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I am Ani

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Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Xini Desert, Forbidden Planet

This is it. This is the place,” I said. I took out my bag and got a small Dome Recharger Pack. I placed the D.R.P in the ground, and flipped the switch. A loud humming sound ringed throughout the dessert. I zipped up my backpack and ran as fast as I could. The D.R.P dug straight inside of the ground. Boom! The pack stopped.

I unzipped my bag and got out a long rope. Then, I got a boulder I found earlier and threw the rope into the hole but with the other end under a boulder. I tied the rope on my belt. “Ugh!” I jumped down into the hole and found Xini Emerald. A rare emerald deep in the desert ground. “Why, hello beautiful,” I said rusting it off.

I heard a loud boom, coming from the top of the deep whole. “Dang it,” I climbed back up to the top, taking out a Dome Reverse. I set it in the bottom of the hole, and in three seconds, the hole will be covered with sand. I got my bag, D.R.P and D.R , then I just ran back to my pod.

I got out an old R.H.S tape and put it on my 70’s style headphones. Mr. Blue sky, by the artists of E.L.O played as my pod flew away in the distance.

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