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The Power Of Nature

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We must take care of Earth since it gave us a better life by using it, to repay, we should not throw litters everywhere but the trash-bin. Thank you for reading.

Action / Drama
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The War Against Nature

“The Power Of Nature”

Once upon a time, there was a boy, named, Herry. He was determined to know about nature, he wants nature to be his friend. One day, he asked his parents if he could play to the swing by the tree, and his parents nodded. He went there with his best friend, James, he was a very good friend to Harry because of how he agrees to his ideas. They played by the swing, until, Herry found a gate with a black wall over it, surrounding it, he couldn’t see anything behind it, he went near slowly, as he gets close, he saw a sign, saying “NO TRESSPASSING, if you are, please take good care of them. Herry was frightened, he went back to his friend and told him everything, James said “We’ll go there tomorrow so we will be prepared for what might come”, Herry agreed.

The next day, they both asked their parents and their parents nodded. Herry led the way while James is following him, the closer they get, the scarier they are, then, they were in the gate, opening it but slowly, and they got inside.

Herry and James closed their eyes and didn’t know what was going to happen next, they opened their eyes and was in a great surprise. They were seeing many flowers, trees, animals, even cuter ones, and found the rarest, extinct, glooming flower, it was like a rose but colourful, and they named it, Haymes. They played together, feed the animals, water the plants, and made their selves like they were at home.

As they get older, they still continued playing and feeding the animals together.

But one day, their life has been changed, the Fire Nation has arrived at their village, they are called Fire Nation because of their angry lives, they are always angry like a fire at its super strong stage. Herry and James hid inside Haymes, it is hidden on top of the mountain, it grew like a fresh tree with fresh fruits, but then, the Fire Nation found the place ad destroyed everything for their needs, everything was destroyed but Haymes.

The Fire Nation went back to their country with new tools, but sadly, Herry and James were crying because their home has been destroyed, even their families and loved ones, all that is left is Haymes, they grabbed the fruits as they needed and replant everything.

10 years has passed, everything was okay, everything was back to normal like their old place but newer, the boys were so happy because their hard-work was worth it, but then, the Fire Nation, led by their children which was fully-grown, went back to the place, they thought they could destroy everything like how their ancestors destroyed it, but it was just a thought, James and Herry fought back with tree armies, flowers with thorny teeth, it was all because of Haymes, it was a special flower that can grow into a tree and gives life to another plant and makes it mutant, they all fought the Fire Nation, went to their country, yelling, “We should bring back peace, because peace, makes you happy”, all of the villagers yelled happily and celebrated at night, the peace as back.

The End

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