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08: Away from Home

Opal and Maverick

Opal slipped into the flight cabin, while Kate had wandered off to explore the ship for a moment. Her long blue dress clashed with the brown leathery tricon she wore. “Umm, Maverick, have you already told her about us?”

Maverick shook his head, “Not yet; it’s only a matter of time, though. I can’t keep her out of my mind. She’s not listening right now, though, preoccupied with the rear ballista. She is chatting with Rolland on how it works; he’s all happy to explain the weapon in very much detail. He built it, after all.”

Maverick rolled the ship a bit, keeping her level as he ascended the cloud filled tunnel that Kate had created.

Opal looked a little worried, “She’s a god. All the stories I have ever read is that gods punish people at a whim. Is she the jealous type?”

Maverick eyebrows narrowed, “No, I don’t think so. I think she will understand we are not together anymore, and you’re just a close friend.”

“Gee, thanks. Just make sure she does not kill me, please.” She said as she mounted the co-pilot’s chair behind him.

“I find it strange, but maybe you are right. Kate may very well be my soul-mate. I have not been able to think about any form of a stable relationship with another woman. Anytime I got too serious, I would end up running away from the commitment. Then in the woods, I heard her singing, and I had to go, following the voice. My heart longed to see, hear, touch whoever that was. I have not made love to her yet, and I keep thinking about it. I am blushing at times. I could still be under a spell or a power of that goddess.” He turned back to Opal, “I don’t care. She is important to me, and I could never willingly hurt her. I will protect her with all that I have.” He paused to catch a breath. ”In an instant, without thought or trepidation. I am hers, and I can feel the same in her thoughts as well. When she shares them with me.”

“Damn, you are truly in love with her, aren’t you. This is not fair at all, most people have to work at a relationship. Love is not an emotion it is a commitment.” Opal was now prying, and she wished she could see what was going on in his head. Maverick, Mr. Heartbreaker being stuck to one woman.

Maverick pushed a finger between the hat and his scalp, scratching an itch that annoyed him. “This feeling is much stronger than that; I feel this is where I need to be, by her side. I will support, care, and fight for her with all I have. I will follow her where she goes, and she will do the same for me.”

“I will go talk to her to get it out in the open. Nothing like having one of your x’s onboard to cause problems. I don’t want to piss a god off.” Opal rose off the chair and headed out the cabin.

Maverick rarely had anxiety about somebody else, especially about Opal. Kate is still a mystery to him, he does not entirely know how to read her. She’s a goddess, and a sabuci, but he cares about both women. Opal because of the past they shared, and Kate is something more. He does not know if she is vengeful, possessive or even jealous. Don’t be mad at her.

Kate projected, “I feel you are worried. You are worried about Opal?

Maverick responds, “Yeah, don’t kill her.”

Kate projected, “I am not; your relationships before you met me mean very little. If they get in the way, we can resolve them together.

Opal and Kate

Opal approached the goddess, and she was going to have to handle this with care. Kate stepped down from the upper aft deck. Torac, now the size of a house cat clung around her neck, jumped off and fluttered to the forward bow of the ship.

“Umm, hello. I don’t know if you want to be worshiped or not.”

Kate gazed at her form, big-chested, that was for sure. The dress barely held her cleavage escaping. Kate biting her lower lip quickly assessed her own bossem, smaller. Did Maverick like big chested women? This is not the time to be insecure about something so trivial. “Opal Stanz, Fear not. I have no followers, and you are here worried about what I may do to you because you and Maverick have had sex. I have been poking Maverick’s mind for some time. You two were lovers for a while.”

Opal liked this goddess straight to the point, “Yes. Not love per se, just lust. We enjoyed each other’s company mostly because we could never form a proper relationship with anybody else. I am a bit jealous. I will not try to do anything that would make you think we were umm.”

Kate interrupted, “Yes, I understand. Just don’t take action on what you may think. Maverick trusts you; you are a true friend to him. You have both saved each other’s lives over the years, which creates a strong friendship. I hope I can gain that level of trust with you as well.” Kate reaches out her hand as an act of friendship.

Opal reaches out and shakes her hand. A flood of euphoria went through Opal, understanding the goddess was satisfied with her answer.

Kate smiles, “Now with that over, tell me about Maverick from your point of view.”

Opal smiles, “Now I got someone to talk dirty about Maverick.” Giggling, she is going to be more fun than she expected. “Want something more adult to drink?” She reached inside a pouch and pulled a long thin red bottle out.

Kate smiled, she planned on doing a lot of different activities today that her uncle had forbidden. “YES!”

Pushing the bottle towards Kate, “Hold this.” Opal reached inside her pouch again and brought out two mugs. “Now twist and pour.”

Kate twisted off the cork cap with her teeth and proceeded to fill the mugs with the red wine. She remembers reading in a book that’s how pirates opened bottles of wine. Putting the cork back then looking for a place to set the now half empty bottle.

Opal was not going to let such a fine piece of beverage stay loose on the deck, “Just drop the bottle back in my pouch on the side. The pouch is bigger on the inside.”

Kate opened the small bag on Opals waist and dropped the bottle back in. Opal offered one of the mugs to Kate.

Opal raised her mug up in the air. “I wish to make a toast to the one who has boxed Maverick’s heart. The unconquerable has been conquered.”

Kate clinked the mug together, “Arrrrgh” using her best pirate voice.

Opal sighed rolling her eyes, “You have not gotten out much have you?”

Kate just chuckled, “Nope and thank you.”

Opal and Kate took a swallow of the red beverage.

Kate felt an unfamiliar warmth slowly spreading through her body. “Hmm, so you have something on your mind?”

Opal paused for a moment, “Besides telling you all about Maverik’s dirty little secrets. Which you will find anyway. It will be fun embarrassing him a bit, he deserves it.”

Kate wanted details, “How did you and Maverick meet.”

Opal smiled vividly, remembering that night a few years ago,, “You’re holding it. Too much booze at a local tavern. We were both drunk off of our ass’s that night. I get drunk, I get umm, promiscuous to say the least.”

Kate assesses Opal as a potential threat, “Do you love him?”

Opal paused, “I will always, like him. We shared a few experiences together, but we could never be a couple. I get drunk, I get frisky. He could never keep his eyes or hands off of other women. So we shared a few lonely nights together when nobody else was available. It was not love, just release. He’s not a bad guy, rather heroic at times.”

With a grin Opal continued, “He has run from more farmers’ daughters fathers than I can count. He has a bad tendency of getting caught with his pants down. Just a week before coming here, I caught him dashing out of an upper story building with just his shoes. The father of the red headed girl he had been sleeping with caught him in the act. She’s waving goodbye from the balcony while her father is throwing a nasty knife at him. He got poked in the ass, he should count himself lucky I am sure the blade was aimed at something else.”

Kate wondered why in the hell she was attracted to him. He sounded. Just like the stories she read about in all the books, a dashing hero and a ladies man. She could feel in his thoughts, a sudden strength that he had not known a peace that made him complete.. The term had been called soulmate, could this be true?

Opal drank another draft of her wine in the mug. A long silence occurred between the two women. The goddess had not thrown her over board or tried to kill her, this she felt was a good sign. Opal changed the subject, “You are a caster right? Familiar with Merging Spells?”

Kate drank more of the red warming liquid, “Yes. Uncle Jeri and I have performed Merging Spells. He made sure I knew how to work with others in casting joint spells. The more casters you have, the more you augment the power of the spell.”

Opal smiled, “Good, because god tier magic supersedes mortal level magic. If you cast a spell with me, meaning that your magic infuses my spell to become god tier level. I think we need a few spells to cloak us while we travel.”

Kate thought for a moment, “Sounds good. If I am to understand you want me to help you block sight, sound and divinations that may be used to find me.”

Opal nodded, “Yes. I usually use a few anti-scrying and location spells on this vessel, keeping us away from anything save the gods themselves. Having you on board will attract attention. I am sure that the Spires Holy Trinity will come for you. Either to subjugate you or kill you. If they can not find you then..” chugging the rest of her wine down. “All the better.”

Kate then drank down the rest of her wine as well. She felt tingly alright, almost giddy. “Yes, I like it.” Slamming the mug down onto the ship’s railing. “Though we will have to wait until we clear the veil. I should be able to pour my magic into your spell at that time. I am supposed to be even more powerful at that point.” The restrictions to godly grace would be lifted when she left the veiled valley she had been living in all of her life.

Shaitar and Maverick

Shaitar pass’s the two gossipings, and he only heard bits and parts of their conversation. The two are giggling, and he knows he heard about some of Maverick’s indiscretions. He pushes open the pilot’s cabin.

He moves over to stand next to Maverick. Looking up to Shaitar, “Captain?”

He sighs, “Now we are on the way; I just passed Opal and the goddess talking.”

Nervously putting his hand behind his head and stroking his hair, “Yeah. I think this may be one of my worst nightmares.”

Shaitar grinned, “An ex and the current chatting up, every man’s worst nightmare. Though, it looks like I don’t see the goddess tossing Opal overboard.”

Maverick responded, “Yeah. Kate is not worried about her; the very thought of pleasing another woman has left my mind. I might be under her spell, and I like it.”

Shaitar had a worried look, “If so, there is no way we can break it. Have you gleaned anything useful from her?”

Maverick smiled, “She is curious about everything. She says she knows how to use a sword and bow. She wants to help, and I have been showing her what the other gods have been doing to the people. These actions against us must stop. She agrees and will do what she can.”

Shaitar padded his shoulder, “Well, guide her, and then we might just have a chance to save ourselves from becoming a soul trapped in the eternal wall of the Spire.”

Maverick sighed, “I don’t know how I can provide any surprises to this girl. All my moves to pick up women. The years of practice and wowing all for not. One look and I was hooked. She knows what I am going to do before I do it.”

Shaitar shook his head, smiling, “No way I can help you there. Learn to keep her out of your head. You kissed her. Now you got to lay with her.”

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