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A devils whisper

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A kid named Alex is scared for life after parents left and has to help kids with a incoming problem

Action / Fantasy
What if
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A New Friend

Life has always been weird since that day, my parents would just use us as if we where sacrifices. I don't really wanna think of it. my name I feel like I forget it unless a teacher calls me, Just as I said that Alex my teacher called me this girl just giggled as I looked at her she looked the other way. I asked the teacher to repeat the question before she could finish I already answered the question. Now that I think of it I don't even know my teacher name,I don't know anyone's name not even my own I started crying as everyone looked at me I had left the room not looking at anyone. I was gonna leave the school just walk around the city then this short kid with nappy hair came up to me. I think he was from my class as he asked why I do that, I then told him I cant remember anyone name not even my own. I told him I feel like a robot I can't remember anyone name I just answer question and go home. The kid asked what about your parents, I told him my parents are not in my life its just me. He looked surprised and I asked that's not the way its suppose to be and he said no and then he asked how are you surviving and I told him that a month before my parents left my dad taught me how to invest and I've just been doing that with all the money they gave me. The kid looked suppressed but he said he wont tell anyone and told me his name was Jaden and he said my name was Alex.

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