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06: Uncle Jeri


Jerilith sat down in his study; his thick black beard went midway to his chest. He always kept his long facial hair well combed and brushed to keep crumbs of extra food that failed to reach his mouth out of his beard. The middle-aged man, maybe in his late thirties, wore long black robes with a silver trim set with arcane scripts and symbols. A skull floated off his side, not made of bone but a transparent blue crystal; another red crystal skull floated opposite the blue.

He had nearly completed inking the last page of the book he was writing. He always knew how much paper to use on a particular book when he wrote one. Jerilith had one page left in the book that he had titled, ‘Lost Art of Lavatories’’. He would pen the words onto the story shortly.

Jerilith’s study is where he spent a lot of his free time now, writing and making some different magical devices. Books stacked in many other places, shelves are stuffed with loose manuscripts, scrolls, and odd tomes. The room sat high in the castle’s central tower, rising higher than all the other lower spires. A balcony overlooked the courtyard, the sun shining down and through the twin french doors.

“Well, my friend, we are almost at the end of this chapter of my life. It’s nice to have a vacation once in a while, not being directly in the Keepers plan, but as a simple caretaker.”

The blue skull dipped down to his left ear and flashed as its voice whispered, “Nothing simple about raising Katalina.”

The red skull swung to the other side, pulsing as it whispered to him, “You should have taught her less about mercy and caring and more about punishment and consequences of actions.”

He chuckled, “I think we did a good job, though I will admit, I tried my hardest to keep her away from men. That is one that I could not even predict. We will meet him soon enough.”

Red moved back down to his shoulder, “And castrate him.”

“No, not as of yet.” Jerlith shook his head. Closing the book, “I even had a special dress for her to wear. The disrespect she has been giving me lately like she is rebelling. Not to say I blame her.”

Red moved back, “Hang her upside down in a box underneath the tower again! She needs to be punished!”

If blue had eyes, the orbs would be rolling, “Not everything needs to be a punishment.”

Jerilith moved to the balcony, looking down into the valley below; this is a beautiful place, the shroud the Council of Eight had weaved will be failing soon, and this valley will no longer be protected. He moved over to the marble railing and looked into the clouds that provided the valley the shroud of mystery it had become known for. A tunnel seems like it had been carved into the side. Jerilith had shown Kate how to manipulate the surrounding laws of nature with her grace. He had kept specifics about her background secret for years.

Jerlith stroked his beard, chin turning to the blue crystal skull, “You know, I had this day planned out. Sitting her down and telling her who her mother and father are. Telling her what she truly is. Now the girl has run off and hooked up with the first man she sees.” Glancing over a dress hanging on a hook near the doorway into the study. The dress was a golden, silver, and expensive piece of work. He gave a deep laugh, “Well, that’s life. She’s old enough to make her own decisions.”

The red skull floated nearby and glowed brightly, “PUNISH!”. Jerilith just ignored the advisory skull.

“Not at this point; the Council of Eight has plans for her; they rarely ever agree on anything. Much less a plan of action. So it is now time for her to head to Durith. She will undergo a trial of sorts. I have to go to Durith myself and ensure that the temple can receive her.” Sighing, he looked out the window. He could now see the three-headed ship slowly descending into the central courtyard of the castle. “It’s time to put on the show.”

The Announcement!

Jerilith headed down the long stone circular staircase. A wide-open hole with a metal railing descended a hundred feet to the ground floor. Stone gargoyles perched up near the ceiling on small outcroppings that darted the main hall. These stoney statues would, of course, animate and attack unwanted intruders should the need arise. Two dozen boggling dressed in various outfits stood along the main hall. Boggling were small fury humanoids, having a green and thick brown fur covering most of their body, leaving only enough flesh exposed for their red eyes, mouth, and moist nose. Jerilith waved his right hand, and the main doors slowly opened. The massive iron doors held a symbol of the world with one moon and eight symbols circling the globe.

The bogglings moved out in a parade like fashion, a dozen to each side. The parade of green and brown furry humanoids stood in wide rows, forming a path between the Chimera and the front doors. Jeriltih slowly stood out behind them and stopped in the entrance, and waited. The two crystal skulls floated off either side of him.

The Chimera had landed with the lower bay doors facing the main entrance of the castle. The crew slowly disembarked, Shaitar and Landis first. Followed by Opal, Holland, and dragging up behind the party was Maverick and Kate.

Shaitar moved forward, leaving Landis behind. His cobalt blue overcoat displayed the badge of the Silver Blades over his left pocket. Shaitar adjusted his brown tricon swashbuckler hat to tilt a bit off to the side. He nodded as he approached the group. “I am Shaitar, and I am the captain of the Chimera.” He reaches inside his coat and pulls out a small letter. “I have been contracted by Darwin Skyweaver to transport our savior to Durith.” Shaitar awaited a new god prophesied to free the world from the tyranny of the Gods of the Spire. He would be a powerful weapon for the souls of the world. He had to have faith in the Skyweaver, the prophet of the Council of Eight. This mythical hand of fate had spoken and told him he needed to come and gather this new god.

Jerilith looked at the gathering people, and he looked past to where Kate was standing. She was holding the hand of a swarthy looking rogue. Yes, he could see why she was attracted to him. He was handsome, and the poor boy does not know what he stepped into. He smiled and returned to Shaitar; Jerilith took the letter, inspected the seal, and agreed. “Yes. Darwin told me to expect you on this day. Unfortunately, the savior was late getting here. I had planned a bigger reception for you, but that has been shelved. So I will do the introductions. You will be the first to hear a bit of a story.”

Jerilith enjoyed telling stories, especially since this is the first time in decades he could tell this tale. “Many years ago, in the province of Canadance before the fall of that kingdom, A primal god was born. Yes. A forbidden union between two gods, the Pantheon of the Spire. Voloth, the leader of the Spire, would seek out and kill the child before that godling can come into power. The father of the godling was forced to carry out this heinous command and kill his son. He did as ordered, and he brought back the head of his newborn child to Voloth as proof of his deed and loyalty. But what was not told was that the child was not the only one born, for the goddess had given birth to twins. The Soul Stone of Chaos was watching and waiting, and in his true child-like fashion, he gave the two gods an option. He offered to let the parents play a game of Hide and Seek. He would hide the child and see if anybody could find the baby. They both knew they could not save the first child, but they could secret away the second, and the other gods would not know until the new godling was old enough to assert power. They both swore themselves to secrecy about the other child.”

“I was contracted by the Skyweaver as my special skills would be needed to handle a refuge that Joshua had constructed. He hid the new god here, allowing me to raise the child until today. Shaitar, this will be your responsibility to help this new god reach the Temple of Ascension in Durith. The Council of Eight is waiting. Will you accept?” Jerilith’s eyes narrowed and focused solely on Shaitar.

Shaitar placed his hand over his heart, “It is my duty and honor to accept.”

Jerilith grinned, “We will see how strong your resolve is, for you are going to be tested on this journey as well. Now with the backstory out of the way. I would like you to meet the daughter of Balthazar, God of the Iron Mountains, and the Demon Goddes, Chizzit the Queen of the Shadowed Veil. Katalina, would you please come forward and stop pawning on that young lad.”

Kate stood silent, a bit of shock. “I am a god?”

All heads shifted, gazing back at the young sabuci. “Yes, you picked her up this morning. She tends to run off and not listen to her elders. I have her items packed in a few crates.”

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