TKoT 1-3: Dunkir

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02: The City of Dunkir

A Semi Safe Port

The Chimera slips over the mountain range, silently crossing over into a large valley filled with fertile farms of the City-State of Dunkir.

Kate sits behind Maverick in the co-pilot’s chair, and she had become very used to the leathery feel of the seat. Just sitting behind Maverick gave her a greater sense of comfort that she had never felt before. She had not known that a piece of her life, her very soul was so disconnected until she met him just a week earlier. “So tell me about Dunkir.” Kate had also figured out that projecting into Maverick’s mind always was annoying to him, and it’s because he could not very much succeed at projecting his thoughts into her head or blocking her out.

Maverick slipped a hand lever gently forward, “Dunkir. Where to start, this is as close as we get to a safe haven. The Spire’s influence out here is weak. The Spire gods don’t come out here themselves, much like the Hidden Veil, the valley you come from the Watcher has power over gods. The power of the gods is limited by a statue called Gul the Watcher.”

“Gul the Watcher? Should I be worried?” Kate adjusted down a foot peddle to help keep the ship from rolling. She had been assisting Maverick and keeping his fatigue down by co-piloting the Chimera.

Smiling, Maverick continued, “Don’t know, but Gul has kicked Voloth directly out of the city once, picked up him, and threw him over the walls. That was fun to see. Blooded and Demigods have been in the city, and most don’t cause too much trouble.”

“The city is made up of a loose collection of merchants and nobles. The merchants provide services and funding to the city, and the nobles provide rules and law. The mass of the population keeps the nobles from converting the city into a faction of the Spire. The nobles still get away with way too much, in my opinion.” His mind went back to an event a few years ago, where a volothian noble took advantage of Opal. He was powerless to do anything to stop it. She just went with him to satisfy his desires, not to cause trouble. If she did not do what he wanted, his influence would make their brief stay in the city hell. Merchants would not do business with them, and contracts would be hard to obtain. On top of the blackmail, the pure physical strength of a Blooded was nearly impossible for mere mortals to counter.

Kate felt discussed the thought of this scaly man forcing himself onto Opal. Maverick’s feeling for the act made him angry, “I am so sorry.”

Maverick calmed down, “This oppression is what we have to live with every day. With your arrival, I can only feel that hope is coming.”

Kate could feel his desire; the hope he felt with her presence made her passionately desire his touch.

The Chimera approached a circular fortified walled city. The main gates stood an armored metal giant statue standing in a broad warrior’s stance. A red flaming plumed helm dressed the head of the figure. Maverick pointed at the giant metal warrior “That’s Gul the Watcher.”

Kate had never seen a statue so tall or majestic, “Gives gods trouble?”

“He has a brother, in Durith as well title Lug the Follower. I don’t know why the giants have such strange names.” He scratched his head again, he wanted a hot bath.

The main road led under the legs statue, soon following into multi level homes of the city. A series of landing strips provide locations for air-ships to park. A great castle at the far end raises on a series of three tiers. Each of the smaller levels houses the more affluent nobles or wealthy merchants of the city. A series of canals also run out of the city to provide water for some local farms. Several boats travel up and down this waterway providing transport to and from the city.

Landing Port 94

Maverick looked for a new place to land the badly damaged Chimera. All the close positions near the entrance were filled with other air-ships. Circling for a few minutes, he finally found something he could use—a circular building with a wide top. The signs above read, “Pad 94”. Maverick hovered the Chimera over the opening, and he lowered the ship down while Kate kept the vessel from rolling to one side or the other. With a gravity shaking, thump the ship touched down. The dust settled as he throttled down, closing off the valves for either engine.

Nolland moved to the lower bay doors, the giant grizzly bear followed, putting his nose up and sniffing. Nolland pulled the pin from the wheel that held the door secure from just dropping open. He slowly rolled the wheel to lower the bay doors. “This is how we open the doors, Grizz, now. Don’t bolt outside; people here don’t trust you as I do.” The bear just gave a reply with a gravelly sound of understanding. Nolland put his hand on top of the bear’s head and stroked him between the ears.

Outside the ship, a man with a heavily born face, his brown hair was covered in some of the dust kicked up by the Chimera’s landing. His clothing was nice, not Nobel quality but showed his merchant-level attire. A mix of blues and greens clashed across his tailor-made vest. He stood with two shorter stocky dwarves, and they held various tools slotted on their belts. The bay doors of the ship lowered. He was a bit taken aback by the malty crew standing at the entrance.

A dwarf with a bear behind him, an infernal with white horns and red eyes, wearing a small catlike dragon on her shoulder. A couple that looked like they could be magicians of some type. A man in an old Canandance military outfit along with a host of other crew. All did have one common trait, they all wore the tricon buccaneer style hats.

Shaitar walked down first and put his hand out in greetings, “Captian Shaitar of the Chimera.”

The merchant reached forward and shook as well, “Resse Valenhold, Owner of Port 94. These are two of my pad crew, Linch and Furling.” The two dwarves nodded.

Resse went forward with his sales pitch, “Pad price is one silver a day. Anything else you may want will be extra. It looks like you need repairs. One gold for an assessment, which if you do want to let us repair your ship, we will apply as a credit to your bill.”

Shaitar reached into his coin purse, pulled two gold out, and handed the coins to Resse. “Agreed. Here is two gold, one for the assessment. The other should provide for the days we are going to spend getting the ship repaired.”

Nodding Resse understood this was going to be a fair contract. The ship captain did not even haggle for a lower price; then again, he did not yet get the repair estimate’s price. “We will get right to it. Linch, Furling, go grab the clipboards and take a look at the damage.” Facing Shaitar, “Should be able to get you an assessment by the end of the day. I will have to have access to your ship, though.”

Shaitar nodded in agreement, “That should be no problem, I have guards for the vessel. They will allow you to give you access to the ship.”

He waved his hand forward, “Let’s go have some relaxation; after the last couple of days, we need a distraction.” The crowd of people follows him off the ship, heading to the large double doors at the building’s end. “It’s also time to get supplies as well.”

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