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In this world powers are a big thing. depending on the power you have, helps create the future you will have to uphold. Hundreds of years ago a man name Haru Ren, founded this ability to be able to unlock this power, also known as the inner core, through an immense amount of training and stressful hardship. His power was life. Which gave him the power create; life like animals or plants. Any person can unlock their Inner core, but the challenge they face is what makes everyone different. How long will it take you to obtain the full power of the Inner core Story created by: Chance Langley, Samantha Sikora, Tre’Nell Cosey

Action / Humor
Tre’Nell Cosey
Age Rating:


(Shows different areas of the city at night while the narrator speaks)
Narrator: Powers are a big deal nowadays. You must have a power, and what power you have
decides what you’ll be in life. Hundreds of years ago a man named Haru Ren unlocked his power after training multiple different ways, his power was life, which gave him the power to create life like animals or plants, just not humans. From then to now, everyone who trains long enough has a power, depending on what your inner power is, is how long it would take for you to obtain it. With these powers comes heroes.
(Shows Selene a white girl with black hair and blue highlights.)
Narrator: and villains
(Shows a villain. Then shows a light skinned man with electric blue hair named Reo in a bank in
line. He stands there, then looks to see Selene get thrown through a wall of the bank,
sliding across the floor right under Reo's feet.)
Villain: “Move out of the way, so I can kill this chick…oh wait, you’re Reo, looks like i'm going to
be able to kill two heroes today, my luck.”
(The villain then uses his power to move a giant rock over the two heroes heads)
Reo: “Piss off”
(Reo moves his hand up and a charge of electricity shoots from his arm,
destroying the entire rock into tiny bits, the villain stands there in awe as Reo
moves his arm down to point at the villain, he then shoots electricity out and shocks the villain, throwing him across the bank floor unconscious.)
Selene: “Th-thanks Reo. How could I repay you.”
Reo: “By taking him away from here, I got things to do.”
Selene: “O-oh, uh like to the police station.”
Reo: “Sure just away from here.”
Selene: “But don’t you want the credit? They'll think I did it.”
Reo: “I don’t care, now you said you wanted to repay me, so get him away before
he wakes up, so I don’t have to knock him out again, which would just delay me from
getting home and going to sleep.”
Selene: “Oh ok.”
(Selene then grabs the villain, puts him over her shoulder and proceeds to leave)
Selene: “But before I go.”
(She stops and looks back)
Selene: “Thank you again.”
Reo: “Whatever.”
(Reo then turns around and proceeds to take out money from his bank account. Selene runs to
the police station with the villain.)

(Reo gets 500 yen from his bank and leaves. The people at the bank offered him more money,
but he declined, due to his angry expression on his face, sometimes he can be mistaken
for looking like a
villain. It kinda pisses him off that he saved them, and they think he’s the bad guy. It’s whatever, he goes to the supermarket down the street from his apartment. He buys a movie and some ramen. This might be a poor man's night, well because he is poor. Being a hero doesn’t pay well, and that kinda pisses him off too. People in his building know he’s a hero, and sometimes they thank him and give him fruit baskets, and it looks like his paycheck couldn’t buy one of them. He walks in his room, and lays on his bed looking up at the ceiling.)

(Selene takes the villain to the police station).
Cop: “Good job, Selene, you did this on your own.”
(Selene looks back from where she came from)
Selene: “Y-yeah, I got him with no help.”
Cop: “I’ll make sure to tell them to put it down in the books...Come follow me to the back so you can help me put him up, in case he wakes up.”
(The cop takes the villain to the back cells, and Selene follows. She looks from side to side and
sees different villains.)
???: “Hey”
(Selene hears a voice and turns to where she heard it from. It's a really skinny man, with long brown hair, and blue eyes.)
???: “Hey, my name is Kaen, are you a hero?”
Selene: “Yeah, I'm a new hero.”
Kaen: “Ok good, can you tell the guard to let me free, or at least take me somewhere else, this
place isn’t gonna contain me for long.”
(Selene looks at him confused.)
Selene: “These cells were made for any power, it doesn’t matter what power you have, it wont
work inside these bars.”
Kaen: “Trust me, I’ve been in this situation before. It doesn’t work, if you enjoy your life or
other lives please let me out.”
(Selene stares at him and doesn’t know how to react. She’s new, so this could just be a villain
trying to take advantage of that.)
Selene: “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you did, but it must have been bad enough to get thrown in
(She then starts to walk away in the direction of the cop.)
Kaen: “No, please. You don’t understand. You’re making a big mistake.”
(Selene helps put the villain in the cell, then she leaves to go home.)

(a few hours later)

(Reo gets up and walks to the tv. He turns on the tv and surfs the channels before putting in the
movie. Just some anime his sister told him to watch. As he surfs through, a channel
catches his eye. It was the news, this channel is the channel he usually skips over, just because it’s sad people doing sad things, but today it might be interesting. It shows the jail on fire and villains running away, but they don't look happy at all. They’re all running for their lives, some are on fire. Except for one man, who looks to be nude, but he is not scared at all. He is really skinny, has long red hair and completely black eyes and he stares at the camera. The last thing you see is fire being thrown at the screen, then it goes to static. Reo quickly stands up and runs for the door, he stops right in front of the door and turns towards his closest. He goes to his closest and opens it to find his sword. He grabs it with his left hand, and runs out the door. He uses his electricity to help him go faster to the police station, but when he got there, he couldn’t find the man. He helped grab all the prisoners that tried to escape and he put the ones out who were on fire. He looked around the city, but he couldn’t find the villain anywhere.)
Cop: “Did you find him.”
Reo: “No”
Cop: “Damn it. Some cops were injured, few were killed.”
(Reo looks around still trying to spot where the villain could’ve gone.)
Cop: “You can go home now, we can take care of the rest. You’ve done all you can do for now.
We thank you and I’ll make sure this is in the books.”
Reo: “Thanks”
(Reo used his power to go back home, he knew that what he did would probably get him 50 yen, which is nothing, even to someone who is poor. Reo got home, he threw his sword on the couch, which isn’t a very safe place for it, but he didn’t care, he was just tired. He fell right on his bed and almost immediately fell asleep.)

(The next day Selene woke up and checked her phone. She was in shock from what she saw. A
report on the police station that burned down last night, and the one in charge of it all was Kaen Nensho. She was in shock.)
Selene: “H-He was right. I should have let h-him out like he said, or would he have just done it
then. Why would he do this? How did he do this?”
(Selene got up and she didn’t know a lot about being a hero, so she didn’t know what to do. She
didn’t really know any heroes, except for one, but she knew nothing about him. She just
hoped she’d get lucky and find him again someday.)

(Reo went to the bank. It was Friday, which is payday. The way heroes would get their pay is set
up in the bank. It goes straight into their bank account, but Reo wanted his right away,
because he needed to eat, now. He got his money, which was only 100 yen, hopeful
there’s a discount on ramen today, or he’s gonna have to go a few days without eating till
his next paycheck.)
???: “Hey, wait.”
(Reo heard a voice yelling in the background, and it sounded like someone was running too.
When he turned to look at what it was, he was trampled to the ground with a random girl
on him. He didn’t recognize the girl at first, but then the girl stood up real quick and
realized it was that girl that he saved from the bank yesterday.)
Selene: “Oh sorry, I-I didn’t mean to, y-you might not remember me, I’m S-Selene. From the
bank yesterday.”
Reo: “I remember, it’s kinda hard to think because I was just put through some head trauma.”
(Reo stood up rubbing his head.)
Selene: “S-sorry I just need you right now, I don’t really know the hero business and such. I don’t know any heroes except for you.”
Reo: “Well you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, and I already don’t like you, so see ya.”
(Reo turned around and started walking away.)
Selene: “It was my fault what happened yesterday.”
(Reo turned back to look at her.)
Reo: “What?”
Selene: “The man that destroyed the police station. It was my fault, the villain was telling me that the place wouldn’t hold him, and it didn’t. I’m not good at this hero stuff, I’m new and I
don’t really get it. There’s no school that teaches you anything about it, they just say ‘do
good things and report back’, but how. I just don’t get any of it, I just need help.”
(Reo looked at her confused for a second. He turned away from her again.)
Reo: “It’s people like you who piss me off.”
(Selene looked at him.)
Reo: “The people who actually are heroes. The ones that actually care about doing good in a
good way. I still don’t know why I’m a hero, to be honest I still don’t know if I’m even
being a hero right, but you said you just started and you already have the right mindset.”
(Reo looks back at her.)
Reo: “You are already a hero.”
(Selene looked at him, her bottom lip started to shake and her eyes started to tear up. Reo
turned back away.)
Reo: “Uhhh come on, let's go to what used to be the police station, and investigate what
(Reo started walking and Selene whipped away her tears.)
Selene: “You mean it. You’re gonna help me.”
Reo: “Shut up and follow me before I change my mind.”
(Selene followed him as they walked to the police station)

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