out of fear. So long as the crew think they are safe then we will have a safe journey back home.”

“Sorry commander, I doubted your decision from a purely logical perspective, but you are right. I won’t question your decisions again. I am just afraid and as such I am doubting everything.”

Commander Rourke puts his hand on the professor’s shoulder and encourages: “Don’t ever apologise for having a different opinion, if everyone blindly followed orders I would not trust anyone. Always question something if it doesn’t seem right to you. If not for you we would probably not have got off so easy. You did a very brave thing back there. I always thought scientists are meek and timid, but you showed more courage than anyone I have ever known.”

From inside the cell Alexander says: “Just to be clear, I agree with the professor, This cell cannot hold me, but I understand why I am in here, so no hard feelings.”

Both the commander and professor look at the monitor and both realise that the cell which had been designed for Paranormals have no effect on the Omega. He has complete visuals on everything which is happening around him and he can see what people are saying even if they are not in front of him. The professor starts making his way to the cell, the commander right behind him. Alpha One sees this happening and follows them. Commander Rourke notices that Alpha One is following them and asks while walking: “And where do you think you are going Rick?”

“I want to meet this man for myself, I cannot be at ease until I meet the man who defeated my entire squad without a single death. I need to see him with my own two eyes so I can be at peace.”

Neither the commander or professor have anything to say to him, as they both understand exactly what he meant because they are doing the exact same thing.

The three of them walk into the cell where Alexander is being held. Rick sits down in front of Alexander and inquires: “My name is Richard Walker, but everyone calls me Rick. I am the Captain of the elite squad known as Alpha Team, we are the best of the best in Olympus, we have dealt with many Paranormals before, but none like you. I need you to tell me how you were able to notice me so fast when I barely entered your observation field, Also how did you extend your control field to subdue us? I have never seen anything like that, so I want to know.”

Alexander looks at the commander and professor, then back to Rick and says: “I see they didn’t tell you then, so I will answer you. You were not entering my observation field, you were entering my manipulation field. The reason I was able to capture you all is because you walked into my space. You were screwed long before you exited the truck.”

Rick looks back at the commander and professor, both of which nod to confirm the story to be true, then looks back at Alexander and asks: “So are you the Omega then?”

“I don’t know, you called me the Omega but I don’t even know what that is.”

Rick, with a considerably more satisfied face, gets up and walks out the room, but before he exits he says: “Next time I will be better prepared Omega, so be warned. Alpha team might have lost this battle but we will win the war. Next time I will not make such a mistake.”

“I relish the challenge Rick, until next time.” After Rick hears that he walks out the room.

Alexander, now confronted by both the commander and professor, gets up from his seat and stretches his body, after which he sits down again, grabs a cigarette packet from his pocket and lights one up. The commander reaches behind him for an ashtray and puts it on the table. The commander sits down and interrogates: “If I ask you questions, will you answer them honestly?” The commander then takes out his own cigarettes and lights one up.

“I have no reason to lie do I? If you ask I will tell you, but if you don’t ask then I cannot be blamed for you not knowing.”

The professor takes out his tablet and sits down at the table as well. He opens a notepad application so as to take notes. Alexander sees this happening and says: “I must be quite important if you are taking notes on me.”

The commander starts his line of questioning: “So are you the Omega? Or is there someone stronger than you out there?”

(Alexander sighs) “Like I told Rick, I have no idea what the hell you are talking about when you say I am the Omega, so I cannot answer that question.”

Professor Wilmington switches from the notepad app to a picture and turns the tablet to Alexander. “Were you at this location at this date and time? The Omega emitted a field which was 50 meters in Radius, which was the strongest we have seen up until meeting you. If this was you then it means that fields can be strengthened, am I correct?”

Alexander looks at the picture in front of him and acknowledges: “Yeah, that was me, and yes I have been able to increase the size of the field since then. You know by now what the radius is right professor?”

“Yes, we know you emit an observation field 2 kilometers in radius around you. We have never seen anything like it. You are definitely the Omega, this all proves it. Commander, we no longer need to go looking for the Omega, we found him. Maybe now we should be able to close the breach.”

Alexander looks at the professor and asks: “What is the breach?

“That is one of the things I wanted to show you once we get to Olympus. The main reason our organisation exists is because of the breach. I can try to explain it now but I believe seeing it will be much easier to understand. What I can tell you now is that the breach is the reason for your powers existing. When the breach opened, the Paranormals were born. We don’t know the exact science behind it all yet but we know for a fact the two are linked.”

Alexander holds his hands out in front of him and says: “So I am able to do all these things because of the breach huh? I guess I should be thankful for it, but I have a feeling I shouldn’t. Commander, care to tell me why?”

“Because the breach signifies the great war. Something which no one else knows about but us. We call ourselves Kosmos but we are actually humanity’s guardians against the breach.”

The professor then explains further: “In short, our organisation has existed since the time of the Greek empire, when the breach first opened. We kill what comes out of the breach because if we don’t and they cross the threshold then the breach stays open and everything can come through. We are there to make sure that breach never stays open. We have been successful so far for the last few centuries, but this time we are not so sure. Every time the breach opens then the world gets affected in some way or another. Up until now there have been small changes to the world, things you would not normally suspect, however these changes have major effects on the world. Last time it was open during World War 1, and yes the breach was the reason for the war. The breach sent out a wave of greed and anger around the world, people all around the world were affected and one thing led to another. This time the breach opened and psychics were born. We were barely able to maintain the breach last time, and the effects were small. Now we have a new evolution of humans which exists because of the breach. The change signifies the severity of the breach and I fear what might come out of there this time, but with your help I believe we might just be able to stop it again.”

Alexander questions them: “So why hasn’t anyone destroyed the breach so it doesn’t open again? Why not destroy the root cause of the issue?”

Wilmington sighed: “We tried, but even if you destroy it it comes back within seconds. The integrity of the breach is directly tied to the creatures which come out of the breach. Only when they are all dead can the breach once again shut for 100 years. We have scientists working around the clock to find a solution but nothing has been found yet. We just don’t know enough as it stands.”

Over the ship's intercom a voice states: “Commander, we are coming up to Olympus, t-minus 5 minutes to landing”

The commander gets up and states: “We can continue this discussion once we are inside, I need to go up to the deck. Please stay inside the cell until I say so, I need to make sure everyone is off the ship before we let you out. I don’t want people panicking when you come out.” Alexander just gives the commander a thumbs up, after which the commander leaves the cell.

Wilmington curiously questions: “So am I currently inside your manipulation field? Last I remember it could go out as far as 50 meters which would mean I am inside it, but I want to hear it from you.”

Alexander gets up from the chair, walks around to the professor, gets in close to his ear and threatens: “Right now you are within my inner field, I could change your chemical composition if I wanted to. I could turn you into a green jelly and no one would know.”

The Professor cockishly replies: “I would rather be a red jelly thank you, I love cherry flavour." Alexander stands up straight and bursts out laughing, walks back around the table and sits back in his chair.

Wilmington inquires further: “What exactly can you do with your matter field outside your head? No one has been able to extend their matter field beyond their skull so we have not been able to do any tests on it. We know nothing of the limitations of the matter field other than you just telling me you can change my chemical composition to turn me into jelly. Are you manipulating the matter within the field and rearranging the atoms and particles which make up an object into something else?”

Alexander takes the butt of his cigarette and floats it in front of him. “The matter field is as the name implies yes, I can manipulate the matter of an object to do whatever I want to.” The cigarette butt starts dividing in half like a cell splitting and then the single butt becomes two separate butts. “I can change an object however I want, I can grab particles from the air and build something new, but the easiest is to disintegrate.”

Over the intercom system a voice states: “We are now approaching Olympus, preparing for landing.”

Alexander requests of the professor: “Is it possible for me to see this Olympus you speak of? Everyone just keeps saying "Olympus", but for all I know it is a small warehouse or something. An Organization of your size should have an impressive base, should they not?”

“Why don’t I just open the window for you to see? The cell comes with windows, we just don’t open them all too often because of what we use it for.”

Wilmington gets up from his chair with his tablet, presses a few buttons, then the entire wall of the cell starts shifting, the metal plating starts to move downwards and behind it is a glass window. Alexander gets up from his chair, looks out the window, and is shocked in awe of what he sees.

Olympus, as the old legend tells, was built on top of the highest mountain in ancient times to host the pantheon of the Gods. What Alexander sees in front of him is something similar.

A great castle has been built on the clifftop which is surrounded by seas except for in front of it. All around the cliffside are hanger doors with planes flying in and out. In the front of the castle are multiple roads, each one of the roads congested with trucks and cars.

Alexander had never seen a facility quite as busy as this one. It was like one giant machine with all the different moving parts. In front of the castle stood a ginormous mountain, and all the roads in front lead towards an enormous iron gate in the mountain face.

The castle, while an old building, shows signs of renovations so as to incorporate the old building with the rise of new technology. As they approach the castle a few jets surround the plane on which they are flying in. From the side of the jets Alexander could see multiple firearms being pointed at the ship, specifically the area in which his cell is located.

Alexander turns to Wilmington and jokingly asks: “That is a lot of security for little old me, do you really think it is necessary?”

Wilmington, while looking out the window, retorts: “Everyone knows we have found the Omega, everyone knows you are the strongest Paranormal that has been found since the breach opening. The track record of Paranormals ain’t that great you know, so everyone is still sceptical on whether or not you are here to help us or destroy us. Obviously we haven’t disclosed details on your actual powers yet, but they all know you are the strongest. Olympus could not take the risk of just letting you walk in there without an armed guard and plan of attack. The higher ups needed to feel safe.”

Alexander says nothing, he just continues to look out the window in amazement of what he sees in front of him.

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