TKoT 1-1: The Bond

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11: Double Trouble

Boarding Parties

Shaitar untied himself from his seat and his bastard sword from his chair. He stood like the leader he was proud of. “Time to go fight some fools.” He dashed out of the bridge and onto the main deck. Maverick unhooked himself as well, drawing his saber. “You have your weapons down in the hold?”

Kate nodded, “Yes.” She glanced around for something to use for a moment. Maverick pulled his dagger, flipped it up by the blade, and handed the weapon to her. “Let’s go!”

The two dashed outside into the fray. Serpentine men climbed onto the Chimera with death in their eyes. The cold-hearted expressions meant that this was a fight to the end.

Landis pointed his cane over his head and chanted his spell, “Arcana: Slow Time!” A dozen of the scaly individuals slowed down as small transparent blue hourglasses appeared over their heads. The spell would only last a minute and just slowed them down. “Shaitar!” Waving his cane towards the slowed serpent men.

Landis and Shaitar worked well as a team; Shaitar knew what to do next; he moved down the ramp and began plunging his sword into the guts of the slowed serpentine men. They would try to raise their shields and swords to block, but they were unable to stop the deadly blows in their stalled state. Their insides slowly spilled out of the open belly wounds. He had to fatally wound as many as he could before the spell wore off.

Rolland and Opal stood on the upper deck, along with a few of the other crew. Rolland rained down arrows into the boarding serpent men. His skill was impressive; each arrow launched hit the intended target. Clutching the arrow protruding out of their chest, each of the serpent men fell to the ship’s deck. Opal used her wand and did not care about causing a ship-wide fire; the wand spits out bolts or yellow flame one after another with each flick of her wrist. The combination of arrows and flaming bolts held the serpentine men off of the upper aft deck.

Maverick joined into the melee on the main deck as his saber clashed against a serpentine man with a sword and shield. Both men danced around each other, thrusting as quickly as they could to outmatch each other in skill or just dumb luck. Maverick held his own and pressed forward, twisted and sliced downward. Maverick’s saber clanged again and again against the serpentine man’s shield. Maverick spun and feinted; his opponent raised his shield to block the blow, the saber cut into his unprotected side.

A loud, angry yell came from the main deck of the Scale. A large shirtless muscled green-scaled warrior wearing white sandals and tight fitting red shorts jumped from one side of the Scale’s main deck onto the deck of the Chimera. His landing was asteroric, and he landed with one knee on the ground and both knuckles leaving broken deck panels. He stood erect nearly seven feet by human standards. He punched one fist into an open hand, “WHERE’S THE TRAITOROUS GOD!” His red serpent eyes searched the ship, pulsing his awareness outward, looking for the signs of grace, the power that all gods could use. He could not sense the presence he felt earlier; either the god was not using his power, or he had fled the ship. “COWARD.” Spotting the large bosomed woman on the upper deck, his forked tongue slipped out. “Now that’s a plaything!”

One of the Chimera’s crew moved to engage the unarmed muscle man. Vish was too fast for him, almost like he was under one of Landis’s slow time spells. The power was known as god-speed; reactions were pushed to the god’s body’s limit for a short time. The god could see the world in slow motion and move what looked like normal. To all others, this made the god a blur as he was almost too fast for the human eye to track. Vish punched the man several times, each time a bone would crack in his ribcage. The last punch hit him hard in the gut, sending him flying out of both ships and down to the rocky grounds below.

Vish jumped up and behind onto the upper aft deck. Landing next to the enormous black dragon carved ballista, he punched it. The weapon tore off the mounts and crashed over the side of the Chimera onto the broken main deck of the Scale. He had a moment of satisfaction, as this weapon had destroyed his bridge and his favorite assistant Hector.

Rolland hollard as if he had struck a mortal blow, “My dragon!”

Vish turned to quickly move and punched Rolland in the stomach, he doubled over, and Vish’s elbow came down hard on his back. Rolland heard and felt several ribs breaking; gasping for air, he fell to the ground into unconsciousness. Vish’s skin lit up with fire from Opal’s magical wand, and a small transparent Hourglass symbol appeared over his head. The fire did nothing to his resilient skin, and the time mage’s magic was not strong enough to command his reality. Vish burst into laughter! He backhanded the busty wand wielding mage across the face, knocking her unconscious immediately. She spun around back into the railing, dropping her wand overboard and onto the exposed deck of the Scale. “I will enjoy breaking you my plaything.”

Turning to the time-wizard, Vish raced down the deck with inhuman speed. His fist is aiming to knock the wizard’s head off. When he saw a young woman coming up the stairs from the cargo hold near the bow of the ship, her hair jet black moved in the wake she provided, and she wore a simple green dress, clutched with an enchanted blade. She had small white pointed horns protruding from her forehead. She was moving as quickly as he was. THE TRAITOR. He did not know who this god was; he never had seen her before. Someone else he was going to break tonight.

The woman did not say a word; her eyes alight with her grace. She had charged her sword with her grace; power like that could hurt him or even kill him. Vish pulled his fist before hitting the time-wizard, moving around him to engage this traitor. The two gods closed on each other in battle that would take only moments in time. He moved to grab her wrist in order to stop her sword from hurting him. She moved like the wind, and her bare feet danced around him in a very subtle motion. Her sword slid down to stab his leg, Vish caught her wrist. “Who are you!” The woman’s response was to use her other hand to sink a finger into the tendon just below his wrist to make him release her wrist. She then kneads for his groin, and his leg moved to block that vulnerable spot. The two broke apart and continued to circle each other.

Vish hissed, “You’re a half-demon. You kind of look like her too. You are the daughter of demon whore Chizzit.” He lunged for her, she expected a fist attack, but instead, he barreled into her. She lost her sword against the railing of the ship. Vish continued to push her off the deck of the Chimera. With a burst of vicious and insane laughter, he dragged Kate off of the ship. Both fell spiraling downward.

Maverick noticed that she was now falling, “KATE!”

Kate projected, “Don’t worry. He’s mine!”

Falling Gracelessly

Vish is expanding grace with each punch to the goddess in the stomach over and over, “BITCH WHO CAN HEAL FASTER!” He enjoyed himself each time she made a painful grunt with each punch.

Kate poured her grace into healing herself at the same time. She had remembered that Uncle Jeri said that when gods fight, the one who has the most grace usually wins a duel. She was going to find out just how much she had today.

Vish looked at the ground, rapidly approaching them. He laughed like a mad man. “Your bones are going to break. You can’t have much power left. I heal nearly instantly! How about you.”

Her back began to ripple and deform, a great set of leathery red wings expanded. A scorpion tail expanded out of her lower spine. The sudden change in resistance tore her from his arms as her wings caught air. Vish screamed one last time.“BITCH!” His body crumpled into the jagged rocks below, his bones broke. Blood and guts expanded like a squashed roach in all directions, leaving a nasty stain on the ground.

Vish quickly used his grace to begin pulling his body back together; that’s when Kate’s scorpion barbed tail struck into his reforming chest. His eyes glowed with green light and dimmed a degree when Kate’s scorpion barb pulsed. An acidic poison pumped into his heart, slowing his regeneration, as he used more grace to counteract the poison. The barb whipped out and struck one of his arms that had regrown.

Kate could see the ground moving around them. Something was about to surface; the sound of the impact had drawn out the local creatures that rule the land around the Wind Peaks.

Kate lowered herself down to his broken head. She reached her gentle soft hand down onto his fractured and deformed face. His eyes no longer glowed; he had depleted most of his grace. “My name is Katalina. Do you know who’s land this belongs to, the Earth Lords. I wonder how long they can feed off a god?” She touched his cheek, and she entered his mind. She could see the twisted black mind of a man who enjoyed torture, rape, and murder. He is a true animal, and even his father had cast him out. As a sabuci, she inherited many of her mother’s powers, and she could enter the mind and give commands. She told him to Sleep. Kate launched her body upward into the air with her mighty red wings.

Vish’s red eyes rolled back into his head. He went to sleep even through the pain. Granit’s fists reached upward through the ground. A large ten-foot block of stone, vaguely humanoid, pulled its bulky towering form to stand over Vish’s body. The creatures glowing green eyes looked up first at the flying demon god, then back down to the sleeping god on the ground. A deep cavernous laugh pushed through the Earth Lords’ rocky lips. Reaching down, the creature grabbed hold of the sleeping god. The flesh slowly turned to stone, starting where the Earth Lord touched Vish and spread across his broken body. Moments later, Vish’s body was a rough piece of stone the same as the rest of the rocks and boulders in the surrounding land. The Earth Lord fist broke into the chest cavity and pulled a large glowing green crystal pulsing stone heart. Sniffing the crystal first and letting out a hollow moan of pleasure. The creature slowly sunk back down into the ground, taking its prize with him.

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