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John's Revenge: The Sequel

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Why did The Flare kill John's brother? Why does John have a feeling that The Flare's leader is still out there? After watching a news story of The Flare robbing a bank, John, Tom, and Lee set out to kick The Flare's butt once again... maybe even find out why they killed John's brother.

Action / Adventure
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John's Revenge: The Sequel

Bang! Bang bang bang! John was at the shooting range with Tom and Lee. John had bought lots of new things with his $1,000,000 reward for killing The Flare’s leader. John had bought some new guns. Right now, he was firing a famas, shooting more targets than his friends.

“No fair! You have a better gun!” Tom complained. John looked over at him. “You want me to change to my revolver?” “Yes!” Tom said. John switched to The Judge: a revolver that shoots shotgun shells.

“Is it still whoever can shoot the most targets in 30 seconds wins?” John asked. Tom nodded. “I will go first,” Lee said. He shot 10 targets. Tom shot 16 targets. John shot 25 targets.

After they left, they all talked to each other before getting into their cars and leaving. “I can’t believe you killed The Flare’s leader still!” Lee said. “Yeah, you finally got revenge for them killing your brother!” Tom said. “I guess I did,” John said.

After going into his new $200,000 house, John started talking to himself. “I never found out why The Flare attacked us” “Everything still feels the same, like The Flare’s leader, is still out there” John then went to his kitchen to eat dinner.

While eating dinner, John watched the news on TV. “Breaking news! The Flare is back! They robbed a bank and stole a total of $10,000 from the bank” The news lady said. John’s eyes widened. He drove up to the police station.

John spoke with a police officer that was on the job to catch the gangsters. “Did you catch them?” John asked. “No, they got away,” the police officer said. “Do you have any idea where they were going?” John asked. “Why do you want to know?” the police officer asked. “I must find out why they killed my brother,” John said. “I have no idea, I’m sorry,” the police officer said. “I just might know,” John said.

John then went home and went to bed.

John woke up and called his friends, telling them to meet him in their parking lot. John got on a gadget belt, with grenades, smoke grenades, and his taser, put on his holster holding his silenced pistol, put his judge in another holster, put on his combat vest that held magazines for his pistol and famas, as well as shells for his Judge, put on a flexible backpack to hold extra ammo and medkits, put his famas on his back, as well as his combat shield, and put on combat gloves.

John sat in the parking lot with his brand new 2021 SUV, waiting for his friends. He was watching a live police show on the car screen. “Yeah, you’re going to jail!” John said. The police on the show were chasing down a criminal who was selling illegal drugs.

The police caught the criminal and arrested him. Tom and Lee arrived, and John turned the show off. “So where are we going?” Lee asked. “You remember that warehouse that was a Flare hideout? We are going there” John said. “Where I got shot at?” Tom said, “I just got out of the hospital, I don’t want to be going back in a few days after!” “Tom, don’t worry! We will be able to take them out before they suspect a thing! And if they spot us, I can block the shots with my shield!” John said as they drove off.

After they got there, John walked up to the metal door. The slot opened. “What’s the password?” The gangster asked. “I will make the flame go on,” John said. “WRONG. NOW YOU DIE!” The gangster said. “Wait, what?!” John asked. They must have changed the passcode after what happened. The gangster opened the door with a rifle. John quickly pulled out a knife and stabbed the gangster. He then started dragging the body out of sight, then gestured Tom and Lee to follow him inside.

There was a Flare banner right inside the entry room. There was a camera pointing at the group. John pulled out his silenced pistol and shot the camera. There were no gangsters in the next room. But it was a hallway. John went to the left. He pointed his pistol down the hallway.

John quickly pointed his pistol into a small room, nobody was there. The room was different from the last time they were there. There was a small tv on the front wall. There was the same table next to the middle wall. There was a fridge to the right of the doorway. There was a Flare banner on the left wall. There was a small shelf full of beer bottles.

John slowly pointed his gun down to the floor and inspected everything. The only thing on the table was a remote. “Nothing” John started walking out of the room but heard 2 gangsters approach from the left. He quickly pulled Tom and Lee from the doorway. He put a finger to his lips.

He took out his Judge and put the silencer on it. The gangsters pointed their guns in the room. John quickly shot his Judge twice and took both of them out. He then took out the empty shells from his revolver and put in new ones.

The group left the room and started going down the left more. There was a turn at the end of the hallway. There were bathrooms right at the turn. John could hear a toilet flush and raised his hand to stop. A gangster walked out. John shot the gangster and continued with the group.

At the end of the hallway was another doorway. It led to a staircase. At the top was another hallway. In the middle was the security office. It was barricaded. John could see a vent way above them. He jumped up and grabbed the vent door, then ripped it off and climbed in. He then helped Tom and Lee in.

The vent was surprisingly big. John heard more crawling in the vent and stopped, then pulled out his silenced pistol. A gangster crawled down to the group, then pulled out their pistol. John quickly shot the gangster, then reloaded.

John saw a camera pointing at them. They must use these vent ways to ambush any intruders. He tazed the camera and continued. The vent way started going downward. At the bottom was a vent door. John peeked through and saw the security guard looking at the cameras.

John smashed the vent door and crawled through, smashing a smoke grenade to cover them. The guard quickly pulled out a revolver. John charged through the smoke holding his tazer and zapped the guard before he could shoot. He then pulled out his pistol and shot the guard. There was a metallic door blocking the door probably for extra security. There was a metal door button and metal vent door button on the desk with a note saying: only use if intruders are attacking you.

There were other papers with information. John quickly shut the metal vent door so he could read the papers. One read: The bank robbery yesterday was successful. Good work team! Another paper caught John’s eye. The fake Flare HQ on Flame Drive was blown up, and the fake Flare leader was killed. We will rob the bank next week to get the attacker to attack us, then we will kill him. Burn all information on where The Flare’s real leader is and where the real HQ is at, just to be safe.

John slammed his fists on the table. “NO. I KNEW IT” he shouted. Tom placed his hand on John’s shoulder. “You can do it, John. If we can’t do it, no one can!” John calmed down. “Thanks” John looked at another paper. The Flare factory base on Cedar Lane needs more ammo!

“The old factory? I checked there a year or 2 ago. Must have moved in since then.” John said. “Now all we need to do is get out of here!” Lee said. “Let’s do this!” Tom said.

John opened both metal door barricades and grabbed the paper with evidence that The Flare’s leader is still alive, and then the group left the security office. There were four different gangsters in the hallway. John took out his combat shield. “Stay behind me,” John said while pulling out his pistol.

The gangsters shot at John, but his shield blocked it all. John pulled out 2 small walls in the shield and placed it on the floor. He then took out his famas and shot all the gangsters. He then pushed the walls back in and put away his shield. He then reloaded his famas and continued to the staircase.

After going down the staircase, multiple more gangsters were waiting for the group. John threw a smoke grenade and took out 2 different knives. He charged at the 2 gangsters and cut through them. The smoke cleared up, and the group continued.

“Your good at this!” Tom said. John put his knives away. The group quickly ran back to the car.

John and the group were at the police station. “The leader slipped right out of our hands!” The officer said, “The bounty has come back, and it’s now $1.2 million!” “We are going to try and find some more information at a factory base,” John said. “Good luck,” the officer said, “You’ll need it”

John brought the group home while he repaired his shield. After John repaired his shield, he left his workshop, he went back to the house. “Who wants to sleep over here?” John asked “Sure,” Lee said “ME” Tom shouted sitting up. “Awesome, but you will have to go back home and pack up” John said.

John, Tom, and Lee ordered pizza and played lots of video games.

The group woke up at 11:00 am. John woke up and made a bowl of cereal, then got ready for the day. “You ready for this?” John asked Lee. “I mean, I will be later,” Lee said as he made a bowl of cereal.

After eating breakfast, everyone geared up. John put a scope on his famas. He grabbed his shield, his backpack, his Judge, his Famas, his pistol, his tazer, and his grenades and smoke grenades.

“Everyone ready?” John asked Tom and Lee. They nodded. “Then let’s do this!”

The group arrived at the factory on Cedar Lane and got out of the car. The road was empty. Nobody was on the streets but them. The buildings were all run down. No cars were on the street either.

The group silently ran over to the doorway to the factory. John pulled out his pistol and tazer. The slot to the metal door opened. “What’s the password?” the gangster asked. “Huh? There’s a password?” John was playing dumb.

“There is. And if you don’t know it…” The gangster opened the door and pulled out a shotgun “YOU DIE!” John quickly tazed the gangster, then shot him multiple times.

The group walked in. John shot the camera, then entered the next room. The next room was a huge opening, and there was a giant Flare banner on the front wall. There were 3 different doorways. One in the front, one on the left, and one on the right.

John decided to go through the front doorway. There was a doorway on the left of the hall. John opened it and quickly pulled out his pistol, nobody was in there. He closed the door and continued.

After a minute of walking, 2 gangsters dropped from a vent on the ceiling and attacked. John pulled out his pistol and shot one of the gangsters. Tom and Lee got the other. John reloaded his pistol, and the group continued walking down the hall.

After a while of walking and seeing multiple Flare banners, the group came to a dead end with bathrooms, so they turned around and went back to the big opening.

The group decided to go to the right, but all that was there was an ambush waiting for them. There were 4 different gangsters. John took out his shield and blocked a few bullets. He then pulled out the 2 small walls from the shield and placed it on the ground for extra cover.

He then pulled out his Judge and shot 2 of the gangsters, Tom and Lee got the other 2. John pushed the walls in his shield and put it away, then reloaded his Judge and put that away. Then the group continued back to the big opening, then they went through the left doorway.

There was an elevator and a staircase at the end of the hallway. The group could hear a DING! So they took out their guns. John took out his Famas. 2 gangsters walked out from the elevator, John shot them.

The group chose to go up the staircase. John still had his Famas out. A gangster walked out from the doorway, unaware that the group was in the same room. John shot the gangster and the group continued to the second floor.

There was a similar layout to the hall as there was at the warehouse. There was no security office though, only an armory and a small barracks room. There was another staircase, and the group went up to another hallway. There was a bathroom where the group was.

Halfway down was a giant metal door. At the end of the hallway was the security office. The door was locked. John pulled out a few lock picks to pick the lock. John broke a pick before successfully picking the lock.

Before opening the door, John pulled out his pistol and cocked it. He opened the door and shot the guard. After the group got in, John closed the door and locked it. There were magnetic door buttons for a ceiling vent and door. John closed the ceiling vent door, but when he pressed the button for the doorway, nothing happened. That must have been why it was only locked.

John looked at papers that showed what was going on. 1 read: we are going to capture somebody and make them our hostage for bait, then we will kill the police officers.

Another one read: we have successfully captured 5 hostages. They are at the huge 5 story abandoned building base on Furrow Drive. We captured them on the 15th at 7:00 am

Today was the 15th. “We have to go there!” John said. “Okay,” Tom said. “Let’s do it!”

The group pulled into an alleyway on Furrow Drive and got out of the car. John pulled out his Famas and aimed in his scope. There were 2 gangsters at the door, wearing grey clothes to try and be hidden.

John needed to hit every shot if they want to stay alive. John crouch walked over to a wall near the parking lot of the building. He pointed to the ground, gesturing Tom and Lee to stay on the ground.

John got into a crawl position and aimed through the scope, holding his breath. He aimed at one of the gangster’s heads. He pulled the trigger and took the gangster out, he then quickly took the other one out.

The group then silently ran over to the door. John played the same dumb act with the door gangster to get in. As usual, he then shot the camera. The group could hear police sirens in the background.

John put away his Famas and took out his pistol. 3 gangsters popped out from the vent. John, Tom, and Lee each took out 1 gangster. John could hear car doors opening and closing.

He could also hear a few dogs barking. The police officers started to enter the building. An officer pointed a gun at the group. “Put your hands up!” The group put their hands up. “State your business!” “My name is John Anthony. I’m a retired police officer. I am here to find out information about The Flare’s HQ and their leader. I am also here to try and find out why they killed my brother” John said.

The police stopped pointing his gun at them. A few more police officers came in, including the K9 Units. “Another bounty man, huh?” the officer said “I am Sergeant Dave, I am leading this operation, do anything to make us think you want to hurt us, and we will let the dogs chew you up” Sergeant Dave said.

“You can put your hands down now” Everybody put their hands down and continued. John took out his Famas. One of the dogs started growling. John saw a vent above the group. He pointed his gun at the vent door.

“Look out for vent doors. Sometimes they will drop down from them and attack!” John said. The vent door opened and 3 gangsters hopped out. John shot one, the police officers got the other 2.

A gangster walked out from a doorway, the police let a dog attack him. The dog pierced the gangster’s arm with his teeth. The gangster started to shriek. John quickly covered his mouth.

“Where are the hostages?” Sergeant Dave asked the gangster in a frightening tone. “I’ll never tell you! OW” the dog sunk his teeth further into the gangster’s arm. A police officer pulled out a tazer. “Say it!” “I’d rather die!” The officer tazed the gangster.

“AAAAAHHHH” “This is your last chance! We will extend your time for even longer in jail if you don’t tell us where the hostages are!” Dave said. “Never!” Dave hand-cuffed the gangster “You are under arrest for being part of an illegal group and refusing to follow police’s orders. You have the right to remain silent. Anything and everything you say will be used against you” Dave said.

“Take him to jail,” Dave said. The police officers took the gangster to jail while the group continued to the staircase.

When they reach the staircase, the elevator door opened. There were 6 gangsters there. John took out his shield and Judge. John took out 2 gangsters, Tom got 1, Lee got 1, the police officers got the other 2.

The group went up to the staircase. There was a barracks room right at the beginning of the hallway. Sergeant Dave ordered 5 police officers to arrest the gangsters in there. He asked for more men on the walkie-talkie.

A few more gangsters dropped from the vents. John detonated a smoke grenade to cover the group. “Take my shield” John gave Dave his shield. He rushed to the gangsters and bashed them all.

Dave then ripped the guns out of the gangsters’ hands. He then took out plastic handcuffs and cuffed them. “Where are the hostages!” Dave said in the same frightening tone. The police officers took the other 2 gangsters away.

“Why would I tell you?” The gangster asked in a rude voice. “Because I am a police officer and if you don’t I will extend your time in jail,” Dave said. “Kiss my but!” the gangster said. Dave threw the gangster against the wall.

“I’m not playing games with you! Your lucky we didn’t shoot you there. And if you don’t tell me where the hostages are, I will let the dogs chew you up!” Dave shouted. “Go ahead. I will stay loyal to The Flare!” the gangster said “Long live The Flare!”

Dave tazed the gangster. “You’re going to tell us about the hostages! Because I don’t know about you, but the dogs look pretty hungry.” Dave said, pointing at the dogs. The gangster spat on Dave.

He punched the gangster. “Take him away,” Dave said in anger. He got up and gave John his shield back. “I believe this is yours, thanks for letting me borrow it!” Dave said “No problem!’ John said.

The group continued to the next floor. There were more Flare banners. There was a door labeled: Operation Results Room. John walked in. He looked for rows for the year. There were so many. Almost the entire 3rd floor was the Operation Results Room. It was like a labyrinth of drawers and documents.

John looked for the right year row. Come on! Where is 2008??? His brother had been killed on September 25th, 2008. An armored gangster with a shotgun dropped from the ceiling. John quickly pulled out his Judge.

The gangster ran towards John to blast him, but he side hoped to the left. The gangster turned around and pointed his gun at John. John quickly shot him, making the armored gangster flinch.

John then quickly pulled out his shield right before the gangster shot his shotgun. John charged at the gangster and bashed him onto the ground. The police then ran over to the gangster to arrest him. John continued his search for the 2008 row.

After 10 minutes of searching, John had finally found the 2008 row. John started searching for the day his brother had been killed. “Come on September 25th where are you?” John was in the September section.

John started looking faster. Sept 15. Sept 17. Sept 20. SEPt 25! John quickly opened the drawer. Bank Robbery. Jewelry Store Robbery. House Assult! John took out the paper and carried them carefully as if the wrong movement would make it disappear.

Tim Anthony, a father of 2 children, has killed a general of The Flare. His home address is 126 Wind Street. Kill him, his wife, and his 2 children. Head off at 3:00 pm. Long live The Flare. John’s eyes started to water, his dad never told him he killed a general of The Flare. The result sheet read: My lord, we have failed to kill the father or the mother, all but me were killed, and I was shot near the heart. The only one we managed to kill was the younger brother. I’m sorry we failed.

2 streams of tears ran down John’s face, dropping down to the floor when they reached his chin.

“John?” Tom shouted. Tom and Lee ran up to John. “There you are!” Lee said. “What’s wrong?” Tom asked in a light tone. “I-it’s nothing,” John said as he sat up, putting the papers in his backpack. “We need to save the hostages” John reloaded his Judge, then continued out of the room to the elevator and staircase.

The group and police went to the fourth floor. 2 armored gangsters dropped from the vents. One with a rifle, the other with a shotgun. John pulled out his shield, pulled out the small walls, and then placed it on the floor for cover. He then took out his Famas.

Tom and Lee dived to cover, as well as a few police officers who almost got shot. John started shooting one of the armored gangsters. John took him out in 10 shots. He then threw a smoke grenade over the shield wall.

After the smoke grenade exploded, John hoped over one of the small walls with a knife and tazer. As soon as the smoke cleared, John was right in front of the armored gangster. The gangster was about to shoot John, but he got tazed. John then cut through the gangster’s armor and into his body, taking him out.

The group continued. “Hey, John. Do you know why there are so many Flare banners at their bases?” Tom asked. “No. I don’t know why” John said. “Ok. Just curious. I mean there are banners in the entrance, entrance ROOM, security offices, elevators, hangout rooms, armories, barracks, almost every room!” Tom said.

The group went up the staircase to the fifth and final floor. John quickly reloaded his Famas before they would get attacked again. The fifth floor started with another hallway with 3 armored gangsters. One with a shotgun, one with a rifle, and one with a shield and pistol.

John started shooting the armored gangster with the pistol and shield, but the gangster blocked them. The gangster charged at Jack, threatening to break his legs. John rolled to the side. The hit on the wall from the shield left a large crack on the wall.

John pulled out his Judge and quickly shot all 6 shells. The armored gangster fell. The others had taken out the other 2 gangsters. There was a giant metal door, John quickly opened it.

A Flare commander was in the room, as well as the 5 hostages. They were tied up and their mouths were covered. Their cries for help were muffled. John pulled out his Famas. “Let them go or else”

“HAH! Puny weaklings, you think you can kill me?” The general trash-talked. He was huge, like around 7 feet tall. He had huge muscles. His armor had a Flare insignia on the front and back. His eyes were flaming orange.

John looked furious “I WILL get revenge for my brother!” “You think you’re so cool with your guns and Flare banners all over your bases, and robbing banks. But you’re just puny and stupid!”

The general riped out a pipe from the wall. “Now you just made the bear mad!” “Really? A bear? SO UNORIGINAL!” John said. The general charged at John with the pipe. The police officers shot at him, but it was no use.

The general was blocking all frontal attacks with his shield. John pulled out his Jude and put his Famas away very quickly, then side hopped, and shot, but wait, he forgot to reload!

John quickly emptied all the shells and started putting in more shells, one at a time. The gangster charged in John’s direction. John dodged it again. He then pulled out his tazer and went to taze the gangster, but the gangster bashed John, sending him flying.

He was fine though. He quickly finished reloading his judge. He then pulled out his Famas and started spraying bullets at the general. After enough shots, the gangster seemed to be stunned. John threw a grenade at the general and blew him up.

Sergeant Dave walked up to John. “You ok?” “Yeah, I’m fine,” John said. There was a doorway on the other side of the room. The group went through.

There was a desk with papers, probably where the info about The Flare. One caught John’s eye right off the bat. It read: The Flare’s Leader is currently at the HQ. He will be leaving next week to start conquering Bury. “We can’t let that happen,” John said.

He looked at the map of where all The Flare bases are. It showed the fake HQ destroyed. It showed the real HQ in a forest. Next to it was a note. It read: The passcode to get into the HQ is a little different. Instead of “Long Live The Flame”, it’s “My blood for The Flare”.

“There we go,” John said. He pulled out his phone and marked the location on his maps app. “We are going to take these hostages to the police station to asked what happened before,” Dave said. “Alright. We are going home to rest” John said.

The group went home and had another sleepover.

John woke up first at 8:00 am. He made a bowl of cereal. After John finished eating his cereal, he went to his room to watch TV.

Tom and Lee woke up at 9:30 am. John left his room and went to say hi. “Today is the day,” John said. “Let’s hope that this won’t be another fake HQ and fake leader!” Tom said. “Agreed,” Lee said.

John then got geared up. He took the usual with him. When the group got ready, they left to go to the HQ and finish this.

The group parked the car in the parking lot that was the furthest in the forest. John pointed his index finger towards the forest to move out.

John took out his pistol and pointed it forward. The group had to concentrate on where they were going, but also what they were stepping on. If they were to step on a twig and there were some nearby flare gangsters, it’s over for them. The Flare knows the forest better than them.

They must also keep their guards up, the trees were tall, and the gangsters could ambush the group at any time. The leaves and branches made a natural roof to the forest, making it darker.

John quickly stopped and held his right hand up to stop. “A trap…” John whispered. He went to the side of the trap and broke it. The group then continued.

4 different gangsters with illegal guns dropped from a tree. John quickly shot 2 of them, Tom and Lee got the other 2. The group continued. John reloaded his pistol as they continued to the forest.

John pulled his phone out to see how far they were from the HQ. “Come on guys, only 1 more mile!” John whispered in an enthusiastic tone.

The time was 12:05 PM. 6 different gangsters hopped down from the trees onto the group’s path. John quickly pulled his Famas out. He quickly took them all out and reloaded.

“Guys, it’s time to put on your helmets to hide our identity,” John said. Everybody put their helmets on. The group could see the HQ building. It was almost as high up as the trees and probably a mile wide.

Everybody put their guns away and went up to the metal door. The slot opened. “What is the passcode?” The doorman said. “My blood for The Flare,” John said. The doorman opened the door. “Welcome,” The group walked in.

Right off the bat, there was a giant Flare banner in the entry room. There were tons of gangsters all over the place. There was another banner with a picture of a gangster in a mask. Under the picture read: SERVE YOUR LEADER!

There was a map of the first floor next to an elevator. It showed where all the different rooms that were on the first floor. There were 3 different barracks on the first floor. There was another sign that showed what floor special rooms were on.


Map Room: 2

Security Office:5

Leader’s Room:5

“There,” John said “That’s where we need to go” The group went into the elevator and went to the 5th floor. There was another keypad on the opposite side of the floors keypad for an unknown reason.

The elevator door opened and the group looked at the 5th-floor map. The security office was near the leader’s room. The group headed to the security office. When the group entered the office, nobody was inside.

There were also metal doors for extra protection, but they were even thicker here. There was a giant screen that showed a majority of the 5th-floor cameras. A tablet on the desk showed a map of the fifth floor and buttons to view each camera on full screen.

There were buttons on the side that would switch to a map of the other floors. But there was an extra floor; the basement. John switched to the basement map. It was a lot smaller compared to the other floors.

John switched back to the 5th-floor map. There was only one armory on the fifth floor. John viewed it. The Flare’s leader was in there. John switched back to the basement.

John clicked on one of the cameras. It was a prison room. John switched to another room; it was a torture chamber. There were chains, whips, and other torture devices.

There was one last room, a bomb room, it could blow the place to bits! Just like the fake HQ! On the map, it showed a code: 1587! There was an elevator in the security room. The group headed in.

John typed the code on the second keypad; 1587. The elevator started going down. When the elevator doors opened, the group scurried to the bomb room. He still had the tablet with him. On the bomb room camera, it said 1904.

At the bomb, there was a screen and keypad. John punched in 1904. A speaker came on. “Warning! Self Destruct in 3 minutes!” “We must hurry!” John said. The group ran to the elevator and tapped the floor 1 button.

The elevator doors opened. Everybody was running all over the place. The group ran to the garage and grabbed some dirt bikes and drove off.

After the group got some distance from the HQ, it exploded. John took his phone out and took a photo of it and recorded it. Then the group drove away.

The group stopped for a minute… until they heard more driving. “Uh oh. It’s the leader!” John said, pulling his Famas out “I will hold them off!” The group started driving again.

John took out a smoke grenade and threw it at the leader. John heard swerving, he looked back and saw the leader again. He threw a grenade. The leader caught it and threw it far behind him.

John pulled his pistol out and shot at the leader. A shield popped up and blocked the shots, then went back into the dirt bike. John shot the tire, but a metal curve popped out and blocked the shots.

2 different gangsters joined the leader with pistols out. John quickly shot them. John looked in front of him and there was a tree. He quickly turned and almost fell, but managed to hang on.

The leader pulled out his gun and started shooting the wheels. John kept zigzagging to avoid getting his tires popped. John put his pistol away and pulled his knife out.

He turned around and started riding towards the leader. Once he was next to him, he slashed, making the leader fall off. John got off his dirt bike. And walked towards the leader.

He pulled his Judge out and shot him, ending it all. John truly felt like it was over now. When he killed the fake leader, he had a little doubt.

He pulled the ID out and went to leave the forest.

When John arrived at his car, Tom and Lee were waiting for him. “We did it!!!” John shouted excitedly, raising his fists in the air “We are getting paid!”

“Wait. We?” Tom asked. “You, John, were the one who killed the leader!” Lee said, “So why pay us?” “Because guys, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have made it this far!” John said.

“You think so?” Tom asked “I do! And now we each get 400 grand!” John said, “Now let’s go to the station and get our check!” The group then got in the car.

“So what do you guys think about us using some of our checks to buy a big house that all of us can live in? You will still have a lot of cash left over.” John asked Tom and Lee. “Sounds awesome!” Tom said, “Why not?” Lee said.

“Would you want it built or to buy a property that already has a house?” John asked, “I think it would be cool to have a house built!” Lee said. “Me too!” Tom said. “Then built it is! You might wanna live in my current house for some time while they build it then” John said.

“Sure!” Tom said. “I’m fine with that!” Lee said. “Awesome!” John said. The group had then arrived at the police station. The group walked in.

John walked up to the desk. “Hey I am here to collect a bounty,” John said. The lady looked up “Captain! We got a bounty collector!” The captain came in and gestured the group to follow him.

The group was led into a room with a nice table. “We have killed The Flare’s leader. We have also blown the HQ up” John showed the captain the photo and handed him the leader’s ID.

His eyes widened. “You did it! You probably want your reward” the captain said. “Can you split it in 3?” John asked. “Anything! You’re a hero!” the captain said “I’m not the only hero, if it weren’t for Tom and Lee” John pointed at Tom and Lee “I would not have gotten this far”

The captain gave John 3 $400,000 checks. “Thank you, Captain,” John said. “It’s not over yet! We still need to destroy the other bases and take the generals out before we truly end The Flare!” the captain said “Will you join us?” John, Tom, and Lee nodded.

“I am glad to hear that! But first, you need lots of rest!” the captain said “Thank you, captain,” John said. “Well uuuhhh, you can now spend that money on whatever you want,” the captain said, everybody stood up, and the group left.

“I’ll be throwing in 400 grand instead of 200 grand because I still have quite a bit of money from the last bounty. OK?” John said “Awesome!” Tom said, “Now we will get an $800000 house!” Lee said.

John spent a lot of cash buying the property. The house was going to have 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, walk-in closets for three bedrooms, a giant pool, a garage, a big workshop and armory, and more.


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