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The Knight twins are known as some of the most wanted criminals in the world. They use their rare beauty of purple eyes and black hair to seduce men. Skyler Knight is the most powerful woman in the world, she is undefeated by any other than her sister. Her sister Scarlett Knight is a different story, she has the power to get any man to kneel down to her. Their father Elijah Knight  is also a criminal, he has killed and robbed hundreds of people and their older brother Milo, is a very powerful gang leader. These four most wanted criminals have all earned themselves nicknames that only criminals can have. The Raven is Scarlett because Ravens can spot a cheater and will shun one another for being unfair, the Viper is Skyler because Vipers can squeeze their prey and watch as they slowly die, the Tiger is their father because a tiger has the ability to blend in and not be spotted by others in order to attack its victims from behind or the side, and the gang is known as the Lions because a lion always stays with their pack and is very loyal to the pack.        What happens when there is something happening in their country and the president seeks help from the Knight twins and two other very powerful criminals in the world.      

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter one~ Getting Help From The Enemy

"Keith, I know what I'm talking about, and we need their help to stop this." The President said through the phone talking to his right hand.
"Sir are you sure? They're the most wanted, do you think we can trust them?" Keith said back, with worry in his eyes.
"Have faith my friend. They're criminals not mosters." The President said back.
"If you're sure sir." Keith said, with worry still painted on his face.
"I am sure Keith, would you like to know who I picked?" He asked.
"Yes sure." Keith said.
"First up we have the Falcon, known to get rid of and find any person, if you need someone gone, he's your man, he'll get the job done. Next we have the Panther, who hunts only at night, he's working undercover at the police station as a criminal so he can find what we have on him. Then we have the twins..." He got cut off by Keith.
"You don't mean those twins, they are way too dangerous to have around." Keith said with a shaky voice.
"Keith calm down, yes I'm talking about Skyler and Scarlett Knight, or better known as the Viper and the Raven. With their rare beauty I'm sure they can help us." The President explained. "They are known for their purple eyes and black hair along with their perfectly toned body to make men bend down to them.
"Sir, with all do respect, I don't think we should have them be a part of this." Keith said and the President was getting annoyed.
"Keith, sometimes I feel like you forget who the boss is here." The President said. "I'm gonna figure out how to get them in one room without dropping bodies." The President concluded.
"Why would they drop bodies."
"Viper and Falcon have a history, I don't know much else and the Panther and Raven don't get along, Panther wants to put the Knights behind bars due to Viper killing his parents." He explained.
"Oh shit, are you sure they won't go at each other?" Keith asked.
"We'll have guards go with me just to be on the safe side."
At the twin's penthouse:
"Sky! Where are you going?!" Scarlett yelled at me as I opened the door.
"I have a job to do, someone's giving me twenty grand to get rid of the CEO of 'Queen Quorperated'." I yelled back. I was wearing a short black skirt with a tight purple v neck crop top.
"Isn't that the tech company that got rebuilt because the top half of the building blew up, because of someone I know?" She asked back and I nodded.
"I did a good job, that guy tried to rob us." I said back.
"And you killed over two thousand people in that explosion."
"They were collateral damage." I protested, "But I gotta go."
"Be home before ten or I'm eating your dinner." Scarlett said, walking out of her room and sitting on the black leather couch with a white fur rug hung over the back of it.
"Will do sis." I said and walked out the door. Me and Scarlett are twins but we're not identicle, she has lighter hair then me and bangs where as mine is always curled on my shoulder and hers is straight. We have different personalities too, I will lose my temper in the blink of an eye but she has a better way of controling her anger until it comes to the top then you gotta duck for cover. But no matter what, if someone disrespects our family in anyway shape or form we will snap their neck in the blink of an eye. Oh and we have features only the Knight twins have, no one, even in our family has this feature. We have to wear lenses all the time, more me than her, when we get mad, our eyes turn blood shot red.
I drove up to a big mansion, where the CEO lives. The guy told me Mr. CEO tested a new devise on him and he almost died.
I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.
"Well hello sexy, can I help you?" He asked and I almost puked as I stared at a shirtless bald fat man.
I smashmy lips to his and slammed him on the wall. "I like the way you say hello." He said and I got nauseous, I should have just blown up his house. I shut the door and locked it before taking out my gun and pointing it at him.
"Someone wants you dead so they came to the Viper with twenty grand to do the job." I said as he put his hands up and backed up against the wall.
"You're the Viper? I can't see your eyes doll." He said and I took out my brown lenses and revealed my red eyes. "What the hell, why are your eyes red?"
"Because I'm pissed." I said and my phone buzzed from inside my cleveage. "Damn it." I said and pulled out my phone still holding the gun pointed at his head.
He took my gun and pointed it at me. "Now I'm mad." He said and I started laughing.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you babe." I said, still laughing.
"I have a gun pointed at you and you're laughing, I really don't get women." He said.
"No, I'm laughing because you think you can kill me, I'm the fucking Viper, I'm undefeated by any other than the Raven." I said and punched the counter where a knife was lying and it flew up into my hand.
"Who's the Raven? Maybe I should hire them to get rid of you." He said and I started laughing again.
"She won't listen to you if you try to get rid of her twin sister." I said and he looked terrified. "Now, hand me my gun and I can promise it will be fast or you could keep it and it will be slow and painful." I said and he shot at me. "I warned you babe." I said and threw my head and it went right next to his head.
I slit his throat and watched as he slowly suffocated himself while gasping for air. I opened my phone and saw a text from Scarlett.
Hey sis, meet me at Miles' in ten
I got on my bike and left for our friend Miles' house. we're like best friends with his pregnant girlfriend MJ or to others the best hacker, the Shadow. I looked down and saw blood on my crop top. Damn it!
"Hey, what are you doing here?" Miles asked the Panther as he walked in his office.
"I got your text." He answered.
"I didn't send you a text." Miles said.
"Yes you did."
"Hey bro!" They heard the Falcon as he walked in the room.
"What are you doing here, you're breaking and entering." The Panther said.
"First I'm not breaking into my brothers house, and second, it's not breaking and entering." Falcon said then knocked over a glass cup and it shattered on the hardwoor floor. "Now I am."
"Are you serious Mad?" Miles said.
"Yes Miles, dead serious." He said.
"MJ! Do you have a shirt I can wear?" I yelled as I walked in the door without knocking wearing only a a purple bra.
"Yeah, hold up Sky!" She yelled back and walked up to me with a purple crop top.
"Thanks babe." I said and hugged her.
"Damn Sky, why are you screaming?" Scarlett asked walking in the door.
"Miles is in his office." MJ said and we nodded.
"What the hell are you two doing here Scar?!" Miles yelled at Scarlett and my eyes went red.
"I would watch what you say and how you say it." I said walking in behind her.
"Why did you need MJ's shirt?" Miles asked.
"Mr. CEO of 'Queen Quorpirated' bled to death after he shot at me." I explained. "He said he was gonna get the one person who can defeat me and I laughed." I said as my eyes went back to purple.
"Oh is that me?" Falcon asked.
"No Mad, that's Scarlett." I said and my eyes went back to red.
"Did you not put in your damn lenses Sky?" Scarlett asked.
"I had brown ones in but the bitch didn't belive it was me even after I took them off." I explained still looking at Mad Hunt or Falcon.
"Because you were pissed off?" Scarlett asked and I nodded.
"Why are you guys here though?" Miles asked.
"I got the text from you." Scarlett said.
"And I got the text from Scar." I said and they both loooked at me.
"I didn't send any messages." Miles said and I raised an eyebrow at him and my eyes went purple as Panther walked in behind us probably from the bathroom.
"Yes you did, I got one too." He said.
"I didn't send any to Sky either, I know for a fact if Mad was here she would lose her shit." Scarlett said.
"Then someone wanted us all here." Falcon said and I nodded.
"Yes it was me." The President said as he walked through the door.
"You better not be trying to put us behind bars." I said and Falcon nodded.
"I'll help you." Panther said.
"Quit the cop act James Miller, we all know it's fake." I yelled and he rolled his eyes.
"You're just pissed off because I don't have anger issues!" He said and my eyes went back to red as me and Scarlett snapped around, both our eyes red.
"I know you did not just say that!" Scarlett yelled.
"Ladies calm down, we're not here to arrest you, we need your help." The President said and our eyes started flickering red and purple.
"What?" I asked as we both turned around.
"We need your help." He repeated.
"And why would we help you?" Falcon asked and we nodded.
"Oh right, Mr. Hunt, I heard you collect diamonds?" He asked and Falcon nodded. "Then I'm sure you've heard of the Sancy Diamond, yes?" He asked again. "It's pricless and will be your reward for your services."
"What about us, I don't do diamonds, or shiny things period." I said.
"Yeah, we noticed." Panther said and Scarlett punched him in the gut then looked back at us as if nothing happened.
"Well, there are women disappearing from a certain college and I would like you to go undercover as college students to find out who these guys are, we think they are selling the women." He explained.
"Like human trafficing?" Scarlett asked and the President nodded. "Sis we have to do it, we kill people not sell them, we need to stop it." She whispered in my ear.
"I'm gonna think about it, but Scar's in." I said and Scarlett nodded.
"Yeah, I'm in too, for the diamond." Falcon said.
"Oh good for you but no one asked." I said, earning a glare from him. "What, are you gonna do Mad?" I asked and we got closer together.
He grabbed my arm and put it behind my back with me pinned to the wall.
"Scar, are you not gonna help your sister?" Miles asked and she shook her head.
"Watch." She said as I dropped down on my knees and grabbed his arm as I stood up and I pinned him to the wall just as he had me.
"Say it!" I yelled at him. "Say it!"
"Fine, you won, let go!" He yelled.
I let go and he fell on the ground as I walked back over by Scarlett.
"Damn!" Miles said.
"Don't say shit, I let her win." Falcon said.
"Oh really, you wanna go again?!" I yelled my eyes red.
"Sky, We're leaving, c'mon!" Scarlett yelled at me. "Skyler!" She yelled and I snapped my head around.
"Bye Viper!" Mad yelled and I lost my shit. I turned around and punched him in the gut although it probably hurt me more than him.
"Skyler Rane Knight! Move your ass!" Scarlett yelled at me. "Mad you better fucking watch it!" She yelled as she grabbed my hand.
"When we got home we both went to our rooms and stared out the windows at the city.
"If I do this I get to go to college parties, have boys stare at my ass, and get drunk off my ass. Sounds like trouble, I fucking love trouble, I'm in!
The Panther stared out his window too. "If I do this, I can keep a close eye on the Viper and Raven, I'm in." He said.
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