TKoT 1-1: The Bond

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07: I am a God?

You are who?

Opal was the first to speak, “Wait, The King of the Iron Mountains and the Queen of the Shadow Veil hooked up? Did not see that coming.”

Kate once again repeated, “I am a god. I don’t feel all-powerful.”

Jerilith moved past Shaitar and moved closer to Kate, “Well, this valley has suppressed most of your ability to use grace. Any god who steps into the valley suffers the same fate losing their power. This valley is a good hiding place.”

Jerilith scratched his chin; sometimes, the beard was a bit itchy. ”You already know how to use grace, and you have been using the power in a reduced capability all these years. Your song, the clouds responded to your call when you craved a tunnel through the fog to return here.”

Reaching Maverick, he looked down at the young man, “You need to be extra careful. You look like a man who has already broken many hearts.”

Kate interrupted, “He has; he dashed out of windows when some of his lovers mentioned the word ‘I love you’ or the word ‘marriage.’ A red-haired woman who he uhhmm loved, left him with a nasty scar on his left rear cheek.”

Jeriltih smiled, “I take it you have been probing his mind, Good. If he is such an untrustworthy man, you won’t have to worry about bonding with him. Only when the hearts are compatible, then such a thing can happen. It’s kind of a curse with sabuci; lucky for you, and you did not inherit all your mother’s desires.”

Kate looked a little sheepish, “About that. How do you break a bond as you put it.”

Maverick spoke, “I can’t get her out of my head. I feel her emotions, and she says she can feel mine as well.”

Jerilith paused for a moment, and his mind went numb. Then he laughed out loud, a bellowing laugh. This jolly laughter even took Kate by surprise; he never laughed. “Well, I think she has chosen you, or you chose her. Now a connection like that is rare at first sight. No, my young man. You just became her husband, the husband of a goddess.”

Kate’s eyes brows lowered, “I thought there was more than just a kiss involved.”

Jerilith pointed his finger at Maverick, “Desire, with sabuci, it happens. With a goddess sabuci, it looks like it happens too. I know that you will share in each other’s power, or your case, young man, her power. You have bound yourself to a god. What some men would give to be in your shoes right now.”

Maverick was not worried; he would spend the rest of his life with this strange woman, no goddess. “How is the bond broken.”

Jeriltih shook his head, “I don’t think you can break it only in death. As long as your soul does not get destroyed, you will share each other’s experiences. Love, hate, joy, and fear.”

More bogglings began exiting the main castle entrance with several chests, trunks, and other various containers. A gruff voice, “Where do we take these?”

Nolland moved to the ramp and started directing the furry short boggling to move the goddess’s earthly possessions.

“Now we don’t have much time, soon the protections on this valley will fail. You now need to race to Durith. I will meet you there as well to make sure the Temple of Ascension is ready for your arrival.” Jeriltih added.

Shaitar spoke, “Wait, you are going ahead of us. How?”

Jerilith tapped his foot, “I can teleport.”

Shaitar raised his finger, “Then why do I need to transport her if you could just teleport her there yourself.”

Jeriltih raised his finger, “Remember how I said you were being tested too? Now up to it. Voloth will be swarming this valley soon. He’s been curious about what has is being hidden from him for so long. We don’t have much time. But as an added protection, I am sending Torac to aid you as well.”

Shaitar looked up at the colossal dragon looking down at him, and his ship, one wing of this creature, could hide the entire Chimera. That was some reassurance, that was for sure.

Jerilith glanced up at the dragon, “Torac, we ready?”

The dragon responded by launching a bolt of lightning high into the sky; thunder’s sound reverberated through the valley.

He stretched his mighty wings and dropped down into the central courtyard. His body was shrinking, smaller and smaller until he was the size of a house cat, albeit with wings and a tail. He circled until he landed on Kate’s shoulder; he gave a hard cold look at Maverick.

Then the dragon warped across her back, slipping his tail under her arm for support. Giggling, Kate reminded Maverick, “See, I told you just like a cat.

Torac wing the buffed Kate in the back of the head, in a small squeaky voice, not loud as the before, “I am not a cat. Those are dinner.”

“Not fair, stay out of his mind. That was private.” Kate stroked Toracs scales under his chin.

The tiny dragon puffed, “Well, then he needs to learn HOW to shield his mind.”

Shaitar had expected something different. He had expected a powerful, strong god, and he was unsure what he was looking at. She did not fit the picture as someone who could defeat the Pantheon of the Spire. He would just have to have faith in the Council of Eight. “With no disrespect, goddess. I had no idea who you were.”

Kate turned toward him, “All forgiven. Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into. The outside world awaits. I want to see as much as I can.”

Shaitar commanded, “Silver Blades, move out!” Landis, Opal moved up the ramp. Nolland waited at the bay door’s winch controls.


Kate turned to Maverick, “I will be there shortly.” He nodded and tilted his hat.

Kate walked over to Jeriltih, “Is this goodby?”

Jerilith gave her a weak smile, “No child, this is the start of a new ending and the ending of an old start.” He kissed her forehead then hugged her tightly. Kate hugged him back. Jerilith held onto her for a moment, “There is more I want to tell you, but that will have to wait. You should have come home last night, but it looks like you found something more thrilling.”

Kate looked back at Maverick’s firm form as he stepped up the ramp; he turned and looked back at her. She felt his heart flutter, “I have no idea what he has done to me. I can barely breathe when he is around. I want him to command me, and I want him to.”

Jerilith pushed her forward a bit, which snapped her back. Jerilith understands that she is smitten with him, with no hope. He knows the young goddess is running on pure hormones. “Yes, I am sure you do. You will figure out what to do. If he does betray your trust, save a piece for me as well. You are young, and you have not had a proper way of allowing your passions to run free.”

“Now go, time is short, and we must get going. See you when you reach Durith. Take care, and you have been a daughter to me.”

Kate raced up to the ramp of the Chimera, and Maverick was waiting for her. He reached out for her hand and helped her up into the ship’s hold. Jerilith watched as the Nolland closed the large door with a rope winch.

Moments later, the Chimera’s ether drive kicked in, and a blast of air raced from under the air-ship. Dust and loose dirt exploded in all directions under the air-ship. The Chimera banked a bit, corrected, and moved higher and higher into the noonday sky. Jerilith heard the sound of Kate’s musical voice, another tunnel opened in the cloud barrier. He watched the ship disappear into the white churning tunnel.

A multicolored flashing gem the size of a small marble hovered near Jerilith. Jerilith turned to the stone, “I hope I prepared her well enough. She is a nice girl, and I hope she will remember those lessons when the power goes to her head. Did you know of the young man would bond to her so quickly?”

Child-like laughter let out, “Yes, Skyweaver informed us that this god needed to have a soul mate, a soul intertwined with one another. We searched the Well of Souls until we found a pair that could fit the bill. There will be a time when that goddess walks down a dark road for a very long time. The only thing that can bring her out of her pain and suffering is her soul mate. Like all prophets of fate, the Skyweaver does not go into details of when and where.”

Jerilith feels a slap on the shoulder, the invisible force of Joshua. His child’s voice rang out, “You did a wonderful job raising her, Jeri. Now the stage has been set for the next Game of Gods to be played out.”

Jerilith followed the floating gem, “I think you like this game too much.”

The stone flashed a response, “No, it’s one of the most dangerous games to play. Change does not always happen the way we want it to. Now it is time to play my favorite game, Hide and Seek!”

The multi-colored eight-sided chevron, the symbol of chaos, formed above the castle. A lightning storm danced around the castle grounds. A sizeable purple vortex opened up, engulfing the castle and all on the grounds. When the storm stopped, nothing was left but a crater on the hillside. The castle had been transported to someplace else, leaving nothing behind.

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