Linda Wilson

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A lower was murdered near a highschool where Adam and Charlie two friend students are,  Adam falls in love with Linda, the only daughter of the killed lower and after finding out the group of people who are responsible for the murder of her mom, Adam, Linda and their friend Charlie work together to get all the people responsible to the justice.

Action / Humor
Majd Karoun
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Chapter one

It's a sunny day in the city, students are having a math class at highschool. ,,Who can explain to me how we can calculate the missing side of this right triangle? you Charlie, please stand up!" said Mr. Thomas. Charlie stands up slowly with an unsure look on his face. ,,We use a roller Mr. Thomas" said Charlie. ,,But what if you dont have a roller" said Mr.Thomas. ,,Then I go and buy one" answered Charlie. Mr. Thomas stairs for a moment unsurprised at Charlie. ,,You have potential Charlie, thank you! set down!" said Mr. Thomas.

Mr Thomas stood up to continue the class as usual when suddenly three loud and clear gun shots were heard, everyone gotscared and out of his seat. ,,EVERYONE GO TO THE REAR DOOR! NOW! said Mr. Thomas. Everyone ran out while some students were curious so they went after the teacher to see what was happening.

Too late they came, all what was left is a dead body of an old lady with three gun shots on her torso. ,,Did someone call the ambulance?" asked Mr. Thomas. his coworkers. ,,Yes they are on their way with the police" said the social worker.

,,That is pretty dramatic, who is that hopeless lady?" Adam (another student) asked Charlie. ,,I'm not sure too" answered Charlie. ,,Mrs. Wilson, she is a well respected lawyer in the city, her daughter used to be in our school last year, but for some reason she left. I guess it will be hard on her family" said Mr. Thomas.

the ambulance sound started getting louder as it approaches the scene and start checking on the body and carrying it. A young pretty girl with a hopeless look on her face came to the scene, she wanted to see the dead lady but she was too late the body was already in the back of the ambulance. the young girl started crying and begging the nurse to open the door. A police officer walks to the girl. ,,Hey Linda mom will be fine, I will be with her, you go home I will see you later, don't go anywhere. ,,NO DADDY PLEASE!, LET ME GO WITH YOU!. said Linda to the officer. ,,NO, I SAID YOU GO HOME!'' said the police officer, then he hugged her. ,,Everything will be okay'' he said. Adam was stairing all the time at Linda With pity. The police officer turns around facing people. ,,Everyone can go home now, the show is over" said the officer.

On the way back Charlie approaches Adam. ,,Look what I have'' Charlie says as he took out a dusty necklase out of his pocket with a half of a circle silver piece hanging from it and the sign ،g12' is engraved on it. ,,What is this?'' asked Adam. ,,I got it from the crime scene, it must have been for the murderer" answered Charlie. ,,WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN NOT TO TOUCH THINGS THAT AREN'T YOURS?!, THIS NECKLACE SHOULD GO TO THE POLICE!" said Adam. ,,Yeah yeah, chill bro I know ok, I will give it to the police, but what do you think g12 means? It must be gang12 or something'' said Charle. ,,And what about the number 12?'' asked Adam. ,,It must be the minimum accepted age" said Charlie. Adam waves his head agreeing. ,,Sure, the minimum accepted age, and if someone is youger than that then he must bring parental consent" said Adam.

Adam opens the home door and inters slowly, his big brother Daniel was sitting on the sofa texting on his phone. ,,Hey, you came early today!, what happened?'' asked Daniel. ,,An old women was murdered near our school" said Adam. ,,Oh!, I've heard about this, but I didn't realise it's near your school" said Daniel. ,,Ehm... yup, it is" said Adam. ,,What is up with you Adam? what are you thinking?" asked Daniel. ,,Nothing... by the way, do know by any chance the murdered lawyer's daughter Linda?" asked Adam. ,,No, I don't, why are you asking?" said Daniel. ,,I find The girl nice, I want to meet her somehow" said Adam. ,,You are an Idiot" said Daniel. ,,Why?" aked Adam. ,,Because a girl who has just lost her mother has nothing better to do other than knowing about your mutual hobbies... just give her some time bro. Did you eat anything? I brought pizza, but I guess you have to microwave it" said Daniel. ,,No I'm not hungry, I will take a nap" said Adam.
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