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10: Fight or Flight

The Windy Peaks

The Chimera dipped down towards the ground. The pass into the mountains followed a dry river bed, with several ascent points where waterfalls have once flowed. The pass is almost all stone as the wind that continually moves through the peaks also has blown away most topsoil, leaving only the jagged rocks exposed.

Maverick sat back, and he could see the air current, the direction of resistance. The crosswinds at dangerous points and relative strengths. “I am going to need a co-pilot to help steer the ship.”

Kate placed her hands on the additional set of controls. “ You know how the ship handles, you leed. You won’t have to tell me what I need to do, just think about it. I am your partner. We are in this together.”

Maverick nodded, “I feel like I have wings; the ship is my body.”

Kate projected, “Yes, I can see how you perceive this as such. The feeling is very similar, trust me.”

Maverick took one more look back up behind him, and he could see Kate’s eyes had become a solid crimson color. The way all gods projected themselves when exercising their power. “Let’s do this!”

The Chimera moved into the peaks; a howl of wind raged above them, whistling the angry desires to crush any flying ship or creature. Maverick dipped the ship down to avoid an invisible gust of wind, making the ship shutter. Kate and Maverick both pulled up on their respective levers to level the ship and ascend a dry waterfall.

Shaitar held on to his straps, and he could see one of the two serpentine ships pursuing them. The ship hit the invisible wall of wind. Parts of the ship disintegrated, wood, steel, and body parts exploded. The ship creamed off to the port side, crashing into a mountain and littering the mountainside as the pieces were blown about back towards the peaks’ entrance. “Fools! They needed better pilots!”

Maverick analyzed the patterns of wind before him. “This is going to be tricky.”

Kate giggled, “This is going to be fun!”

Maverick shouted back, “We have to address your idea of fun!”

The Chimera rolled sideways at first a 45-degree angle then to a full 90 degrees. The contents of the vessel slid to the starboard side of the ship. The sudden weight shift caused the ship to drop downwards, just missing a jetting stream of invisible air. Maverick then rolled the ship back, and she pitched straight up with her three heads pointing directly up to avoid another dried waterfall cliff. Kate aided in leveling the ship once the ship reached the top. Maverick shouted, “I can see an exit!” The Chimera skimmed the jagged rocky riverbed only a few feet above the ground.

Another crash could be heard behind them; the second vessel caught in the wind funnel and crashed into the side of the cliff.

Vish’s Command

Vish sat on his throne, his face grinning until the Fang hit an invisible wall and the bow of the ship exploded. The metal, wood, and bodies being thrown out in all directions only to be then pushed back toward the Windy Peaks entrance. “What magic did that?” he glared at his assistant.

Hector wishes he could have rolled his eyes. His lord would kill him at this moment or worse, make him one of his playthings. Being locked into Vish’s slave color did not appeal to him, “Not magic, my Lord. The raging wind above still leaks down into the passage.”

Moments later, he watched as the Canandance corvette dropped sideways at an angle and flew up the side of a cliff face. The Tongue hit another invisible force of wind and crashed the vessel into the cliff.

Vish slammed both of his fists onto his throne in anger. A small release of his grace made his eyes glow a creepy green. “Cowards, they would rather crash their ships than obey me!”

Moving off his throne to the center pilot, he grabbed the green-scaled man by the back of his shirt. Vish violently heaved him across the room into a metal support frame against the far wall. The pilot groaned as he felt a few ribs crack and coughed up some blood. “You don’t know how to pilot this ship! Take him to the hold, and I will play with him later.” Vish sat down into the pilot seat, which had small symbols of serpents etched into the plush leather back.

A serpentine guard dragged the broken pilot off the bridge to await his doom at the hands of his lord.

Vish’s eyes glowed green, and he pulsed his grace to amplify his awareness. He watched as he became more aware of the surroundings. He can now see the hostile wind force that dotted the Windy Peaks’ treacherous path. The ship’s controls strained under his strength, where all three pilots’ strength was needed to open and close the valves of the ether drive, Vish could do so without aid.

The Scale buckled and shook as Vish used one of the lighter updrafts to make the Scale ascend much faster than the vessel could typically. A small twisted smile formed on his lips as the Scale almost appeared directly behind the ship he was pursuing. The Scale has a much more powerful ether drive than the Chimera, and the ship began to close quickly.

Laughing, he watched as the prey tried to fight back; a large black ballista fired a single bolt. Vish projected where this bolt would hit, the front of the ship where the armor was heavy. The bolt would simply bounce off with damage done. The bolt crashed into the armor as predicted, then exploded. The ship’s front shattered in a fiery explosion, shaking the ship violently as a large chunk had been destroyed. “HOW DARE THEY USE MAGIC!”

Growling and hissing in frustration, “Ready the grapples. We are going to tear the hearts out of these rebels!”

Chimera Flight

Shaitar watched through the transparent cabin as the Scale took over the Chimera, “This looks promising, two down and one left.”

Maverick cursed under his breath, pushing the Chimera skyward. “Kate, it looks like we are going to have to fight. How good are you with the sword?”

Kate did not know how to compare her skills against others; she had practiced a lot with the tower’s guardians, mechanical golems that her uncle had built for her to fight. These mechanical men she could cut down quickly. “I don’t know, and I can fight. My uncle packed my weapons in a trunk that was loaded in the cargo bay.”

The Scale moved to match the Chimera. Kate still shared her awareness power; Maverick spotted a wind current he could ride on, but the damage would be catastrophic to the Chimera. “I got an idea; tell Opal to place one of her Walls behind the Chimera, attach it to the ship! We need rear armor now!”

Shaitar nodded and relayed the command through one of the command funnels. A moment later, the ship slowed as a large blue, glowing force wall covered the ship’s entire rear. This new magical wall created a large amount of drag on the vessel. The Scale gained closer and closer. Maverick then slid the ship upwards one more time. “Hold on, ever been in a tornado?” The wind blasted into the rear of the Chimera, the ship was pushed forward and at a incredible speed. The glowing force field glowed brightly, small chips of energy began to break off. This is the same force of wind that had moments ago shattered the Fang and the Tongue now pounded the rear of the air-ship.

The Chimera bounced under the power of hurricane force winds. Kate aided Maverick in stabilizing the ship, keeping the vessel in the wind tunnel. She leaned into and pushed one of the levers in perfect harmony with Maverick. The two mirrored each other’s actions as if they were one being. She felt his anxiety growing about the ship being torn apart. Her link with him went both ways, she started singing again. Her soft voice filled the ship, through the brass communication tubes. Waves of relief and confidence flooded the ship with her siren song, she was a sabuci after all part succubus.

A Scaly Pursuit

Vish screamed angrily, slamming his hands down on the control panel, which broke under his unmatched strength. The grapples missed at the last moment as the small vessel had dipped into a wind tunnel and sped away. His father had only given him access to apprentice magicians, and they could not create walls like this little ship. His ship did not need such flimsy armor. Growling, Vish turned to the next pilot. The frightened serpentine pilot got up and immediately moved for his lord.

Vish slides over. “This is not over!” He aggressively pushes the control levers and foot pedals, the Scale raised into the wind tunnel.

The Scale has heavier armor and is more reinforced than both the Tongue and the Fang. The hurricane-force winds cracked wood and bent metal. The ship again groaned under the hurricane-force winds, parts of the hull began to break and fly off. The gamble worked; he kept up with the fleeing Canandance Corvette. He laughed as he watched a number of his unsecured crew being violently blown out of his ship and into the wind tunnel.

The Scale broke out of the wind tunnel following the corvette. His ship was now directly under the fleeing vessel. Grapple shots screamed upward from the Scale’s balista’s, impaling the bottom of the Chimera. The grapple teams start winching the ship down when a lower hull piece broke off, crashing to the Scales main deck. Vish could see that the corvette’s either drive was exposed to attack! The trapped ship pulled on the ropes like a bucking animal desperately trying to escape. Vish raises his fist in a triumphant “YES!”

The force wall behind the corvette disappeared, and a new one appeared below the ship. “That won’t help you for long!” His triumphant gaze turned to bewilderment as he watched the ship change directions; the either jets pushed the trapped vessel downward. The Chimera dropped down from the sky like a rock; the ship crashed down into the Scale’s main deck. He watched in horror as the black ballista at the back of the vessel fired a single bolt; he tracked the trajectory.

Vish’s eyes widened, “SHIT!” he released the controls and, with a speed that was not human, pulsed his divine grace to move his body faster. He ran off the bridge and down several stairs before the red bolt broke into the command tower and exploded. Wood, steel and body parts ejected in a burst of fire raining down on the ground and the deck of the Scale.

The Scale’s main deck cracked and broke, and the Chimera dropped all three hulls into the now sunken deck. Several serpentine crew were crushed or wounded when the Chimera came to a stop. The bottom force shield took the brunt of the damage and faded.

Many serpentine guards started to run and jump onto the Chimera’s main deck. The crew of the Chimera only counted twenty men, the remaining team of the scale about fifty.

A sizable scaly snake with large blue and white feathery wings slithered out of the wreckage of the lower decks of the Scale. The snake began to grow and grow. The dragon snake roared that sounded more of a loud wet hissing sound.

A bolt of lightning shot through the air, landing directly into his slick white scales. Followed by the thunder, Torac dived off the ship. “Taste the coming storm SOOTH!” Torac is Sooth’s match in every way. His blue and silver body expanded, growing larger and larger.

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