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Nozuki is the daughter of the former 1-A students, Shoto todoroki and Yaoyorozu Momo. Protecting her mother is EVERYTHING. No. Matter. What.

Action / Thriller
~Charlie Mange~
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Saving her...

This is the story of my mother and father. Everyone knows they are the number 1 pro hero team. When I was born, they gave up everything just for me. It never occurred to me how much I took them for granted until it was too late. It starts here, In shinjuku Japan, apartment 17A. My home. I was walking home from school. When I stepped to the door, I heard screaming. I bust down the door to find my mother being abused by my father.

“Get off of her! NOW!” I shouted, throwing my school bag to the side and moving into my battle stance. My father, Shouto Todoroki, starts walking towards me. My mother, Yayayrozu momo, runs and grabs my father’s arm. He effortlessly pushes her to the floor. I watch him as he holds my throat and everything starts to fade. I felt my quirk activate. My body starts to heat up and without a warning, my body ignites like a newly lit candle. I smell my father’s skin burning as he lets go of me and I fall to the softly carpeted floor. As I hear him scream in pain I quickly run and grab my mother and help her out of the situation. I take her to the neighbors’ house. When I started to the door mother grabbed my arm.

“You can’t beat him Nozuki! It’s a suicide mission in itself! Please!” I smiled.

“I promised to help anyone and everyone. I will beat him, let that be known.” I ran back to my home, or what was left of it...

“Ready, Nozuki? I’ll kill you if it’s the last thing I do!” I shrugged with a smirk.

“Highly unlikely! I will protect everyone I love!” I took a deep breath, making sure Nightmare didn’t get loose. I took a defensive stance. Father took a defensive stance as well. What is he planning? He charged with a giant ice shard. I jumped quickly to avoid taking any hits. I threw as many fireballs as I could produce. I was at the top of a house when I saw father shoot me another giant ice shard. I jump down to the ground but before I reach it, father throws tiny ice shards to pin me to a wall. I struggle to get free but the ice is wedged so far in the wall it wouldn’t come out.

¨Simple, little Nozuki. Why must you disobey me?¨

¨Disobey you? Youŕe insane, dad! You need help!¨ He scoffed.

¨ Help? I need help? Whos the one who left to go live with her fake parents and leave us behind!? Oh, that’s right, It was you!¨

¨It wasn’t my fault! You know that! I was kidnapped for half my life and you didn’t give a damn!¨ The fire on my body became as hot as the sun. I felt my skin burning. I started to scream in agony. The shards melted as I fell to the littered ground. Then, everything black.

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