Shadows and Pain

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We all have that knowing feeling, that manage to create a personality of fear...mine but a heart full of lies opens the door for the cruelty of humans thus we lose our innocence, curiosity: a door, the door...

Action / Mystery
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A Knowing Feeling

A Knowing Feeling

Namaqualand is beautiful in its own right. In the past, a person could have predicted the changing of the seasons like clock-work but since we as a people have decided to damage nature we must accept the consequences. The days are hot in such a manner that you must complete your jobs intended for outside as soon as possible.

Casey smile as she does her little jog like walk towards the house. Lately no matter how early she gets out of bed the sun always managed to catch her outside. Smiling she watched her dog, Bruno coming towards her. When he was a pup she thought it cute to have a sheepdog but since she doesn’t own any live animals, her dog had gotten it into his head she is his own personal job, guarding her, watching her movements. However, the truth neither of them would admit out loud, when there is just the mention of suspicion of danger, it was her task to protect him.

As she approached the house she could hear the ringing of the telephone. Frowning she opened the backdoor not believing in locking it since she is relatively safe on the farm. Once inside she frowned when it dawned on her that there is not a phone line on the farm, the only telephone that is supposed to ring is her cell phone which was in her pocket.

She stands in the kitchen listened to the sound that still continues. It was coming from behind the cabinet in the corner of the kitchen. Curious she moved closer, Bruno clearly skittish, probably getting the uneasy vibes from her. Standing beside the cabinet she noticed the doorframe behind it. With a bit of trouble, she managed to moved it enough to squeeze through finding herself in sudden darkness.

Blinking several times within the confines of that darkness, she felt a kind of cloying wetness around her. Sniffing the air, it smelled like rain that had fallen onto dry ground. The smell grew almost leaving the feeling of suffocating. Turning around she called.

‘Bruno, come here, boy.’

She moved towards the opening, the telephone stop ringing, this alarmed her for no apparent reason. When she spun around she somehow lost her footing and fell hard onto the ground hitting her head. The darkness that settled over her was nothing compared to the blackness that surrounded her now.

She opened her eyes but couldn’t see anything, not even the inkling of a small flutter of light. Lying flat on her back she tried her best to get a handle on her surroundings. In her mind’s eyes, she pictured herself walking towards the house. Her heart stopped a moment, she stopped breathing as she only stared. The house is different from the one on the farm yet strangely familiar. She walked towards the house with a sense of fear.

She heard something behind her on the darkened road. She turned her head to watched the approaching car. The lights were too bright for her to see who’s behind the wheel, but once it passed her, the car stopped in front of her. She watched the door opened before a smile break over her face.

‘Casey, I told you I would pick you up at the bus stop. Why did you not wait for me?’

‘It was getting late and I was a bit worried. Coming from Namaqualand, I am not used to so much traffic. Steinkopf have only one road, you enter and exit. The rest is dirt. I did not like the looks I was getting and your description was accurate for me to follow easily.’

‘Understood, but still it’s dangerous. I almost didn’t come home, thinking you might be late or missed the bus. Get in, you must be tired.’

‘Strangely not. I was too curious to meet you in person.’

‘Your profile on the dating site certainly didn’t do you justice. From what I can see in the dim light you are beautiful.’

She throws her sports bag into the back and climbed inside. ‘You certainly travel light.’

She smiled while he kissed her cheek. The moment the door shut behind her, an odd feeling settled around her heart. It dawned on her it was a sense of familiarity. It was a while since she felt this knowing feeling.

‘Casey, can I tell you something, I wanted to tell you right from the moment I discovered your profile.’

‘You have me curious now, David. Do tell.’

‘You sometimes remind me of someone I used to know a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong, I know the difference between you, it’s in the personality.’

‘David, we all have baggage from the past. I may be a recluse in Steinkopf but I am not an idiot.’

‘Did you tell anyone you were coming to see me?’

‘Who is there to tell. Everything I told you in the emails was the truth, David. I lost my parents a long time ago, I once had a sister but she disappeared a long time ago.’

‘Did you ever try to find her?’ he quizzes.

‘She didn’t approve of my choices but once we used to move as one though. That’s a long time ago.’

‘I am sorry about your loss.’ He is silent for a spell then he smiled looking at her. What I wanted to tell you is this, coming from my heart.’

She watched his profile in the dim light a secret smile around his lips.

‘Your beauty disturbs my spirit. My mind fills with possibilities what a life as one could hold for us. I have fallen for you. Your eyes and lips are like magnets to me. I thought about what it would be like kissing you. I dreamt of this.’

‘Never carried for compliments but you manage to reach me. I know the end result will surprise us both.’

‘I am glad you came, Casey. It’s been a long time since I had someone in my life.’

She looked through the window.

‘You like the place?’ he watched her with a curious smile.

‘It’s a picture place of certain familiarity.’

‘Come inside, I want to show you around.’ He invited casually.

She stood in the middle of the barren kitchen.

‘No furniture apart for that cabinet, David. How is it possible that you have the exact replica of my place on the farm?’ she looked at him with uncertain doubt.

‘I am a very knowledgeable man, Casey. You say this is your place. Show me the proof. If you are right you have won.’

‘You know who I am, don’t you?’

‘You are Cassandra’s half. How did you know?’

‘It was the ringing of the telephone on my farm. The thing that was funny I had no landline. I preferred Namaqua, the openness, my twin was a butterfly always to be lured towards bright lights.’

‘How did you find me, Casey?’

‘You are calm for a confronted man.’

‘I knew you would come. With her dying breath, she was certain in her telling. I caught her trying to call you. She should have stayed.’

‘You have won her by letting go. Instead you killed her leaving her behind that cabinet. You built her a house but in the end the farm was home.’

Bruno burst inside followed by the police.

She knelt beside the grave placing the dried butterflies on the tombstone, her mind full of memories. Her silhouette cast the approaching man in her vision, she acknowledged her mission now forward.

‘Casey Daniel?’

‘How may I help, sir?’

‘I am Patrick Carsten, I need your help. I understand you are a woman with certain abilities, shall we say a knowing eye…’

She felt her twin merged within her.


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