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The Players Fate

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Book 5 - In the Morelli Mafia series | 18+ I refuse to be bound by a weakness. I've never fallen victim to the monsters of my world than alone to fall for a woman. Love is a delusion I control. Tommaso Dante Morelli - AKA Tommy the Gun the youngest of four siblings. His status is Underboss and known for his player ways. Will Tommy lose at his own game? How will things unfold between Katerina and The Gun? I've teased the two constantly and it's time to dive in and tell their story.

Action / Erotica
Vaya Thorn
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Tommy's POV

2 years prior

Mina’s knee connects to my dick, and my eyes water. She’s distraught and struggling to exist around us. I get it but fuck me! I’m grappling to catch my breath, with my testicles now sitting in my throat. My jewels are fucking bruised. Sal and Mark grin before taking precautions and attempting to pull her out of harm’s way. Even in my weakened and delirious state, I feel I deserved it. I hate that we caused all her anguish. Throwing my head back, I swallow my balls back down, forcing them to return to my sack.

Gaining focuses, my eyes travel around. How the fuck did she manage to get her lip busted? Things escalate quickly, and the words she’s throwing at everyone are laced with hatred. Lia and Petro are at the receiving end. Turning to Raffaele, she dismisses him as if he’s trash. I glance at my brother; I’m not sure how to feel. He should be on his knees nursing his dick. I’m pissed that I’m on the ground, and he’s standing straight.

Along with the rest of the boys, we were forced to break off their relationship. Unfortunately, saying no to Raffaele isn’t an option. Her family members were the only ones he gave an alternative.

Surprised doesn’t begin to explain my reaction when Raffaele fell to his knees for a woman. I believed him to be an idiot. My initial thoughts of Mina were she’s hot but not worth the trouble. She grew on me over time, and since my brother crossed those lines and claimed her, she became family, and there was no return. Raffaele meets my eyes. He’s furious. Seeing Mina driving off with another man was never part of the plan. In fact, she wasn’t meant to be parted from him this long.

“Follow her,” Raffaele demands.

I refrain from cursing. I would like to see him stand to his feet after a knee to the groin. “Bring the fucking car around,” I order Alex and force myself up.

“She got you good,” Sal remarks.

My eyes narrow; I ignore the comment and adjust my dick, ensuring that everything is still hanging in place. Opening the door to the SUV, I slide into the passenger seat. Leon jumps in the back while Mark and Sal follow separately. “Who do you think the guy is?” Leon questions.

“How the fuck am I supposed to know?” Agitation rings in my voice.

“Raffaele is going to bury him,” Alex grins.

Pulling out my gun, I run my fingers over the engravings. I’m in love with my toy, “Raf...” I pause, scoffing, “He’s more vulnerable than what he makes himself out to be.” Turning my head, I glance between the boys, “A woman plays him to her will.”

“She, not just any woman, Tommy,” Leon states. It’s no secret that each of the Capos has grown to respect her, and above all, prefer Raffaele’s mood when she’s around. He’s a cunt to deal with at times.

“Granted, she’s fierce and probably one of very few that fits into our lifestyle, but it was still a mistake to make her family. She was always going to become a target.” Glancing ahead, I focus on the Mustang as it slowly pulls into the driveway of Mina’s old place. “I could easily just shoot the cunt now! He has no idea how close to death he is!” My finger hovers the trigger.

“Put it away, Tommy. We don’t need to strain the relationship with Mina further.” Leon is quick to respond. He’s right! She already hates us, and gaining back her trust will be challenging. I smile at thoughts of the great Raffaele Dante Morelli groveling. He’s met his match, and that’s satisfying.

Letting out a breath, I clip the safety on. Annoyed, I throw my head back against the rest. I should be drinking, pounding pussy. Instead, I’m here, right in the middle of my brother’s love life, with a bruised cock and balls. If it were any other woman, this would not be happening! “Raffaele is lucky I care for Mina like a sister otherwise...”

“Otherwise, what? You would tell your brother to fuck off?” Leon interjects, laughing.

“Shut the fuck up!” I rub my eyes frustratedly.

“She’s been through enough, Tommy. Lost a kid and feels abandoned by everyone she loves.” Leon’s tone saddens. The feeling of abandonment taunts him constantly.

I snap my eyes open at the sound of an engine. “Let’s go!” I demand.

Alex waits a minute or so before roaring the engine to life and following the Mustang. Yawing, I check my phone at the vibration of a message. King Dick AKA Big Bro “Update!” he demands.

I respond quickly to get him off my back, ”Following them as we speak.”

Scrolling through the emoji keyboard, I’m left disappointed, “There’s every possible emoji, but one that salutes,” I mumble.

“Do you really want to piss off your brother, Tommy?” Leon hikes brow. He’s keen to avoid one fuming, Raffaele.

“I’m his brother. What’s the worse he’ll do?”

“Shoot you!” Alex rebukes.

Ignoring my vibrating phone, I slide it into my pocket and focus as they enter a gym. “Text Raf. Update him before he has an episode.” Sighing, Leon sends a quick message, updating my brother. Opening the door, I step out as Mark and Sal approach. “What do you boys make of this?” I question my cousins. Our eyes remain glued to Mina as she begins throwing brutal punches.

“She’s has anger issues!” Mark states, apathetic.

Monition the boys to the side, we stay out of sight, avoiding a confrontation with this Stefano. It’s Mina I want to have words with and preferably alone. With my eyes fixated on Mina, my mind travels back to the morning at the Malibu house. I’ve never cared for women other than those who share blood, but I didn’t remain unaffected. For the first time, my stoic persona haunted me, and I felt like a dog. Undoubtedly that woman loved my brother, and we tore shreds off her without giving an explanation. Petro was distraught, and when she fainted, memories of the day Alonzo captured her flooded my mind. She had suffered immensely, and we tormented her further. For the first time, I found myself remorseful and shattered for the woman that would unquestionably become my sister-in-law one day.

Studying her movements, she’s quick and places force behind her hits. This guy struggles to block them without hurting her. Finally, he manages to calm her down, and defeatedly Mina slumps down next to him. Her breathing is erratic, and the boys around hike a brow.

“Looks like she kept to training!” Sal impressed states.

“She’s just a bad as Raf,” Alex reminds us of her vicious side.

Nodding, I continue to watch the pair. She saddens but then laughs, and I’m curious about the conversation. Suddenly her eyes narrow as she notices the Morelli-marked car. Nervously, she stands, mumbling something before heading out the door. Smart girl!

“That’s our queue, boys. Let’s attempt to get my brother some answers.” I grin. Asimina will not make this easy, that’s certain!

Turning the corner, she comes face to face with us. Sucking in a breath, she immediately demands answers, “Why are you following me?” Although furious, her voice trembles with pain in our presents.

“Just making sure you’re safe. It was an eventful night,” Sal answers.

“We do care and worry about you, Mina.” I’m truthful as I speak, hoping it will bring her rage down. Wishful thinking!

Snorting with laughter, she pulls her lips in a tight line and responds harshly, “I don’t want or need your worry. The experience proved to be toxic for me. So, get lost!”

Attempting to push past the boys, Mark steps in front, occluding her path. Sealing her eyes shut, she tries to control her raging breaths. “Listen, my cousin made a tough call to let you go. The man chased you to Mexico. It shattered him just as much as it did you. Whether you believe it or not right now, it’s the truth. None of us wanted to do that to you.” Mark attempts to give her insight without providing details.

She remains guarded. “I want nothing to do with any of you.” With hatred laced in her voice, she demands, “Leave!”

“Who’s the guy Mina? What is he to you?” I ignore her statements and begin to question.

Sighing, she’s both defeated and pissed off. “He’s a friend, that’s it. Now fuck off!” She provides an answer in hopes of being left alone.

“If he turns out to be anything more, Raffaele will kill him.” Leon leans lower, smiling.

Taking Leon by surprise, she fists his t-shirt. Mina’s anger surges, and she brings the muzzle of her gun to his chin, violently erupting. “Any of you come for him, and you will die. Tell your boss I will slice through him if any attempts are made.” Losing her hold, she tucks the gun into her pants and rushes off before we make any attempts to stop her.

“Well...” Sal rubs his chin. “I think she’s telling the truth,” he remarks.

“Probably.” I respond, impelling myself off the wall, “Her response was good enough. Let’s get back to Antonio’s wedding.”

* * * * *

Arriving back at the wedding, I snort, watching my uncle twirl his wife around as they take to the dance floor. Again, I witnessed another man fall victim to battering eyes. Why be with one woman? When you can have many! Rubbing my temple, I can’t help but think he’s another fool. At least my uncle has secured his woman and isn’t on the chase, unlike my brother. Nevertheless, Antonio’s problems will not end just because he was smart enough to put a ring on it! I’m confident his biggest problems will only now begin.

My thoughts are interrupted as my father clasps my shoulder, “How is Asimina?” He questions, genuinely concerned. His gaze remains on his brother-in-law.

Glancing around the dim lights makes it hard to see. Clearing my throat, I respond, “She almost beat up the guy escorting her tonight and held a gun to Leon’s chin. I would say, she’s furious!” sweeping my eyes, I focus on my father. He pinches the bridge of his nose, nodding in understanding. “Where’s Raffaele?” I question. I’m keen to avoid him. No one can fault Mina for how she reacted, but it did place all of us on the receiving end of Raffaele’s wrath. We still haven’t found The Mistake, and if Raffaele claims Mina now, it will defeat the purpose he left in the first place. Will he or, more like, can he stay away?

“Business, with our Cuban partner. I will fill in Raffaele. What’s Asimina’s status?”

“According to her, it’s a friendship. Her body language confirms it.” I’m brief but give him enough to relay and somewhat settle the devil he raised.

“I’ll find your brother. Go and celebrate Antonio’s wedding.” Luciano orders. He has immense respect for his brother-in-law, and since we were kids, he embedded into us that events like this take priority. Family takes precedence, and in normal cases, he would have been against me leaving the venue. However, both my parents consider Mina's family even if she doesn’t know it.

“Are Antonio and Nat aware of the events that took place?” I hike a brow, waiting for a response. With the bride and groom’s current smiles, my guess would be no, but our family is also known to put on a show and do it well.

“No, and it’s not to be mentioned tonight. Natasha is struggling as it is.”

Nodding, I grip my fathers’ shoulder and excuse myself. I leave it to Luciano to deal with Raffaele and decide I prefer to have a drink, celebrating my uncle willingly hanging himself. Women are either are coarse rope around your neck or sharp nails in your balls. I’ll pass on both! Grinning to myself, I head to the bar. I’m keen to feel the burning of liquor. Tapping the bar, the employee approaches. Before I have a chance to order, a woman to my left demands, “Espresso martini, thanks.”

The bartender, surprised, glances at me. I nod and order my drink along with hers before turning my attention to the woman. Her mischievous brown eyes meet mine, and she quickly realizes her mistake. “Sorry, did I jump ahead for you?”

“It would seem so!” My eyes travel, taking her in. She’s stunning! The long satin royal blue dress hugs her curves perfectly.

“Well, I’m sorry, but you know how it goes, ladies first.” Her smart mouth wavers my thoughts. She has no idea who’s it’s talking to.

“Ladies first, huh?” Lazily, I grin and focus on her features. She’s sweet yet has the right amount of attitude and sex appeal. I open my mouth to throw a witty remark but halt as Laz approaches.

“Getting yourself in trouble, Katerina?” he glances between us. She’s his baby sister. Interesting! Lucky for her, she looks nothing like her brothers.

“Not at all,” tucking her hair behind her ear, she asks, “Where is Mina? I was hoping to catch up with her.”

“She’s headed home.” Blowing out a breath, Laz rubs the back of his neck. He’s keen to avoid relaying details. I don’t blame him. The night has been fucked up. “Listen, Nick’s had a bit to drink. I need to get home.” He advises.

Lifting her hand, she halts her brother, once again responding with a delightful attitude, “So go! I drove here, and this will be my first drink.”

“Are you sure?” Studying his sister, he orders, “Call me if you need a lift. Don’t drive!” The last thing Laz needs tonight is to be worrying about his sister as well.

“Fine! You better take the Caveman home; he’s stumbling all over the place.” She glances over Laz’s shoulder.

“Fuck me!” Laz pivots around, glaring at Nick. Shaking his head, he turns back to us and gives a quick introduction, “Kat, this is Tommy. Tommy, this is my baby sister Katerina.” Leaning down closer, he requests, “If she has more than one drink, make sure she doesn’t drive, please.”

I don’t miss the way Katerina rolls her eyes. Grinning at the siblings, I hand her the espresso martini and respond, “Since you said please, I will make sure she doesn’t get behind the wheel. You have my word.”

“Where the fuck is that cunt?” Nick bellows as he falls onto Laz in his drunken state. “I’m going to kill the prick.”

“Who?” Katerina questions quizzically. Her eyes dart between her brothers.

“No one!” Laz quickly responds. Grabbing hold of Nick, he leads him out, “Behave yourself, Katerina!” he yells over his shoulder.

Dumbstruck, she veers her eyes to me and, as suspected, questions, “What’s going on?”

Smirking, I glance at the girl. How predictable! Sculling my drink, I wink as I state, “If your brothers wanted you to know, they would’ve told you!” Lowering her eyes, she smiles and sculls her drink. Turning to the bartender, she orders another. “What happened to, I will only have one?” I study the vixen. Clearly, she enjoys being trouble.

“I tell my brothers what they want to hear, and since you gave your word, I guess you’re stuck babysitting!” Picking up her drink, she thanks the bartender and sculls her second. “I guess we can sit here in silence, or you can spill the beans on my brothers!”

Bursting into laughter, I shake my head. She’s entertaining and probably the only fun I will have tonight. I suck in a breath as I notice Raffaele entering. I have two options deal with my brother or continue playing with this vixen. It’s not difficult to decide. “I’ll tell you what, let’s head out. I’ll make sure your glass is full, and above all, I will keep my word to your brother. You can entertain me.”

“Entertain you?” she screeches. Straightening her shoulders, she’s on guard. Placing a hand on her hips, she scrunches up her nose and waits for a response. I think she’s offended!

“Yeah, are you skillful enough to get me to betray your brothers’ trust?” I continue to toy with her.

Her features relax, and playfully she takes the bait, “Alright, challenge accepted! Lead the way, Tommy!”

Katerina's POV

I wake up to a man groaning next to me. Opening one eye, I take in my surroundings as images of last night start to come back. Sighing, I squeeze my eyes shut again. God, I slept with him! Since ending the relationship with Sam, I was eager to experience a different type of man. I didn’t realize how much I yearned for it until I woke up this morning next to a man who calls himself the Gun.

Jesus, I’m lying here comparing the sexual experiences. The way Sam operated wasn’t pleasurable. Unfortunately, he was my first, and the relationship left a bad taste. With memories of last night flooding, a smiles curls on my lips. For once, sex was hot and didn’t leave me feeling shame with my orgasm.

Content with myself, I decided it’s time to leave. Making a poor attempt to slide out of bed, I miserably fail to execute a quick and undetected getaway. “Nice ass!”

Closing my eyes, I suck in a breath and mumble, “Thanks,” Gaining confidence, I spin around. Being naked around a man isn’t new to me. I was forced to remain naked on many accusations until Sam would allow me to get dressed. So, I can comfortably stand, facing him with my breast on full display. However, maintaining a straight face is proving to be difficult, as is ignoring the sweet pain between my legs. Smirking, he places a hand behind his head. His lustful eyes travel down my chest. No amount of confidence makes a difference under his burning glare. Licking his lips, he oozes desire and does not attempt to hide his hunger. Suddenly the urge to climb on top of him is weakening my knees. I fight back my appetite and decide to play his game.

Clearing my throat, I act indifferent, “I was hoping to be gone before you woke up...” I pause, running my fingers through my hair, allowing my breast to slightly jiggle, “But since you’re awake, do you mind if I use your shower?”

Tommy’s silence is nerve-racking, and my cheeks start to flare. Throwing the sheets off, he climbs out of bed. I refrain from widening my eyes and sulking my jaw. He’s on full display; I audibly swallow as I take in his athletic body. He’s just the right amount of lean with muscle definition.

“You were going to leave without saying goodbye?” his husky voice fails to waver my thoughts. Biting my lip, I feel a shiver rush through me, and my nipples harden at the size of his dick. Dear Lord, he’s well equipped, and it’s only semi-hard. It explains the sweet pain I’m feeling this morning. Meeting his eyes, I try to pull myself together as he glares back with a cheesy lopsided smile plastered on his face.

Remaining silent, he walks around, heading for the bathroom. He leaves me standing here hot, bothered, and my heart thundering. It’s something I never felt with Sam. My ex would walk in, take a seat on the sofa, demand I strip, place my palms on the wall and bend over. It wasn’t sexy! He made me feel like a piece of meat. My skin crawls. With Tommy, it’s different. His eyes are lustful and not sadistic.

Listening to the water run, I release my breath. The heat between my legs is increasing rapidly. Contemplating, I decide to leave Tommy a parting gift. Tossing my hair around, I make my way into the bathroom, trying to uphold my confident persona. I can’t help and salivated as the water trickles down his toned body, his biceps bulge as he runs his hands through his hair.

Taking light steps, I slide into the shower and continue to be bold. He seems to enjoy it. Licking my lips, I press my breast onto his back and fist his dick. He lets out a deep, vibrating groan as he throws his head back. I have him where I want him! Starting slow, I stork back and forth, teasing. Playing this game is easy when I’m not under his heated gaze.

“Fuck!” he grunts, and I can’t help the smile hugging my lips. Lost in the moment, I don’t predict his next move, seizing my hand, with one quick motion, he spins us around, and suddenly the table turns. I’m at his mercy. Standing behind me, he forces me against the tiles. Running his hand between my legs, he skilfully teases my clit as his hard erection presses against my ass, “A wild Kat!” he hums into my ear. The heat between us makes it impossible to speak; I’m left moaning instead.

“Sexy!” he continues to weaken me.

His gliding fingers play me as if I was a musical instrument, forcing me to seal my eyes and lose myself as excitement builds to an uncontrollable level. A pinch to my nipple sends an electrical spark through me, and that’s all it takes for him to own me at this moment. “Katerina,” my name flows effortlessly from his mouth.

I hum in response.

“Spread your legs!”

I comply, sliding my legs apart. I need him to pound into me and stop the throbbing between my legs.

Gliding his length through my folds, he squeezes my breast. My desire forces me to rub my ass against him. Slamming himself into me ceases my breathing. It takes a couple of minutes to adjust. Tommy holds himself in place, waiting for my walls to loosen around him, “Fuck your tight!” he grunts, slowly thrusting at first.

I’m not tight. He’s just huge.

Sucking in a breath, I sweep my hand down between my legs, rubbing myself as he increases his thrusts. Leaning my forehead against the tiles, I struggle to catch my breath, and I’m losing myself quickly as he fucks me fiercely, yet passionately. Tangling his fingers into my hair, my back arches as he tugs. I have no intention of seeing this man again, so I let loose and refuse to feel shame through sex. “Harder!” I barely speak.

Leaning down to my ear, he bites my earlobe and runs his thumb over my lips, “Suck it!” Parting my mouth, I lick and suck down on his thumb, humming and moaning. I’m a fucked-up mess. Pushing me further onto the tiles, his grip on my hair remains. Grunting, he thrust hard, holding himself in place as I lose my breath. “Take me balls deep.”

“Huh?” I respond with panic.

I feel his smirk against my skin, “breathe,” he instructs and slams forward.

“Fuck” my voice vibrates. A sweet pain travels through me as he destroys my cervix. Breathing, I adjust. He continues to fuck me like a wild animal. He dominates and plays me smoothly. Unable to hold back, I whimper a moan as my body convulses with a hard orgasm. Feeling my walls caging him, he groans into my ear and tugs on my hair harder. With one last thrust forward, he pulls out and releases on my ass. I’m stuck against the tiles struggling to breathe and keep my legs from buckling. Abruptly, he spins me around—my mind races. I allowed him to own and dominant me during sex, but that’s where it ends. Leaning in, he attempts to kiss me. Quickly placing a finger on his lips, I halt his movements.

Those hazel eyes flicker over my features, studying me. He seems confused. Dislodging the clog in my throat, I break his thoughts. “Loved the parting gift!” I nudge him back and step under the water, rinsing off traces from the Gun.

Smiling, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by my abrupt ending to our session. Stepping out of the shower, I wrap a towel around my body and peek behind me at Tommy. “My first impressions of a person are never wrong,” he halts, waiting for me to meet his eyes. “I didn’t pick you for the fuck and run type!” He grins at my flustered state.

Drying myself, I toss the towel to the side and slide back into my dress. I don’t know this man; therefore, I’m unwilling to let him into my past. “I’m not! Let’s just say I needed to explore myself, and your assistance was required.” Cringing at the idea of wearing heels, I opt to remain barefoot and pick them up along with my bag. “It was interesting,” I smile.

“I won’t lie...” Taking steps forward, he tucks my hair behind my ear and runs his thumb over my lips seductively, “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get rid of you, but you surprised me!” Taking a step backward, placing space between us, I match his intense glare. “It was a pleasure, Ms. Katerina Alexiou. I will see you soon,” he teases.

Pivoting around, I head for the door and mumble, knowing he can’t hear me, “No, you won’t!”

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