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This story is based on a fictional story that I made myself and this is a story I feel that these characters show how much I appreciate fictional characters for there I loved fictional characters as well there will be smoking swearing smut and more

Action / Drama
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The first step

A young girl lived in a small town but she always seemed to walk into problems so here it is an apology to myself

Running through the forest when I fell I bleeding through my knee as I continued running there name was Akira living life into trouble

As soon time passed she was in school nearly zoning out when she was called miss Akira the teacher called yes! She yelped at the sudden call please pay attention the teacher then went back to the desk

The thing is with Akira She was obsessed with fictional characters books phones and even went shopping she was very strange she never had any friends stayed up late she came out as weird well at least that’s what the people say

Akira was home at this point but she found a box on the way it was filled with wine glasses she soon dropped one on accident there was a figure as Akira soon jumped behind the couch saying who are you? I’m Sephtis your guardian demon holy Shit Akira cursed at themselves well let’s have a little fun shall we........

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