The Useless Villain

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In comics there is always the villian that is always trample by heros that believe in friendship. And in a world where villains should win they never do because of some goldy locked figure that needs others for aid. And the comics that have villains team up must always show the trope of them not getting along and that is what screws them over and allows the one hero to win. And in this story the main villain of this story is just as useless as those villains. Mortis is a weakling with the only power being immortality and control over shadow. Sounds cool but as he tries to stop heroes from winning all of what he does fails. But that was until a certain someone showed him the key that all superheroes have that allow them to win.

Action / Humor
Grant Ayers
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Chapter 1 Unfortunate Me

Inside a jail cell, it would be terrible. Nothing to do but be fed the natural slop and be alone with your thoughts. Thankfully I am one the luckiest and unfortunate villains in all of history. I can’t even stop a hero nor be taken seriously enough to be stopped. And it not like I’m weak. My body is finely tuned and chiseled with dark pitch black hair and purple eyes. I’m equally more so a genius thanks to my immortality and at night time I can be called one of the most powerful beings on this planet. But I am just one man. In this world were its ten heroes to one villain your way outnumbered. The only reason why crime still exists is because the villains that are actually worth the time of day are way more powerful then I am.

I sit up from my empty apartment floor and go over to my closet that had my clothes in it. Black long sleeves and pants. I put on my clothes and go to the bathroom. Comb my hair and brush my teeth and all that usual boring stuff. It’s bright in the morning and I am useless. I open up my front door and as I turn my head,.. Bam! A woman slams into me. Behind her was a man with a knife. I grew a smile as the woman covered her head into my chest. Finally this is the chance I was waiting for. If this woman dies I can take credit for stabbing her and be taken seriously. I couldn’t help but manically chuckle as the man shouts across that hall with his knife held high. He looks at me as if I was insane and comes to a stop before me.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” The man asks as he looks at me dumbfounded. I was too excited to talk and instead I burst out with laughter.

“Come on and do it already!” I shout out at the man in between gasps of breath. The man drops the knife on the ground and raises his hands up in the air.

“I don’t want any trouble.” The man cowardly says.

“No!” I shout. This was my last chance. The woman looked up with this puke-able and disgusting smile on her face. “Get up and face your punishment!” The woman steps aside and looks at the man with a cocky grin.

“Please don’t do this. I don’t want to fight a superhero.” The man says this as he takes a step back away from me. I pick up the knife from the ground and walk towards him. I could feel my body tightening as my face turns red.

“Thank you sir the cops are on their way.” The woman says cheerfully as she smiles at me with her pink cherry lips. I take a deep breath and pocket the knife as I begin to walk away. “Can you please wait here for the cops? They will want a response from my savor.” Oh hell no! I turn around and stomp my way towards her. I look at her with anger in my tone and my body ready to snap her in half.

“I can’t wait for those damn cops!” I shout before something sharp stabs into my back. “Ugh!” I turn my head around and saw the fucking knife that I took was now in my back. The man was still holding the handle with a smug like grin on his stupid face.

“Not so tough now huh!” The man excitedly says as he takes the bloody knife out of me. My body regenerates in front of his eyes before I turn around. Lucky for him I can’t move while my body heals. But luckily my regeneration was so surprising to him that it stopped him from running away.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” I say as I walk towards him. He thrusts out with the knife. I try to dodge the blade but it sinks into my chest and suddenly I become like a stone as I look at him with a painful expression. This would be around the one thousandth time that I had my heart pierced by a knife. The man takes out the knife from my chest and stands all smug like in front of me. My wound heals but he thrusts his knife into my stomach. I grab his neck and prolong the healing. I could feel my blood drip from his hand. He stabs me again in the stomach. I threw him down the hall before my body froze up. The man stumbles up onto his feet as he stares at me with wide eyes.

“Why aren’t you dead?” The man asks as my wounds heal. I took a few deep breaths as I got my movement back.

“Just drop the knife already. I’m immortal and superhuman. Your just a pathetic weakling.” I say exhaustingly through breaths.

“You don’t sound like a hero. Who are you?” I lean over putting my hands on my knees trying to stop myself from throwing up. The police come up the stairs and point their guns at the purp.

“Get down on the ground!” One officer shouts. The man drops the knife and raises his hands in the air. I raise my hands in the air with a smile on my face. They will now arrest me for being a villain. At least I got that. The woman comes up to me and stands beside me.

“Why do you have your hands raised? You are the hero here.” She says as an officer comes up to me.

“Yeah bud. You can leave, we got the rest of this.” The officer cheerfully says with his fat smile. I smile widely as the veins in my neck begin to bulge. I turn and walk down the stairs. Did I really just save someone! “God why!?” I shout on the way out of the apartment complex.

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