The Songs of Strife

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THE SONGS OF STRIFE A man's name is important and Salip Pulaco has more than one. He's been called a pirate, a savage, a fool, and sometimes a hero, but a changed man? Now, that one is still up for debate... Feared by his enemies and loved by his people, Pulaco must find away to protect not only his family, but also his own chiefdom as his enemies descend towards him. Enemies that range from an ambitious rival datu, a fleet of Conquistadores with enough fire power to burn down his village, an arrogant and spiteful princeling, an undeserving Regent, and many more. While his allies include a mysterious headhunter, a hot-head brother-in-law and a mixed-bag of warriors. This is a story of one's Identity, one's Legacy, one's hunger for Glory, one's longing for Peace and one's dream to live Free. A fantastical retelling of a Filipino classic with a dash of magic and a whole lot of blood set in Pre-Colonial Philippines. Enjoy!

Action / Adventure
Redd Humann
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A Prologue of Sorts


"He has many names, more than I could count. The Aginid chronicles called him Dimantag which means unbeatable, unconquerable, and unquenchable all at the same time. His people called him Salip, which roughly translates to "His Highness" in Malay. The Tausug and Samal-Badjao called him Orang-Laut or "man of the sea", for he was the very best sailor they have come upon. While the Bornean Caliphate called him, Maas Ilidji for they see old wisdom in his eyes.

Other chieftains called him Kalipulako, and from what I gather it was because of the linen headwrap he wore during every battle. They say it is red because he soaks it in the blood of those who fell short to his kampilan blade. His enemies called him a savage, a fool, a pirate, and an insatiable warlord.

Maybe he earned it all, but this I know for sure: To his chiefdom, he was a good leader. To his late wife, he was a good husband. To his only daughter and his many sons, he was a great father. And for me, well, he was simply a good friend. He's been called many other things, far too many to enumerate. Maybe all of them are true. But a changed man? Now, that one is still up for debate."


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