TKoT 1-3: Dunkir

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08: Meetings and Miscommunications

Returning Home

Shaitar walked back to the Chimera, and he felt a new strength-building inside him. He challenged a Blooded and won, and he was on the same playfield with them now. He had heard of the lone Blooded who once stood up for the individuals, often got crushed under the heel of a Noble. He had made himself a target for more than one reason. First, draw off attention from Katalina, the new god, and second, he hopes to keep the crew’s new Blooded abilities from being revealed too soon.

Dunkir’s main gates are left open, day and night, unless the city comes under attack for some unforeseen reason. Shaitar followed the main streets passing under the giant, Gul the Watcher. The moon was now rising, peaking up from the mountain range to the east. The pale moon’s light illuminated the night landscape in soft white light. He was adjusting his navy blue cobalt coat, the last vestige of his former life, from the night’s chilling air.

The round building where his ship was parked, the pad called Port 94. He entered the main doors that lead to the spot where the ship rested. The pad was surrounded by a round wooden structure with an open roof that provides ships access to a secure site. The surrounding building had a storage whare house for cargo to be stored until the crew would load it. Reese, the port owner, also had a workshop installed to allow his repair teams to fabricate parts for the airships he cared for.

Shaitar entered the pad and found the new bear crew more intelligent than could be expected. Nolland and Grizz were playing, well wrestling with each other. With Nolland’s recent increase in strength, he could easily match the bear’s strength tip for tap. The two laughed as well; Nolland kept throwing insults at the bear, and the bear would bark back.

Shaitar announced himself, “Well, looks like you two are getting along well.”

Nolland paused for a moment, distracted by the appearance of Shaitar, “Captain?” Grizz took this moment of weakness and landed his heavy paw on top of the dwarf knocking him to the ground. Quickly stepping over the dwarf’s prone body and pinning him to the ground and roaring. A little drool slipped out of the bear’s mouth, spilling onto the dwarf’s chest. “Okay, you win!” Grizz just made more of a laughing sound and pulled himself off his friend.

Shaitar walked over to the defeated dwarf, looked down while offering his hand to pull him off the ground, “How today go?”

Nolland grabbed Shaitar’s hand and pulled himself off the ground. “Nothing exciting, though the damage to the ship is pretty bad. The list of detail of damages with parts and estimated repair times is on your desk. I did not know just how extensive the damage to the either drive’s exhaust ports was. I don’t know how Maverick kept the ship stable.”

“Maverick is the best pilot I know, and he can fly a brick through a needle-sized hole. Has Mathew made his way here yet?”

“Nobody has come to see us yet. Who’s Mathew?” Nolland asked curiously.

“You may not recognize him. He used to serve with us during the way, and he went his way after we severed our ties with Canandance.”

In a moment of recognition, “Oh wait, Mathew. I remember now. He was one of our gunners, was he not?”

Shaitar nodded, “Yes, he had a bit of a run-in with Volothian Priests who tried to convert him.”

Nolland visibly shook at the thought of having his skin peeled from his body and then healed with scales of the snake. “Yeah, I don’t want to imagine that too much.”

Shaitar just nodded in agreement, “I will be at my desk reviewing the paperwork. Mathew should arrive shortly.”

“Yes, boss!” Nolland then turned to Grizz, “Well, my friend, let us see about getting you some more to eat.” The bear growled, and his face made a wide grin of approval.

Old Friend

Shaitar headed up the lowered ramp on the Chimera, through the cargo hold. Heading up the stair to the main deck and into his crew quarters. His cabin is the largest on the ship, and he had his personal dining table, a desk for his paperwork, his bed, and several chests. Bookshelves line the cabin as well. Opal and Landis often stored many lore books in the cabin as space on the ship for personal belongings were scarce. The room was not luxurious and more spartan; the gold and decorative items had to be sold to pay for repairs to the Chimera when he took command of the ship. The previous captain enjoyed the finer things in life that a Canandance Knight could afford at the expense of his crew’s morale and meals.

Sitting down at his desk, he reviews the manifest of repairs the port owner had suggested. The repairs would take over three weeks, and he had only one week before his clash with the Shithen family would start over again. Popping the cork off the inkwell, he grabbed his feather quill, dipping the quill into the well, he started crossing off the repairs that were not necessary. Placing a question mark on a few that looked questionable, he would have Rolland and Landis review these two in the morning when they returned to the ship.

A knock came to the door of the cabin with a familiar “Hello? Shaitar?” Mathew had finally come off of his shift.

Shaitar spoke loudly. “Come in.”

Opening the door, Mathew entered, looking around at the sparse cabin. “You did some redecorating.”

Shaitar stood to greet his old friend, took his hand, and shook it. “Have a seat.” While sitting back down himself, he reached into his desk and pulled out two glass cups and a bottle of red wine. He poured himself a glass and one for his old friend.

Mathew sat taking the red-hued cup, “Cheer’s to better times.”

Shaitar nodded, “Hear, hear!” the two men clinked the glasses together.

Mathew finished his first drink, “There is a rumor that I heard on the way back that Robert Shithen was humiliated by an unknown Blooded. The man I talked to said that House Shaitar had put Robert in his place. I know of only one Shaitar, and he is not Blooded? What kind of magic did you use to put that man in his place.”

Shaitar grinned; the news is spreading quickly. “I am Blooded.”

Mathew sat back in shock; he had known him for years. Shaitar had been known for any such legacy bloodline. “How? I mean, I know you for years; you never displayed such power. The fight for the ship would have been completely different if you had used your power; why now?”

Shaitar eased back into his chair, “I did not know until just a short while ago; apparently, I had to fulfill a requirement before I was allowed access to my heritage. I can’t tell you exactly what that was but, I discovered I was Blooded. I know that makes me a rogue among the nobles, but even rogues can start their own house. You just have to remain strong enough to endure the other houses’ challenges long enough to establish yourself. Tomorrow I will go down to the Hall of Records and record the first entry for House Shaitar. I hate getting political, and I see no other way around it. I still have to protect my ship and crew from harm as much as I can.”

Mathew continued to drink his glass down, “Well, I am on board with House Shaitar. When are you leaving? I can pack up and go with you; how long are you staying?”

Shaitar mused for a moment, dragging out with a dramatic pause, “I can only stay about a week. I have pissed off House Shithen, and they will be coming for me. I would rather not be here when my contract with the witness is up. I will talk to Landis and Rolland. They are my partners when hiring a new crew. I will have them talk to you. If they agree, then you can come.”

Mathew’s eyes widened, “Great! Now you got a constable to witness the humiliation? Public Humiliation of a Shithen noble?” He whistled up and down. “You have balls, and I did not know how large until now.”

Shaitar continued with his grin, “We the choice was letting him take another of my crew for his family’s indulgence or stand my ground as an equal now. I can make a difference, but I can not stay.”

Mathew nodded, “Too bad, and this city could use someone like you. The corruption is bad enough with the nobles and the merchants. I think the only real protection we have against the gods is Gul. I don’t even understand the giant, though, when a god shows up and tries to force his will on the city. The giant moves and kicks him out. Voloth was here a few years back, and he tried to make everyone just follow him by forcing his will into our minds. Gul walked over to where his airship was and canceled his power, then pulled Voloth to him and drop kicked the god over the mountain range. He has not come back since, though he still has followers here in the city.”

Shaitar finished off his drink, “I heard about that. Not many creatures can displace a god.”

Mathew downed the last of his glass as well, “It’s late, my friend, take this up tomorrow night?”

Shaitar nodded, “Yes. It was good seeing you again. Tomorrow night then.”

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