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In 2002, A boy falls in love. This boy wants that girl to remain single when the time is right. The only problem? This girl is attractive, causing the jocks to hit on her, even asking her out. What must this boy do? Kill them, of course.

Action / Thriller
Other Slater
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Prologue: The World (In 2002)

2002 was a major change not only in America but in the world. The Technological Revolution of 2001 made communication easier across the world using smaller telephones, portable computers called laptops, and the Internet, an invention once believed to be a novelty, a product of its time in 1989. The use of the internet was popular, especially for teenagers.

The different cultures between teenagers were shared, and a lot of them adopted that into their own lives. One of those people was Vincent Miller. Miller used the internet to adopt a more Japanese look into his life as a middle schooler, similar to the look of an anime protagonist. This look was ridiculed by the boys in La Paix, Ohio. Vincent would be bullied, even beat up for his choice of style. It never deterred him from changing this look, even into his junior year of high school, where this story takes place. The following story is the recollection of events told by Vincent Miller.

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