To Hell and Back - A Psychic's story (WIP)

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Arrival at Tartarus

The ship lands on one of the bigger landing platforms on the cliffside, once the ship settles the engines switch off. Alexander can see from his window that they are preparing a militia of armed guards to escort him to this magnificent facility. He decides to sit down again, as he won’t be seeing much more from this window alone. Wilmington then closes the window after seeing Alexander sitting down.

A few minutes pass of the two of them quietly sitting in the cell. Suddenly, the door opens up with the commander standing at attention, ready to escort them both. He looks at Alexander, nods his head upwards, and orders: “C’mon Omega, it is time to go inside, please do not be alarmed by what you see outside.”

Alexander gets up and walks out of the cell with the commander. All around him he can see soldiers pointing their weapons at him out of fear, their eyes showing the resentment and terror which they have grown accustomed to from the history of the Paranormals. Standing in their presence is the strongest Paranormal to have existed, so he understands their reaction towards him.

Alexander quietly follows the commander, trying not to raise any suspicion or cause anyone to panic, following the commander’s order as they walk out the ship. When they stepped outside, Alexander could see himself entirely surrounded by soldiers, all as anxious and terrified as the ones who escorted him out the ship.

Alexander was told to stand in place and await further orders, which he did to ensure no one would accidentally try to shoot at him. A few soldiers approach the commander, hand him a tablet, and inform him of what has been happening at Olympus.

Alexander decided not listen in on the entire conversation, but he accidentally made out only the following phrase: “A demon had come through the breach”

The commander issues orders to his soldiers, one after another saluting the commander and walking back to Olympus. Rourke turns around, walks to Alexander, and starts to explain: “It would appear as though we have a demon running rampant around the area, he passed through the breach when there was a slight weakness in the integrity. This tends to happen the closer we get to the breach opening. I want you to be on high alert, I have a feeling this one came through when it sensed your arrival. It appears to have been happening every time we bring in a new recruit, however it was always a lesser demon. This one is much stronger than the ones which had been sent through before.”

Alexander only nods his head and continues to follow the commander as they make their way into the facility, but as fate would have it the very same demon they were talking about promptly appeared from the mountain face above the hanger doors. The demon had been lying in wait for Alexander’s arrival, like an assassin waiting for its mark to enter striking range.

All the soldiers turn around and shoot at it, but their guns have no effect. The creature was moving fast enough that he was able to predict and dodge the bullets being fired at it. The creature lands on the ground and with incredible speed it makes its way directly for Alexander. All the soldiers were shoved out of the way, thrown away like they were nothing, the creature now within striking distance of Alexander, but suddenly it stops dead in its tracks, almost frozen in mid air.

Alexander had used his psychic powers to immobilise the creature. The soldiers all stopped shooting in fear of hitting their fellow comrades, but have now lowered their weapons when they saw what Alexander had done. The soldiers rushed towards the others who were flung out the way, but what they saw were soldiers also drifting in mid air, no harm had come to any of them. They all slowly descended to the ground, softly being placed on the floor. Everyone there then knew what had just happened.

Alexander pushed everyone out of the way to ensure no harm would come to them and minimised the casualties to virtually none, he also apprehended the demon which no one could even harm without breaking a sweat.

Alexander then walks around the creature to inspect it, then looks to the commander and asks: “Any reason to keep this thing alive?” The commander just shakes his head. Alexander walked right up to the creature, looking it directly in its eyes, and it slowly started disintegrating into dust until nothing remained. He then walks back to his original spot and stands again, almost as if nothing happened.

The soldiers around him start cheering, for they have just witnessed a spectacular feat of strength. Not only did this man eradicate the demon which came through the breach, but he also saved everyone from harm. There was no doubt in their minds, this man was not evil. They all lowered their weapons and saluted Alexander. The men and women who were saved all bow down in respect to Alexander. The commander then turned to him and boasts: “Seems like everyone has made up their minds about you, good job, I think everything will be a lot easier now. Let’s head on inside, we have a lot to show you.”

An open covered jeep then stops next to them, both Alexander and Rourke get in the back seats and they head off. “Take us through to Tartarus, Alexander needs to see the breach.”

“That is the first time you have called me by my name commander, what changed?” Rourke turns around in his seat, looks back at him, and with a smile answers him: “I finally figured out what kind of man you are.”

“How about you call me Alex from now on? Alexander is such a mouthful.”

“Fine, but you will address me as Commander Rourke, my name is for my closest friends and relatives, not for subordinates.”

They drive through the hallways of the underground facility which was built into the cliff on which the castle resides. All the way through there were many things for Alexander to see, but he did not ask about anything because he was waiting to see the main event. His only interest at this point was the breach.

They finally reach outside the castle front, on one of the many roads which lead to the iron gate he saw before. The closer he got, the more he realised the sheer enormity of the gate.

Driving past the door, he could see it was extremely thick, enough to put a house in it. He had many more questions but decided to leave them for the time being.

Upon driving through the gate, Rourke started to explain: “That gate is our second-last resort against the demons which come out of the breach. It is not guaranteed to hold them all back, but it would be long enough for our actual last resort to kick in. We have 5 Hydrogen bombs linked up and ready to blow if all other options fail. Even at the cost of our lives and everything we have built we cannot allow those demons to get past the threshold which is outside the mountain. Once they cross the threshold we lose, the breach then stays open and everything on the other side can come through. The space we are traveling in now is what we call Limbo, the space in which we have the right to challenge what comes through, the battleground for humanity’s survival.”

Alexander looked around the area, to his surprise when he looked against the wall face he could only see what looked to be gun turrets.

Rourke sees him notice those and continues to explain: “We have lined both walls of Limbo with automated turrets, spared no expense. We struck a deal with a French military company which designs automated gun turrets to send us as many as they could build. It cost us hundreds of billions but we had no other choice. Money is no object for us at this point, because all the money in the world will be worthless if we fail. Each of the turrets is manned by a remote gunner back at Olympus. Each turret also has 3 backup turrets behind it should one fail. Should the connection for a turret to Olympus fail, the automatic aiming system kicks in and shoots every heat signature it can see. We tend to not want that to happen because our men might also be at risk, but again we cannot take the chance. Human casualties are expected in this God awful battle.”

Alexander starts to grasp the severity of this ordeal, every one of these people are willing to risk their lives in order to protect humanity from what lives beyond the breach. He also now understands that the constant flow of trucks and cars which he had seen before going in and out of Olympus was to supply Limbo with resources to construct the strongest defence known to man. Some of the turrets aren’t even finished yet.

As they drive further in, Alexander sees another gate, smaller this time but twice as thick as the previous gate.

When driving through he can finally see it, The Breach. A portal about 70 meters high and 100 meters wide, pressed against the back of the mountain wall to ensure nothing is behind it. Inside this room are more turrets like before. Alexander looks to Rourke for answers.

“This room, upon the day of the breach opening for the war, gets locked down, no one in or out, the gate behind us closes and locks completely. No failsafe exists for that gate to open again because we cannot allow it to open because of human intervention. If anyone is stuck in here then they have submitted themselves to die in this room. The turrets surrounding us are all fully automated. This room is our first line of defence. Here is where we thin down the horde which comes through that gate. By the time they get through the door we will have reduced their numbers considerably. The demon you saw before was a special kind, an assassin type, not the kind which comes out during the war.”

Alexander gets off the jeep and walks towards the breach, in an attempt to get a closer look, but before he could get close enough he is stopped by what could be described as sentry droids. He takes a few steps back and the droids return to their original position of facing the breach.

Rourke walks into line of sight of Alexander, turns to him, and elaborates while pointing to the droids: “Top of the line Automated Battle Droids obtained from Area 52, technology which no one has seen before, they won’t become public knowledge for another 50 years as they are still in development, but we were able to obtain them for this room alone. Seeing as anything which happens in this room won’t become public knowledge, the government allowed us to use these. They are expected to change the way wars are fought in the future. They are all able to work in unison to search and destroy anything that comes out the portal. Again, the one from before had the ability to cloak itself so no one and nothing noticed until it was too late. In history that type of demon has only been seen 3 times, today was the fourth. We do not expect to see those again.”

Alexander had started to wonder what the hell could come through those gates. If these people are preparing such a strong offensive defence, what are they expecting to come through? What could they possibly be preparing this much for? How big is this army which will come through the gate?

While he was thinking, Rourke tapped him on the back and said: “And now I would like to introduce to you the other Paranormals which we have picked up along the way, the ones which do not want to see humanity fall. Their ranks range between levels 1 and 4, obviously none of them have your power, but they will be instrumental to the defence as well. I know this is a lot to ask, but I want you to lead these Paranormals in the fight against the demons.”

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